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In mathematics, a unitary spider diagram adds existential points to an Euler or a Venn diagram. The points indicate the existence of an attribute described by the intersection of contours in the Euler diagram. These points may be joined together forming a shape like a spider. Joined points represent an "or" condition, also known as a logical disjunction. A spider diagram is a boolean expression involving unitary spider diagrams and the logical symbols

∧ , ∨ , ¬

displaystyle land ,lor ,lnot

. For example, it may consist of the conjunction of two spider diagrams, the disjunction of two spider diagrams, or the negation of a spider diagram. Example[edit]

Logical disjunction
Logical disjunction
superimposed on Euler diagram

In the image shown, the following conjunctions

A ∧ B

displaystyle Aland B

B ∧ C

displaystyle Bland C

F ∧ E

displaystyle Fland E

G ∧ F

displaystyle Gland F

In the universe of discourse defined by this Euler diagram, in addition to the conjunctions specified above, all possible sets from A through B and D through G are available separately. The set C is only available as a subset of B. Often, in complicated diagrams, singleton sets and/or conjunctions may be obscured by other set combinations. The two spiders in the example correspond to the following logical expressions:

Red spider:

( F ∧ E ) ∨ ( G ) ∨ ( D )

displaystyle (Fland E)lor (G)lor (D)

Blue spider:

( A ) ∨ ( C ∧ B ) ∨ ( F )

displaystyle (A)lor (Cland B)lor (F)


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