The Info List - List Of German Painters

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This is a list of German painters. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. You can help by expanding it with reliably sourced entries.




Hans von Aachen
Hans von Aachen
(1552–1615) Karl Abt (1899–1985) Tomma Abts (born 1967) Andreas Achenbach
Andreas Achenbach
(1815–1910) Oswald Achenbach
Oswald Achenbach
(1827–1905) Herbert Achternbusch
Herbert Achternbusch
(born 1938) Franz Ackermann
Franz Ackermann
(born 1963) Johann Adam Ackermann
Johann Adam Ackermann
(1780–1853) Max Ackermann (1887–1975) Otto Ackermann (1872–1953) Albrecht Adam
Albrecht Adam
(1786–1862) Benno Adam
Benno Adam
(1812–1892) Emil Adam
Emil Adam
(1843–1924) Eugen Adam
Eugen Adam
(1817–1880) Franz Adam
Franz Adam
(1815–1886) Heinrich Adam
Heinrich Adam
(1787–1862) Luitpold Adam (1888–1950) Jankel Adler (1895–1949) Richard Adler (1907–1977)[citation needed] Salomon Adler
Salomon Adler
(1630–1709) Christoph Ludwig Agricola
Christoph Ludwig Agricola
(1667–1719) Karl Agricola
Karl Agricola
(1779–1852) August Ahlborn
August Ahlborn
(1796–1857) Alfred Ahner (1890–1973)[citation needed] Erwin Aichele (1887–1974) Wolfram Aichele (1924–2016) Max Ainmiller
Max Ainmiller
(1807–1870) Josef Albers
Josef Albers
(1888–1976) Heinrich Jacob Aldenrath
Heinrich Jacob Aldenrath
(1775–1844) William Alexander (1915–1997) Christian Wilhelm Allers
Christian Wilhelm Allers
(1857–1915) Ernst Alt (1935–2013)[citation needed] Jakob Alt
Jakob Alt
(1789–1872) Theodor Alt
Theodor Alt
(1846–1937) Kai Althoff (born 1966) Karl Altmann (1802–1861) Katrin Alvarez
Katrin Alvarez
(born 1944) Hans am Ende
Hans am Ende
(1864–1918) Christoph Amberger (1505–1562) Heinrich Amersdorffer (1905–1986) Tobias Andreae
Tobias Andreae
(1823–1873) Peter Angermann
Peter Angermann
(born 1945) Hermann Anschütz
Hermann Anschütz
(1802–1880) Horst Antes
Horst Antes
(born 1936) Karl von Appen
Karl von Appen
(1900–1981) Clara Arnheim
Clara Arnheim
(1865-1942) Johann Samuel Arnhold (1766–1828) Ferdinand von Arnim
Ferdinand von Arnim
(1814–1866) Heinrich Gotthold Arnold
Heinrich Gotthold Arnold
(1785–1854) Ulrike Arnold
Ulrike Arnold
(born 1950) Georg Arnold–Graboné (1896–1982) Carl Arp
Carl Arp
(1867–1913) Hans Arp
Hans Arp
(1886–1966) Otto Arpke (1886–1943) Isidor Ascheim
Isidor Ascheim
(1891–1968) Hans Aschenborn (1888–1931) Fritz Ascher
Fritz Ascher
(1893–1970) Louis Asher
Louis Asher
(1804–1878) Frank Auerbach
Frank Auerbach
(born 1931)


Johannes Theodor Baargeld
Johannes Theodor Baargeld
(1892–1927) Elvira Bach (born 1951) Johann Sebastian Bach (1748–1778) Karl Daniel Friedrich Bach
Karl Daniel Friedrich Bach
(1756–1829) Emanuel Bachrach-Barée (1863–1943) Johann Daniel Bager
Johann Daniel Bager
(1734–1815) Johann Karl Bähr
Johann Karl Bähr
(1801–1869) Theodor Baierl
Theodor Baierl
(1881–1932) Jan Balet (1913–2009) Karl Ballenberger
Karl Ballenberger
(1801–1860) Hans Baluschek
Hans Baluschek
(1870–1935) Fritz Bamberger (1814–1873) Ernst von Bandel
Ernst von Bandel
(1800–1876) Caroline Bardua
Caroline Bardua
(1781–1864) Eduard Bargheer (1901–1979) Hans von Bartels
Hans von Bartels
(1856–1913) Ludwig Barth (1898–1983) Emil Bartoschek (1899–1969) Georg Baselitz
Georg Baselitz
(born 1938) Emil Bauch
Emil Bauch
(1823 – c. 1874) Herbert Bauer (1935–1986) Michael Bauer (born 1973) Rudolf Bauer (1889–1953) Gustav Bauernfeind
Gustav Bauernfeind
(1848–1904) Paul Baum (1859–1932) Willi Baumeister
Willi Baumeister
(1889–1955) Karin Baumeister-Rehm (born 1971) Tilo Baumgartel (born 1972) Armin Baumgarten
Armin Baumgarten
(born 1967) Thomas Baumgartner (1892–1962) Johann Wilhelm Baur
Johann Wilhelm Baur
(1607–1640) August von Bayer
August von Bayer
(1803–1875) Thommie Bayer (born 1953) Alf Bayrle (1900–1982) Fritz Beblo
Fritz Beblo
(1872–1947) August Becker (1821–1887) Ferdinand Becker
Ferdinand Becker
(1846–1877) Jakob Becker
Jakob Becker
(1810–1872) Ludwig Hugo Becker
Ludwig Hugo Becker
(1834–1868) Philipp Jakob Becker
Jakob Becker
(1763–1829) Max Beckmann
Max Beckmann
(1884–1950) Heinrich Beck (1788–1875) Heinz Beck (1900–1981) Walter Becker (1893–1984) Karl Becker (1820–1900) Peter Becker (1828–1904) Hermann Becker (1817–1885) Benedikt Beckenkamp
Benedikt Beckenkamp
(1747–1828) Ludwig Beckmann (1822–1902) René Beeh
René Beeh
(1886−1922) Josef Konstantin Beer
Josef Konstantin Beer
(1862–1933) Adalbert Begas
Adalbert Begas
(1836–1888) Carl Joseph Begas
Carl Joseph Begas
(1794–1854) Oskar Begas
Oskar Begas
(1828–1883) Akbar Behkalam (born 1944) Franz Joachim Beich
Franz Joachim Beich
(1666–1748) Günter Beier (1900–1981) Johannes Beilharz (born 1956) Gisela Beker (born 1932) Hans Bellmer
Hans Bellmer
(1920–1975) Eduard Bendemann
Eduard Bendemann
(1811–1889) Amalie Bensinger
Amalie Bensinger
(1809-1889) Max Bentele (1825–1893) William Berczy
William Berczy
(1744–1813) Charlotte Berend-Corinth
Charlotte Berend-Corinth
(1880–1967) Josefa Berens-Totenohl (1891–1969) Otto Berg (1861–1944) Rudolf Bergander (1909–1970) Claus Bergen
Claus Bergen
(1885–1964) Josef Bergenthal (1821/27–1887) Michael Berger (born 1966) Georg Bergmann (1821–1870) Julius Bergmann (1861–1940) Max Bergmann (1884–1955) Johann Martin Bernatz
Johann Martin Bernatz
(1802–1878) Walter Bernstein (1901–1981) Meister Bertram
Meister Bertram
(c. 1345 – c. 1415) Johann Wilhelm Beyer
Johann Wilhelm Beyer
(1725–1796) Sebastian Bieniek
Sebastian Bieniek
(born 1975) Adolf Bierbrauer
Adolf Bierbrauer
(1915–2012) Karl Eduard Biermann
Karl Eduard Biermann
(1803–1892) Peter Binoit
Peter Binoit
(c. 1590 – 1632) Norbert Bisky (born 1970) Carl Blechen
Carl Blechen
(1798–1840) Georg Bleibtreu
Georg Bleibtreu
(1828–1892) Fritz Bleyl (1880–1966) Anna Katharina Block
Anna Katharina Block
(1642–1719) Benjamin von Block
Benjamin von Block
(1631–1690) Josef Block
Josef Block
(1863–1943) Hugo von Blomberg (1820–1871) Oscar Bluemner
Oscar Bluemner
(1867–1938) Peter Blum (born 1964) Arnold Bode
Arnold Bode
(1900–1977) Leopold Bode
Leopold Bode
(1831–1906) Gottlieb Bodmer
Gottlieb Bodmer
(1804–1837) Pedro Boese
Pedro Boese
(born 1972) Corbinian Böhm
Corbinian Böhm
(born 1966) Hans Bohrdt
Hans Bohrdt
(1857–1945) Paul Bojack (1913–2008) Christian Ludwig Bokelmann
Christian Ludwig Bokelmann
(1844-1894) Hanns Bolz
Hanns Bolz
(1885–1918) Friedrich von Bömches (1916–2010) Hinrik Bornemann
Hinrik Bornemann
(c. 1450 – 1499) Friedrich Boser
Friedrich Boser
(1811–1881) Harald Julius von Bosse
Harald Julius von Bosse
(1812–1894) Otto Richard Bossert
Otto Richard Bossert
(1874–1919) Eberhard Bosslet
Eberhard Bosslet
(born 1953) Friedrich August Bouterwek
Friedrich August Bouterwek
(1806–1867) Anton Braith
Anton Braith
(1836–1905) August von Brandis
August von Brandis
(1859–1947) Martin Brandenburg
Martin Brandenburg
(1870–1919) Heinrich Brandes
Heinrich Brandes
(1803–1868) Marianne Brandt
Marianne Brandt
(1893–1983) Alexander Braun (born 1966) Louis Braun
Louis Braun
(1836–1916) VG Braun-Dusemond (1919–1998) Rudolf Bredow (1909–1973) Ferdinand Max Bredt
Ferdinand Max Bredt
(1860–1921) K.P. Brehmer (1938–1997) Carl Breitbach
Carl Breitbach
(1833–1904) Heinrich Breling
Heinrich Breling
(1849–1914) Albert Heinrich Brendel
Albert Heinrich Brendel
(1827–1895) Louise Catherine Breslau
Louise Catherine Breslau
(1856–1927) Johann Michael Bretschneider
Johann Michael Bretschneider
(1680–1729) Philipp Hieronymus Brinckmann
Philipp Hieronymus Brinckmann
(1709–1760) Heinrich Brocksieper
Heinrich Brocksieper
(1898–1968) Christian Brod (1917–2012) August Bromeis
August Bromeis
(1813–1881) Franz Bronstert
Franz Bronstert
(1895–1967) Wilhelm Brücke
Wilhelm Brücke
(1800–1874) Alexander Bruckmann
Alexander Bruckmann
(1806–1852) Ferdinand Brütt
Ferdinand Brütt
(1849–1936) Christoph Brüx
Christoph Brüx
(born 1965) Lothar-Günther Buchheim
Lothar-Günther Buchheim
(1918–2007) Carl Buchheister (1890–1964) Erich Buchholz
Erich Buchholz
(1891–1972) Ludwig Buchhorn
Ludwig Buchhorn
(1770–1856) Heinz Budweg (born 1940) Robert Budzinski (1874–1955) Karl Albert Buehr (1866–1952) Franz Bunke
Franz Bunke
(1857–1939) Anton Burger (1824–1905) Ludwig Burger
Ludwig Burger
(1825–1884) Jonas Burgert
Jonas Burgert
(born 1969) Heinrich Bürkel
Heinrich Bürkel
(1802–1869) Fritz Burkhardt (1900–1983)[1] Heinrich Burkhardt (1904–1985) Peter Burnitz
Peter Burnitz
(1824–1886) Friedrich Bury
Friedrich Bury
(1763–1823) Wilhelm Busch
Wilhelm Busch
(1832–1908) Georg Heinrich Busse
Georg Heinrich Busse
(1810–1868) Michael Buthe (1944–1994) Bernhard Buttersack
Bernhard Buttersack
(1858–1925) Erich Büttner (1889–1936) André Butzer (born 1973)


Daniel Caffé
Daniel Caffé
(1750–1815) Heinrich Campendonk
Heinrich Campendonk
(1889–1957) Wilhelm Camphausen
Wilhelm Camphausen
(1818–1885) Peter Candid
Peter Candid
(c. 1548 – 1628) Johann Hermann Carmiencke
Johann Hermann Carmiencke
(1810–1867) Carl Gustav Carus
Carl Gustav Carus
(1789–1869) Ludwig Choris
Ludwig Choris
(1795–1828) Philipp Christfeld (1796/97–1874) Kiddy Citny (born 1957) Lorenz Clasen
Lorenz Clasen
(1812-1899) Gustav Adolf Closs
Gustav Adolf Closs
(1864–1938) Ferdinand Collmann
Ferdinand Collmann
(1762–1837) Edward Harrison Compton
Edward Harrison Compton
(1881–1960) Edward Theodore Compton
Edward Theodore Compton
(1849–1921) Carl Conjola
Carl Conjola
(1773–1831) Carl Emanuel Conrad
Carl Emanuel Conrad
(1810–1873) Johann Wilhelm Cordes
Johann Wilhelm Cordes
(1824–1869) Lovis Corinth
Lovis Corinth
(1858–1925) Peter von Cornelius
Peter von Cornelius
(1784–1867) Erich Correns
Erich Correns
(1821–1877) Helene Cramer
Helene Cramer
(1844-1916) Molly Cramer
Molly Cramer
(1852–1936) Augustin Cranach
Augustin Cranach
(1554–1595) Lucas Cranach the Elder
Lucas Cranach the Elder
(c. 1472 – 1553) Lucas Cranach the Younger
Lucas Cranach the Younger
(1515–1586) Georg Heinrich Crola
Georg Heinrich Crola


Eduard Daege
Eduard Daege
(1805–1883) Heinrich Anton Dähling
Heinrich Anton Dähling
(1773–1850) Maximilian Dasio (1865–1954) Gabriela Dauerer
Gabriela Dauerer
(born 1958) Heinrich Maria Davringhausen (1894–1970) John Decker (1895–1947) Wilm Dedeke
Wilm Dedeke
(c. 1460 – c. 1528) Ernst Deger
Ernst Deger
(1809–1885) Balthasar Denner
Balthasar Denner
(1685–1749) Adolf Des Coudres
Adolf Des Coudres
(1862–1924) Ludwig Des Coudres
Ludwig Des Coudres
(1820–1878) Ludwig Dettmann
Ludwig Dettmann
(1865–1944) Christa Dichgans (born 1940) Christophe Didillon (born 1971) Karl Diebitsch
Karl Diebitsch
(1899–1985) Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach
Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach
(1851–1913) Jakob Fürchtegott Dielmann
Jakob Fürchtegott Dielmann
(1809–1885) Albert Christoph Dies
Albert Christoph Dies
(1755–1822) Anton Dietrich
Anton Dietrich
(1833–1904) Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich
Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich
(1712–1774) Wendel Dietterlin (c. 1550 – 1599) Feodor Dietz
Feodor Dietz
(1813–1870) Wilhelm von Diez
Wilhelm von Diez
(1839–1907) Ludwig Dill
Ludwig Dill
(1848–1940) Johann Georg von Dillis
Johann Georg von Dillis
(1759–1841) Fritz Dinger (1827–1904) Georg Friedrich Dinglinger
Georg Friedrich Dinglinger
(1666–1720) Otto Dix
Otto Dix
(1891–1969) Carl Emil Doepler
Carl Emil Doepler
(1824–1905) Emil Doepler
Emil Doepler
(1855–1922) Max Doerner (1870–1939) Franz Domscheit (1880–1965) Franz Burchard Dörbeck
Franz Burchard Dörbeck
(1799–1835) Johann Jakob Dorner the Elder
Johann Jakob Dorner the Elder
(1741–1813) Heinz Drache (1929–1989)[2] Anton Josef Dräger
Anton Josef Dräger
(1794–1833) Heinrich Dreber
Heinrich Dreber
(1822–1875) Johann Friedrich Dryander
Johann Friedrich Dryander
(1756–1812) Eugen Dücker
Eugen Dücker
(1756–1812) Balthasar Anton Dunker
Balthasar Anton Dunker
(1746–1807) Albrecht Dürer
Albrecht Dürer
(1471–1528) Hermann Dyck
Hermann Dyck
(1812–1874) Udo Dziersk (born 1961)


Konrad Eberhard
Konrad Eberhard
(1768–1859) Adam Eberle (1804–1832) Robert Eberle
Robert Eberle
(1815-1862) Johann Christian Eberlein
Johann Christian Eberlein
(1770–1815) John Giles Eccardt (1720–1799) Michael Echter
Michael Echter
(1812–1879) Friedrich Eckenfelder
Friedrich Eckenfelder
(1861–1938) Heinrich Ambros Eckert
Heinrich Ambros Eckert
(1807–1840) Otto Eckmann
Otto Eckmann
(1865–1902) John Eckstein
John Eckstein
(1735–1817) Martin Eder (born 1968) Carl Eggers
Carl Eggers
(1787–1863) Franz Xaver Eggert
Franz Xaver Eggert
(1802–1876) Julie von Egloffstein
Julie von Egloffstein
(1792–1869) Julius von Ehren
Julius von Ehren
(1864–1944) Paul Ehrenberg (1876–1949) Friedrich Eibner
Friedrich Eibner
(1826–1877) Franz Eichhorst (1885–1948) Elisabeth von Eicken
Elisabeth von Eicken
(1862–1940) Andreas Eigner (1801–1870) Fritz Eisel
Fritz Eisel
(1929–2010) Marie Ellenrieder
Marie Ellenrieder
(1791–1863) Friedrich August Elsasser
Friedrich August Elsasser
(1810–1845) Adam Elsheimer
Adam Elsheimer
(1578–1610) Ludwig Elsholtz
Ludwig Elsholtz
(1805–1850) Wilhelm Emelé
Wilhelm Emelé
(1830–1905) Edgar Ende (1901–1965) Sylvester Engbrox
Sylvester Engbrox
(born 1964) Carl Engel von der Rabenau
Carl Engel von der Rabenau
(1817–1870) Horus Engels
Horus Engels
(1914-1991) Robert Engels (1866–1926) Karl von Enhuber
Karl von Enhuber
(1811–1867) Josef Otto Entres (1804–1870) Otto Erdmann
Otto Erdmann
(1834–1905) Fritz Erler
Fritz Erler
(1868–1940) Johann Franz Ermels (1641–1693) Max Ernst
Max Ernst
(1891–1976) Hermann Eschke
Hermann Eschke
(1823–1900) Stefan Ettlinger
Stefan Ettlinger
(born 1958) Ernst Ewald
Ernst Ewald
(1836–1904) Reinhold Ewald (1890–1974) Julius Exter
Julius Exter
(1863–1939) Adolf Eybel
Adolf Eybel


Christian Wilhelm von Faber du Faur
Christian Wilhelm von Faber du Faur
(1780–1857) Johann Joachim Faber
Johann Joachim Faber
(1778–1846) Carl Ferdinand Fabritius
Carl Ferdinand Fabritius
(1637–1673) Wilhelm Facklam (1893–1972) Ludwig Fahrenkrog (1867–1952) Joachim Martin Falbe
Joachim Martin Falbe
(1709–1782) Joseph Fassbender
Joseph Fassbender
(1903–1974) Berthold Faust
Berthold Faust
(born 1935) Joseph Fay
Joseph Fay
(1813–1875) Christian Gottlob Fechhelm (1732–1816) Eduard Clemens Fechner (1799–1861) Hans Feibusch
Hans Feibusch
(1898–1998) Paul Feiler (1918–2013) Max Feldbauer (1869–1948) Conrad Felixmüller
Conrad Felixmüller
(1897–1977) Ferdinand Fellner (1799–1859) Melchior Feselen
Melchior Feselen
(c. 1495 – 1538) Rainer Fetting
Rainer Fetting
(born 1949) Johann Michael Feuchtmayer
Johann Michael Feuchtmayer
(1709–1772) Anselm Feuerbach
Anselm Feuerbach
(1829–1880) Martin von Feuerstein
Martin von Feuerstein
(1856–1941) Willy Fick
Willy Fick
(1893–1967) Friedrich Kurt Fiedler
Friedrich Kurt Fiedler
(1894–1950) Johann Dominicus Fiorillo
Johann Dominicus Fiorillo
(1748–1821) Klaus Fisch (1893–1975) Heinz Fischer (1910–1998) John Fischer (1786–1875) Oskar Fischer (1892–1955) Joseph Anton Fischer
Joseph Anton Fischer
(1814–1859) Theodor Fischer (1817–1873) Theodor Heinrich Fischer (1824–1908) Walter Fischer (1911–1982) Oskar Fischinger (1900–1967) Arthur Fitger
Arthur Fitger
(1840–1909) Ferdinand Wolfgang Flachenecker
Ferdinand Wolfgang Flachenecker
(1792–1847) Albert Flamm
Albert Flamm
(1823–1906) Georg Flegel
Georg Flegel
(1566–1638) François Fleischbein
François Fleischbein
(1804–1868) Lutz Fleischer (born 1956) Max Fleischer (1861–1930) Adolf Fleischmann (1892–1968) Gerlach Flicke
Gerlach Flicke
(fl. 1545–1558) Fedor Flinzer
Fedor Flinzer
(1832–1911) Gisbert Flüggen
Gisbert Flüggen
(1811–1859) Josef Flüggen
Josef Flüggen
(1842–1906) Daniel Fohr
Daniel Fohr
(1801–1862) Karl Philipp Fohr
Karl Philipp Fohr
(1795–1818) Philipp von Foltz
Philipp von Foltz
(1805–1877) Günther Förg
Günther Förg
(1952–2013) Ernst Joachim Förster
Ernst Joachim Förster
(1800–1885) Arnold Forstmann
Arnold Forstmann
(1842 – c. 1914) Hans Ulrich Franck
Hans Ulrich Franck
(1603–1675) Philipp Franck
Philipp Franck
(1860–1944) Meister Francke
Meister Francke
(c. 1380 – c. 1440) Julius Frank (1826–1908) Kurt Frank (1926–1995) Michael Sigismund Frank (1770–1847) Eduard Frederich (1813–1864) Hermann Freese
Hermann Freese
(1813–1871) Otto Freundlich
Otto Freundlich
(1878–1943) Max Frey
Max Frey
(1874–1944) Maria Elektrine von Freyberg (1797–1847) Heinrich Jakob Fried
Heinrich Jakob Fried
(1802–1870) Caroline Friederike Friedrich
Caroline Friederike Friedrich
(1749–1815) Caspar David Friedrich
Caspar David Friedrich
(1774–1840) Fred Friedrich (born 1943) Woldemar Friedrich
Woldemar Friedrich
(1846–1910) Fritz Friedrichs (1882–1928) Bernhard Fries
Bernhard Fries
(1820–1879) Ernst Fries
Ernst Fries
(1801–1833) Karl Friedrich Fries (1831–1871) Richard Friese
Richard Friese
(1854–1918) Johann Christoph Frisch
Johann Christoph Frisch
(1737–1815) Karl Ludwig Frommel
Karl Ludwig Frommel
(1789–1863) Günter Fruhtrunk (1923–1982) Werner Fuchs (1927–2005) Ulrich Füetrer
Ulrich Füetrer
(c. 1450 – 1496/1500) Heinrich Füger
Heinrich Füger
(1751–1818) Hinrik Funhof
Hinrik Funhof
(?–1485) Edmund Fürst (1874–1955) Klaus Fußmann (born 1938) Conrad Fyoll (fl. 1464–1476)


Eduard Gaertner
Eduard Gaertner
(1801–1877) Bernd Erich Gall
Bernd Erich Gall
(born 1956) Franz Gareis
Franz Gareis
(1775–1803) Friedrich Gärtner (1824–1905) Heinrich Gärtner
Heinrich Gärtner
(1828–1909) Anna Rosina de Gasc
Anna Rosina de Gasc
(1713–1783) Karl Gatermann the Elder 1883-1959) Karl Gatermann the Younger (1909-1992) Jakob Gauermann
Jakob Gauermann
(1773–1843) Ernst Gebauer
Ernst Gebauer
(1782–1865) Eduard von Gebhardt
Eduard von Gebhardt
(1838–1925) Josef Anton Gegenbauer
Josef Anton Gegenbauer
(1800–1876) Otto Geigenberger (1881–1946) Rupprecht Geiger (1908–2009) Willi Geiger (1878–1971) Carl Geist
Carl Geist
(1870–1931) Bonaventura Genelli
Bonaventura Genelli
(1798–1868) Hanns Georgi (1901–1989) Ludger Gerdes
Ludger Gerdes
(1954–2008) Till Gerhard (born 1971) Ida Gerhardi
Ida Gerhardi
(1862-1927) Eduard Gerhardt
Eduard Gerhardt
(1813–1888) Anna Gerresheim
Anna Gerresheim
(1852–1921) Hermann Geyer (1934–2016) Ludwig Geyer
Ludwig Geyer
(1779–1821) Wilhelm Geyer (1900–1968) Hans Freiherr von Geyer zu Lauf (1895–1959) Torben Giehler (born 1973) Werner Gilles (1894–1961) Julius E.F. Gipkens
Julius E.F. Gipkens
(1883–1968) Erich Glas
Erich Glas
(1897–1973) Horst Gläsker (born 1949) Ludwig von Gleichen-Rußwurm
Ludwig von Gleichen-Rußwurm
(1836–1901) Otto Gleichmann (1887–1963) Hermann Glöckner
Hermann Glöckner
(1889–1987) Paul Salvator Goldengreen
Paul Salvator Goldengreen
(born 1960) Dieter Goltzsche
Dieter Goltzsche
(born 1934) Paul Gosch
Paul Gosch
(1885–1940) Hermann Götz (1848–1901) Karl Otto Götz
Karl Otto Götz
(born 1914) Leo Götz (1883–1962) Jakob Götzenberger
Jakob Götzenberger
(1802–1866) Carl Götzloff
Carl Götzloff
(1799–1866) Henry Gowa
Henry Gowa
(1902–1990) Gustav Graef
Gustav Graef
(1821–1895) Peter Graf (born 1937) Albert Gräfle
Albert Gräfle
(1809–1889) August Grahl
August Grahl
(1791–1868) Walter Gramatté
Walter Gramatté
(1897–1929) Fritz Grasshoff
Fritz Grasshoff
(1913–1997) Gotthard Graubner
Gotthard Graubner
(1930–2013) Otto Greiner
Otto Greiner
(1869–1916) Otto Griebel (1895–1972) Christian Griepenkerl
Christian Griepenkerl
(1839–1912) HAP Grieshaber
HAP Grieshaber
(1909–1981) Arthur Grimm (1883–1948) Ludwig Emil Grimm
Ludwig Emil Grimm
(1790–1863) Friedrich Carl Gröger
Friedrich Carl Gröger
(1766–1838) Carl Grossberg
Carl Grossberg
(1894–1940) Theodor Grosse
Theodor Grosse
(1829–1891) George Grosz
George Grosz
(1893–1959) Michael Gruber (born 1965) Hans Grundig
Hans Grundig
(1901–1958) Emil Otto Grundmann
Emil Otto Grundmann
(1844–1890) Matthias Grunewald
Matthias Grunewald
(c. 1470 – 1528) Jakob Grünenwald(1821–1896) Eduard von Grützner
Eduard von Grützner
(1846–1925) Richard Guhr
Richard Guhr
(1873–1956) Louis Gurlitt
Louis Gurlitt
(1812–1897) Karl Gussow
Karl Gussow


Carl Haag
Carl Haag
(1820–1915) August Haake
August Haake
(1889–1915) Hugo von Habermann
Hugo von Habermann
(1849–1929) Wenzel Hablik
Wenzel Hablik
(1881–1934) Jakob Philipp Hackert
Jakob Philipp Hackert
(1737–1807) Gabriel von Hackl
Gabriel von Hackl
(1843–1926) Karl Hagedorn (1922–2005) Karl Hagemeister
Karl Hagemeister
(1848–1933) Theodor Hagen (1842–1919) Ludwig von Hagn
Ludwig von Hagn
(1820–1898) Magda Hagstotz (1914–2001) Jost Haller
Jost Haller
(fl. 1440−1470) Wilhelm Haller (1873–1950) Eugen Hamm (1885–1930) Christian Gottlob Hammer
Christian Gottlob Hammer
(1779–1864) Sophus Hansen (1871–1959) Alois Hanslian (born 1943) Johann Gottlieb Hantzsch
Johann Gottlieb Hantzsch
(1794–1848) Heinrich Harder
Heinrich Harder
(1858–1935) Hans Hartung
Hans Hartung
(1904–1989) Franz Hartmann (1907–1989) Robert Hartmann (born 1949) Walter Hartwig (1874–1942) Petre Hârtopeanu (1913–2001) Wilhelm Hasemann
Wilhelm Hasemann
(1850–1913) Carl Hasenpflug
Carl Hasenpflug
(1802–1858) Max Haushofer
Max Haushofer
(1811–1866) Eberhard Havekost (born 1967) John Heartfield
John Heartfield
(1891–1968) Erich Heckel
Erich Heckel
(1883–1970) Jakob Hecker (1897–1969) Michael Heckert (born 1950) Carl Wilhelm von Heideck
Carl Wilhelm von Heideck
(1788–1861) Wilhelm Heine
Wilhelm Heine
(1827–1885) Thilo Heinzmann (born 1969) Johannes Heisig
Johannes Heisig
(born 1953) Werner Heldt (1904–1954) Wilhelm Hempfing (1886–1948) Hermann Hendrich
Hermann Hendrich
(1854–1931) Wilhelm Hensel
Wilhelm Hensel
(1794–1861) Thomas Herbst (1848–1915) Friedrich Herlin
Friedrich Herlin
(c. 1425/30 – 1500) Franz Georg Hermann
Franz Georg Hermann
(1692–1768) Curt Herrmann
Curt Herrmann
(1854-1929) Ludwig von Herterich
Ludwig von Herterich
(1856–1932) Frank Herzog (born 1949) Hermann Ottomar Herzog
Hermann Ottomar Herzog
(1832–1932) Heinrich Maria von Hess
Heinrich Maria von Hess
(1798–1863) Karl Hess (1801–1874) Peter von Hess
Peter von Hess
(1792–1871) Carle Hessay
Carle Hessay
(1911-1978) Rudolf Hesse (1871–1944) Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch
Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch
(1758–1839) Adolf von Heydeck
Adolf von Heydeck
(1787–1856) Hans Heyer (1909–1985) Ernst Hildebrand
Ernst Hildebrand
(1833–1924) Eduard Hildebrandt
Eduard Hildebrandt
(1818–1868) Theodor Hildebrandt
Theodor Hildebrandt
(1804–1874) Carl Hinrichs (1903–1990) Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack
Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack
(1893–1965) Rudolf Hirth du Frênes
Rudolf Hirth du Frênes
(1846–1916) Dora Hitz
Dora Hitz
(1856–1924) Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
(1889-1945) Hannah Höch
Hannah Höch
(1889–1978) Paul Hoecker
Paul Hoecker
(1854–1910) Angelika Hoerle
Angelika Hoerle
(1899–1923) Bernhard Hoetger
Bernhard Hoetger
(1874–1949) Heinrich Hofmann (1824–1911) Ludwig von Hofmann
Ludwig von Hofmann
(1861–1945) Wolf Hoffmann (1898–1979) Margret Hofheinz-Döring
Margret Hofheinz-Döring
(1910–1994) Hans Hofmann
Hans Hofmann
(1880–1966) Paul Hoffmann (born 1975) Otto Hofmann (1907–1996) Hans Holbein the Elder (c. 1460 – 1524) Hans Holbein the Younger
Hans Holbein the Younger
(c. 1497 – 1543) Peter Christian Holm (1823-1888) Hans-Jörg Holubitschka
Hans-Jörg Holubitschka
(born 1960) Johann Evangelist Holzer
Johann Evangelist Holzer
(1709–1740) Helene Holzman (1891–1968) Barbara Honigmann (born 1949) Theodor Horschelt
Theodor Horschelt
(1829–1871) Theodor Hosemann
Theodor Hosemann
(1807–1875) Woldemar Hottenroth
Woldemar Hottenroth
(1802–1894) Karl Hubbuch (1891–1979) Georg Huber (born 1961) Julius Hübner
Julius Hübner
(1806–1882) Konrad Huber (1752–1830) Ulrich Hübner
Ulrich Hübner
(1872–1932) Carl Hummel
Carl Hummel
(1821–1907) Maria Innocentia Hummel
Maria Innocentia Hummel
(1909–1946) Otto Hupp
Otto Hupp
(1859–1949) Karl Hurm (born 1930) Auguste Hüssener
Auguste Hüssener


Berthold Imhoff
Berthold Imhoff
(1868–1939) Jörg Immendorff
Jörg Immendorff
(1945–2007) Caspar Isenmann
Caspar Isenmann
(1410–1484) (hypothetical) Carl G. von Iwonski
Carl G. von Iwonski


Otto Reinhold Jacobi
Otto Reinhold Jacobi
(1812–1901) Paul Emil Jacobs
Paul Emil Jacobs
(1802–1866) Willy Jaeckel
Willy Jaeckel
(1888-1944) Ferdinand Jagemann
Ferdinand Jagemann
(1780–1820) Gustav Jäger (1808–1871) Karl Jäger (1888–1959) Michael Jäger (born 1956) Angelo Jank
Angelo Jank
(1868–1940) Christian Jank
Christian Jank
(1833–1888) Peter Janssen
Peter Janssen
(1844–1908) Georg Jauss
Georg Jauss
(1867–1922) Carl Ludwig Jessen
Carl Ludwig Jessen
(1833–1917) Ernst Jordan (1883–1948) Rudolf Jordan (1810–1887) Tina Juretzek
Tina Juretzek
(born 1952) Manfred W. Jürgens (born 1956)


Johann Matthias Kager
Johann Matthias Kager
(1566–1634) Leo Kahn
Leo Kahn
(1894–1983) Johannes Kahrs (born 1965) Friedrich Kaiser (1815–1890) Aris Kalaizis
Aris Kalaizis
(born 1966) Leopold Graf von Kalckreuth
Leopold Graf von Kalckreuth
(1855-1928) Patrick von Kalckreuth (1892–1970) Friedrich Kallmorgen
Friedrich Kallmorgen
(1856-1924) Arthur Kampf
Arthur Kampf
(1864–1950) Albert Kappis
Albert Kappis
(1836–1914) Suzan Emine Kaube (born 1942) Arthur Kaufmann (1888–1971) Hans Kaufmann (1862–1949) Hugo Kauffmann
Hugo Kauffmann
(1844–1915) Friedrich Kaulbach
Friedrich Kaulbach
(1822–1903) Friedrich August von Kaulbach
Friedrich August von Kaulbach
(1850–1920) Hermann von Kaulbach
Hermann von Kaulbach
(1846–1909) Wilhelm von Kaulbach
Wilhelm von Kaulbach
(1805–1874) Ferdinand Keller (1842–1922) Moritz Kellerhoven
Moritz Kellerhoven
(1758–1830) Thomas Kemper (born 1957) Werner Kempf (1925–1999) George Kenner
George Kenner
(1888–1971) Chaim Kiewe
Chaim Kiewe
(1912–1983) Wilhelm Kimmich
Wilhelm Kimmich
(1897–1986) Martin Kippenberger
Martin Kippenberger
(1953–1997) Frank Kirchbach
Frank Kirchbach
(1859–1912) Günther C. Kirchberger
Günther C. Kirchberger
(1928–2010) Alexander Kircher
Alexander Kircher
(1867–1939) Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
(1880–1938) Konrad Klapheck
Konrad Klapheck
(born 1935) Mati Klarwein
Mati Klarwein
(1932–2002) Anna Klein (1883–1941) Johann Adam Klein
Johann Adam Klein
(1792–1875) Richard Klein (1890–1967) Paul Kleinschmidt (1883–1949) Leo von Klenze
Leo von Klenze
(1784–1864) Heinrich Kley (1863–1945) Max Klinger
Max Klinger
(1857–1920) Friedrich August von Klinkowström
Friedrich August von Klinkowström
(1778–1835) Hans Kloss (born 1938) Robert Klümpen (born 1973) Georg Klusemann
Georg Klusemann
(1942–1981) Karl Knabl
Karl Knabl
(1850–1904) Hermann Knackfuß
Hermann Knackfuß
(1848–1915) Michael Knauth (born 1974) Johann Zacharias Kneller
Johann Zacharias Kneller
(1642–1702) Heinrich Knirr
Heinrich Knirr
(1862–1944) Imi Knoebel (born 1940) Wilhelm von Kobell
Wilhelm von Kobell
(1766–1853) Martin Kober
Martin Kober
(~1550–~1598) Dora Koch-Stetter (1881–1968), (aka Dora Stetter) Fritz Koch-Gotha (1877–1956) Hans Koch (1834–1885) Rudolf Koch (1876–1934) Robert Koehler
Robert Koehler
(1850–1917) Matthias Koeppel (born 1937) Wilhelm von Köln (1370s?) Alois Kolb (1875–1942) Heinrich Christoph Kolbe
Heinrich Christoph Kolbe
(1771–1836) Helmut Kolle
Helmut Kolle
(1899–1931) Max Koner
Max Koner
(1854-1900) Leo von König
Leo von König
(1871–1944) Otto Konrad (1924–1970) Emma Körner
Emma Körner
(1788–1815) Frank Kortan (born 1964) Rudolf Kortokraks
Rudolf Kortokraks
(1928–2014) Theodor Kotsch
Theodor Kotsch
(1818–1884) Johann Peter Krafft
Johann Peter Krafft
(1780–1856) Lambert Krahe
Lambert Krahe
(1712–1790) Friedrich Kraus (1826–1894) Rudolf Kraus (1907–1988) Wilhelm Krause (1803–1864) William Krause (1875–1925) August von Kreling
August von Kreling
(1819–1876) Robert Kretschmer
Robert Kretschmer
(1812–1872) Conrad Faber von Kreuznach
Conrad Faber von Kreuznach
(c. 1500–1552/3) Louis Krevel
Louis Krevel
(1801-1876) Andrei Krioukov (artist) (born 1959) Karl Kröner
Karl Kröner
(1887–1972) Franz Krüger
Franz Krüger
(1797–1857) Friedrich Christian Krüger (1774–1832) Sebastian Krüger (born 1963) Christiane Kubrick (born 1932) Gerhard von Kügelgen
Gerhard von Kügelgen
(1772–1820) Karl von Kügelgen
Karl von Kügelgen
(1772–1832) Wilhelm von Kügelgen
Wilhelm von Kügelgen
(1802–1867) Gotthardt Kuehl
Gotthardt Kuehl
(1850–1915) Hans Kuhn (1905–1991) Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert
Friedrich Wilhelm Kuhnert
(1865–1926) Konrad Kujau (1938–2000) Friedrich Kunath
Friedrich Kunath
(born 1974)


Curt Lahs (1893–1958) Mark Lammert
Mark Lammert
(born 1960) Christian Landenberger
Christian Landenberger
(1862–1927) Friedrich Lange (1834–1875) Joseph Lange
Joseph Lange
(1751–1831) Julius Lange (1817–1878) Arthur Langhammer
Arthur Langhammer
(1854–1901) Rainer Maria Latzke
Rainer Maria Latzke
(born 1950) Richard Lauchert
Richard Lauchert
(1823–1868) Paul Lautensack
Paul Lautensack
(1478–1558) Rudolf Lehmann (1819–1905) Fridolin Leiber
Fridolin Leiber
(1853–1912) Ulrich Leman (1885–1988) August Lemmer
August Lemmer
(1862–?) Franz von Lenbach
Franz von Lenbach
(1836–1904) Reinhold Lepsius
Reinhold Lepsius
(1857–1922) Sabine Lepsius
Sabine Lepsius
(1864–1942) Karl Friedrich Lessing
Karl Friedrich Lessing
(1808–1880) Wolfgang Lettl
Wolfgang Lettl
(1919–2008) August Leu
August Leu
(1818–1897) Emanuel Leutze
Emanuel Leutze
(1816–1868) Max Liebermann
Max Liebermann
(1847–1935) Adolf Heinrich Lier
Adolf Heinrich Lier
(1826–1882) Hermann Linde
Hermann Linde
(1863–1923) Heinrich Eduard Linde-Walther
Heinrich Eduard Linde-Walther
(1868–1939) Richard Lindner (1901–1978) Karl Friedrich Lippmann
Karl Friedrich Lippmann
(1883–1957) Stefan Lochner
Stefan Lochner
(c. 1410–1451) Käthe Loewenthal
Käthe Loewenthal
(1878-1942) August Löffler
August Löffler
(1822–1866) Ludwig von Löfftz
Ludwig von Löfftz
(1845–1910) Max Lohde (1845–1868) Otto Lohmüller (born 1943) Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler
Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler
(1899–1940) Bernard Lokai (born 1960) David Lorenz
David Lorenz
(1856–1907) Heinrich Lossow
Heinrich Lossow
(1843–1897) Károly Lotz
Károly Lotz
(1833–1904) Friedrich Ludwig (1895–1970) Jules Lunteschütz (1822–1893) Markus Lüpertz
Markus Lüpertz
(born 1941) Arnold Lyongrün
Arnold Lyongrün


Thilo Maatsch (1900–1983) Heinz Mack
Heinz Mack
(born 1931) August Macke
August Macke
(1887–1914) Fritz Mackensen (1866–1953) Josef Madlener
Josef Madlener
(1881–1967) Alfred Mahlau (1894–1967) Werner Maier (born 1956) Carl Malchin
Carl Malchin
(1838–1923) Christian Mali
Christian Mali
(1832–1906) Lothar Malskat (1913–1988) Jeanne Mammen
Jeanne Mammen
(1890–1976) Henriette Manigk (born 1968) Johann Christian von Mannlich (1741–1822) Ludwig Manzel
Ludwig Manzel
(1858–1936) Franz Marc
Franz Marc
(1880–1916) Hans von Marées
Hans von Marées
(1837–1887) Carl von Marr
Carl von Marr
(1858–1936) Jacob Marrel
Jacob Marrel
(1613/4?–1681) Johannes Martini (1866–1935) Master of the Drapery Studies
Master of the Drapery Studies
(Heinrich Lützelmann) (fl. 1470–1500) Master of the Karlsruhe Passion
Master of the Karlsruhe Passion
(Hans Hirtz?) (fl. 1421–1463) Master of the Saint Bartholomew Altarpiece
Master of the Saint Bartholomew Altarpiece
(fl. 1475–1510) Fritz Maurischat (1893–1986) Karl May (1884-1961) Carl Mayer (1810–1876) Louis Mayer (1791–1843) Jonathan Meese
Jonathan Meese
(born 1970) Lothar Meggendorfer
Lothar Meggendorfer
(1847–1925) Ludwig Meidner
Ludwig Meidner
(1884–1966) Else Meidner
Else Meidner
(1901–1987) Georg Meistermann (1911–1990) Hans Memling
Hans Memling
(c. 1430–1494) Peter Menne (born 1960) Carlo Mense
Carlo Mense
(1886–1965) Adolph Menzel
Adolph Menzel
(1815–1905) Joseph Anton Merz
Joseph Anton Merz
(1681–1750) Pius Ferdinand Messerschmitt
Pius Ferdinand Messerschmitt
(1858-1915) Hans Metzger (1879–1957) Claus Meyer (1856–1919) Friedrich Eduard Meyerheim
Friedrich Eduard Meyerheim
(1808–1879) Paul Friedrich Meyerheim
Paul Friedrich Meyerheim
(1842–1915) Abraham Mignon
Abraham Mignon
(1640–1679) Carl Julius Milde
Carl Julius Milde
(1803–1875) Paula Modersohn-Becker
Paula Modersohn-Becker
(1876–1907) Manfred Mohr (born 1938) Christian Ernst Bernhard Morgenstern
Christian Ernst Bernhard Morgenstern
(1805–1867) Wilhelm Morgner
Wilhelm Morgner
(1891–1917) Sabine Moritz (born 1969) Friedrich Mosbrugger
Friedrich Mosbrugger
(1804–1830) Adolf Mosengel
Adolf Mosengel
(1837–1885) Georg Muche
Georg Muche
(1895–1987) Heinrich Mücke (1806–1891) Otto Mueller
Otto Mueller
(1874–1930) Armin Mueller-Stahl
Armin Mueller-Stahl
(born 1930) Georg Mühlberg
Georg Mühlberg
(1863–1925) Fritz Mühlenweg (1898–1961) Andreas Müller (1811–1890) Heiko Müller
Heiko Müller
(born 1968) Maler Müller
Maler Müller
(1749–1825) Otto Müller (1898–1979) Victor Müller
Victor Müller
(1829–1871) Paul Müller-Kaempff
Paul Müller-Kaempff
(1861–1941) Gabriele Münter (1877–1962) Gustav Mützel
Gustav Mützel
(1839–1893) Johan van den Mynnesten
Johan van den Mynnesten
(ca. 1440–1504)


Paul Nagel (1925–2016) Charles Christian Nahl
Charles Christian Nahl
(1818–1878) Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl
Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl
(1833–1889) Thomas von Nathusius
Thomas von Nathusius
(1866–1904) August Natterer
August Natterer
(1868–1933) Julius Naue (1835–1907) Horst Naumann (1908–1990) Ernst Wilhelm Nay
Ernst Wilhelm Nay
(1902–1968) Carl Nebel
Carl Nebel
(1805–1855) Otto Nebel (1892–1973) Bernhard von Neher
Bernhard von Neher
(1806–1886) Rolf Nesch
Rolf Nesch
(1893–1975) Caspar Netscher
Caspar Netscher
(1639–1684) Gert Neuhaus (born 1939) Uwe Neuhaus (born 1942) Gerhard Neumann (1907–2004) Wolfgang Neumann (born 1977) Eugen Napoleon Neureuther
Eugen Napoleon Neureuther
(1806–1882) Jo Niemeyer (born 1946) Emil Nolde
Emil Nolde
(1867–1956) Franz Nölken
Franz Nölken
(1884–1918) Bernt Notke
Bernt Notke
(1435–1508/09?) Felix Nussbaum
Felix Nussbaum


Franz Ignaz Oefele
Franz Ignaz Oefele
(1721–1797) Max Oehler (1881–1943) Ernst Erwin Oehme
Ernst Erwin Oehme
(1831–1907) Ernst Ferdinand Oehme
Ernst Ferdinand Oehme
(1797–1855) August Friedrich Oelenhainz
August Friedrich Oelenhainz
(1745–1804) Theobald von Oer
Theobald von Oer
(1807–1885) Hans Olde
Hans Olde
(1855–1917) Friedrich von Olivier
Friedrich von Olivier
(1791–1859) Ernst Oppler
Ernst Oppler
(1867–1929) David Ostrowski
David Ostrowski
(born 1981) Michael Otto (born 1938) Friedrich Overbeck
Friedrich Overbeck


Amalia Pachelbel
Amalia Pachelbel
(1688–1723) Blinky Palermo
Blinky Palermo
(1943–1977) Otto Pankok (1893–1966) Louise von Panhuys
Louise von Panhuys
(1763–1844) Jürgen Partenheimer
Jürgen Partenheimer
(born 1947) Eduard Pechuel-Loesche
Eduard Pechuel-Loesche
(1840–1913) Werner Peiner (1897–1984) A. R. Penck
A. R. Penck
(born 1939) Carl Gottlieb Peschel
Carl Gottlieb Peschel
(1798–1879) Johann Anton de Peters
Johann Anton de Peters
(1725–1795) Heinrich Petersen-Angeln
Heinrich Petersen-Angeln
(1850–1906) Heinrich Andreas Sophus Petersen (1834-1916) Wolfgang Petrick (born 1939) Johann Baptist Pflug
Johann Baptist Pflug
(1785–1866) Martin Erich Philipp (1887–1978) Otto Piene
Otto Piene
(1928–2014) Ludwig Pietsch
Ludwig Pietsch
(1824–1911) Bruno Piglhein
Bruno Piglhein
(1848–1894) Carl Theodor von Piloty
Carl Theodor von Piloty
(1826–1886) Hartmut Piniek (born 1950) Theodor Pixis
Theodor Pixis
(1831–1907) Hermann Pleuer
Hermann Pleuer
(1863–1911) Bernhard Plockhorst
Bernhard Plockhorst
(1825–1907) Alois Plum
Alois Plum
(born 1935) Tobias Pock
Tobias Pock
(1609–1683) Leon Pohle
Leon Pohle
(1841–1908) Sigmar Polke
Sigmar Polke
(1941–2010) Heinrich Pommerencke
Heinrich Pommerencke
(1821–1873) Eduard Wilhelm Pose
Eduard Wilhelm Pose
(1812-1878) Michael Mathias Prechtl (1926–2003) Johann Daniel Preissler (1666–1737) Hermann Prell
Hermann Prell
(1854–1922) Hermione von Preuschen (1854–1918) Heimrad Prem
Heimrad Prem
(1934–1978) Johann Georg Primavesi
Johann Georg Primavesi
(1774–1855) Hans Purrmann
Hans Purrmann
(1880–1966) Doramaria Purschian
Doramaria Purschian


Franz Quaglio
Franz Quaglio
(1844–1920) Simon Quaglio (1795–1878) Silvia Quandt (born 1937) Fritz Quant
Fritz Quant
(1888-1933) Otto Quante (1875–1947) Curt Querner (1904–1976) Tobias Querfurt (1660–1734)


Johann Heinrich Ramberg
Johann Heinrich Ramberg
(1763–1840) Johann Anton Ramboux
Johann Anton Ramboux
(1790–1866) Lilo Ramdohr
Lilo Ramdohr
(1913–2013) Lilo Rasch-Naegele (1914–1978) Karl Raupp
Karl Raupp
(1837–1918) Christopher Rave
Christopher Rave
(1881–1933) Hilla von Rebay
Hilla von Rebay
(1890–1967) Anita Rée
Anita Rée
(1885–1933) Willy Reetz
Willy Reetz
(1892–1963) Theodor Rehbenitz
Theodor Rehbenitz
(1791–1861) Elke Rehder
Elke Rehder
(born 1953) Hans Reichel (1892–1958) Tom Reichelt (1920–2004) Carl Theodor Reiffenstein
Carl Theodor Reiffenstein
(1820–1893) Johann Friedrich Reiffenstein
Johann Friedrich Reiffenstein
(1719–1793) Heinrich Reinhold
Heinrich Reinhold
(1788–1825) Robert Reinick
Robert Reinick
(1805–1852) Carl Reinhardt
Carl Reinhardt
(1818–1877) Fritz Reiss (1857–1915) Karl Lorenz Rettich (1841–1904) Moritz Retzsch
Moritz Retzsch
(1779–1857) Gerhardt Wilhelm von Reutern
Gerhardt Wilhelm von Reutern
(1794–1865) Erik Richter (1889–1981) Frank Richter (born 1963) Gustav Richter (1823–1884) Hans Richter (1888–1976) Adrian Ludwig Richter
Adrian Ludwig Richter
(1803–1884) Paul Richter (1874–1972) Johann Elias Ridinger
Johann Elias Ridinger
(1698–1767) August Riedel
August Riedel
(1799–1883) Franz Riepenhausen
Franz Riepenhausen
(1786–1831) Johannes Riepenhausen
Johannes Riepenhausen
(1787–1860) Johann Christoph Rincklake
Johann Christoph Rincklake
(1764–1813) Thomas Ring (1892–1983) Joachim Ringelnatz
Joachim Ringelnatz
(1883–1934) Wilhelm Ripe
Wilhelm Ripe
(1818–1885) Otto Ritschl (1860–1944) Paul Ritter (1829–1907) Günter Rittner
Günter Rittner
(born 1927) Lorenz Ritter
Lorenz Ritter
(1832–1921) Theodor Rocholl
Theodor Rocholl
(1854–1933) Carl Röchling
Carl Röchling
(1855–1920) Bernhard Rode
Bernhard Rode
(1725–1797) Hermen Rode
Hermen Rode
(c. 1468–c. 1504) Carl Rodeck
Carl Rodeck
(1841–1909) Julius Roeting
Julius Roeting
(1822-1896) Johann Martin von Rohden
Johann Martin von Rohden
(1778–1868) Stefan Roloff (born 1953) Johann Heinrich Roos
Johann Heinrich Roos
(1631–1685) Johann Melchior Roos
Johann Melchior Roos
(1663–1731) Philipp Peter Roos
Philipp Peter Roos
(1655–1706) Theodor Roos
Theodor Roos
(1638–1698) Ludwig Rosenfelder (1813–1881) Walter Alfred Rosam
Walter Alfred Rosam
(1883–1916) Mike Rose (1932–2006) Arthur Rose (1891–1974) Waldemar Rösler
Waldemar Rösler
(1882-1916) Eugen Roth (1925–2011) Kurt Roth (1899–1975) Ferdinand Rothbart
Ferdinand Rothbart
(1823–1899) Johannes Rottenhammer
Johannes Rottenhammer
(1564–1625) Christian Ruben
Christian Ruben
(1805–1875) Dieter Rübsaamen (born 1937) Georg Philipp Rugendas
Georg Philipp Rugendas
(1666–1742) Hans Hinrich Rundt
Hans Hinrich Rundt
(c. 1660–c. 1750) Philipp Otto Runge
Philipp Otto Runge
(1777–1810) Heinrich von Rustige
Heinrich von Rustige


Georg Saal
Georg Saal
(1817-1870) Jochen Sachse (1930–2013) Rolf Sackenheim (1921–2006) Hubert Salentin
Hubert Salentin
(1822–1910) Charlotte Salomon
Charlotte Salomon
(1917–1943) Joachim von Sandrart
Joachim von Sandrart
(1606–1688) Georg Sauter
Georg Sauter
(1866–1937) Wilhelm Sauter (1896–1948) Hermann Schaper (1853–1911) Thomas Scheibitz (born 1968) Paul Scheffer (1877–1916) Wolfram Adalbert Scheffler (born 1956) Osmar Schindler
Osmar Schindler
(1867–1927) Adolf Schinnerer (1876–1949) Robert Schiff (born 1934) Johann Wilhelm Schirmer
Johann Wilhelm Schirmer
(1807–1863) Wilhelm Schirmer
Wilhelm Schirmer
(1802–1866) Eduard Schleich the Elder
Eduard Schleich the Elder
(1812–1874) Oskar Schlemmer
Oskar Schlemmer
(1888–1943) Hans-Jürgen Schlieker
Hans-Jürgen Schlieker
(1924–2004) Karl Schlösser (born 1934) Eberhard Schlotter (1921–2014) Torsten Schlüter (born 1959) Georg Friedrich Schmidt (1712–1775) Joost Schmidt (1893–1948) Julia Schmidt (born 1976) Jürgen Schmitt
Jürgen Schmitt
(born 1949) Leonhard Schmidt (1818–1901) Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt
(1818–1901) Gerda Schmidt-Panknin (born 1920) Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
Karl Schmidt-Rottluff
(1884–1976) Hermann Schmitz (1904–1931) Marc Schmitz (born 1963) Leopold Schmutzler
Leopold Schmutzler
(1864–1940) Wilhelm Schnarrenberger (1892-1966) Friedrich Schneider
Friedrich Schneider
(1786–1853) Paul Schneider (1884–1969) Robert Schneider (born 1944) Sascha Schneider
Sascha Schneider
(1870–1927) Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken
Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken
(1876–1943) Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld
Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld
(1794–1872) Otto Scholderer
Otto Scholderer
(1834–1902) Georg Scholz
Georg Scholz
(1890–1945) Karl Schorn
Karl Schorn
(1803–1850) Ludwig Schongauer
Ludwig Schongauer
(c. 1440–1494) Richard Schoenfeld (1884–1956) Heinrich Schönfeld (1809–1845) Johann Heinrich Schönfeld
Johann Heinrich Schönfeld
(1609–1684) Julius Schoppe
Julius Schoppe
(1795–1868) Georg Schrimpf
Georg Schrimpf
(1889–1938) Adolf Schreyer
Adolf Schreyer
(1828–1899) Lothar Schreyer
Lothar Schreyer
(1886–1966) Ernst Schroeder (1928–1989) Hans Schröder (1931–2010) Werner Schramm
Werner Schramm
(1898–1970) Liselotte Schramm-Heckmann
Liselotte Schramm-Heckmann
(1904–1995) Peter Schubert (born 1929) Daniel Schultz
Daniel Schultz
(1615–1683) Bernard Schultze (1915–2005) Emil Schumacher
Emil Schumacher
(1912–1999) Fritz Schwegler (1935–2014) Carlos Schwabe
Carlos Schwabe
(1866–1926) Heinrich Schwarz (1903–1977) Otto Schwerdgeburth
Otto Schwerdgeburth
(1835–1866) Kurt Schwitters
Kurt Schwitters
(1887–1948) Lothar von Seebach
Lothar von Seebach
(1853–1930) Adolf Seel
Adolf Seel
(1829–1907) Else Sehrig-Vehling
Else Sehrig-Vehling
(1897–1994) Louise Seidler
Louise Seidler
(1786–1866) Joseph Anton Settegast
Joseph Anton Settegast
(1813–1890) Christian Seybold
Christian Seybold
(1695–1768) Oskar Seyffert (1862–1940) Daryush Shokof
Daryush Shokof
(born 1954) Arthur Siebelist
Arthur Siebelist
(1870–1945) Clara Siewert
Clara Siewert
(1862-1945) Ludovike Simanowiz
Ludovike Simanowiz
(1759–1827) Richard Simon (1898–1993) Franz Skarbina
Franz Skarbina
(1849–1910) Dirk Skreber
Dirk Skreber
(born 1961) Maria Slavona
Maria Slavona
(1865–1931) Max Slevogt
Max Slevogt
(1868–1932) Karl Ferdinand Sohn
Karl Ferdinand Sohn
(1805–1867) Karl Rudolf Sohn
Karl Rudolf Sohn
(1845-1908) Richard Sohn
Richard Sohn
(1834-1912) Wilhelm Sohn
Wilhelm Sohn
(1830-1899) Daniel Soreau
Daniel Soreau
(c. 1560–1619) Isaak Soreau
Isaak Soreau
(1604–1644) Michael Sowa (born 1945) August Specht
August Specht
(1849–1923) Friedrich Specht
Friedrich Specht
(1839–1909) Erwin Speckter
Erwin Speckter
(1806–1835) Hans Speidel (1895–1976) Johann Sperl
Johann Sperl
(1840–1914) Walter Spies
Walter Spies
(1895–1942) Eugene Spiro (1874–1972) Carl Spitzweg
Carl Spitzweg
(1808–1885) Hans Springinklee
Hans Springinklee
(c. 1490/5–c. 1540) Anton Stankowski
Anton Stankowski
(1906–1998) Christian W. Staudinger
Christian W. Staudinger
(born 1952) Carl Steffeck
Carl Steffeck
(1818–1890) Hermann Stehr (1937–1993) Jakob Steinhardt
Jakob Steinhardt
(1887–1968) Hermann Stenner
Hermann Stenner
(1891–1914) David D. Stern (born 1956) Max Stern (1872–1943) Robert Sterl
Robert Sterl
(1867–1932) Joseph Karl Stieler
Joseph Karl Stieler
(1781–1858) Franz Seraph Stirnbrand
Franz Seraph Stirnbrand
(c.1788/94–1882) Dora Stock
Dora Stock
(1760–1832) Curt Stoermer (1891–1976) Fritz Stoltenberg
Fritz Stoltenberg
(1855–1921) Sebastian Stoskopff
Sebastian Stoskopff
(1597–1657) Willy Stöwer
Willy Stöwer
(1864–1931) Paul Strecker (1898–1950) Bernhard Strigel
Bernhard Strigel
(c. 1461–1528) Hermann Struck
Hermann Struck
(1876–1944) Franz von Stuck
Franz von Stuck
(1863–1928) Fritz Stuckenberg
Fritz Stuckenberg
(1881–1944) Absolon Stumme
Absolon Stumme
(?-1499) Emil Stumpp
Emil Stumpp
(1886–1941) Helmut Sturm (1932–2008) Karl Stürmer (1803–1881) Rudolph Suhrlandt
Rudolph Suhrlandt
(1781–1862) Florian Süssmayr (born 1963) Stefan Szczesny
Stefan Szczesny
(born 1951)

Template:Hermann Valentin Schmitt T[edit]

Ruben Talberg
Ruben Talberg
(born 1964) Wilhelm Ternite
Wilhelm Ternite
(1786-1871) Ebba Tesdorpf
Ebba Tesdorpf
(1851–1920) Heinz Tetzner (1920–2007) Anna Dorothea Therbusch
Anna Dorothea Therbusch
(1721–1782) Ludwig Thiersch
Ludwig Thiersch
(1825–1909) Hans Thoma
Hans Thoma
(1839–1924) Paul Thumann
Paul Thumann
(1834–1908) Johann Heinrich Tischbein
Johann Heinrich Tischbein
(1722–1789) Johann Jacob Tischbein
Johann Jacob Tischbein
(1725–1791) Johann Valentin Tischbein
Johann Valentin Tischbein
(1715–1768) Ernst Toepfer (1877–1955) Christiaan Tonnis
Christiaan Tonnis
(born 1956) Gero Trauth
Gero Trauth
(born 1942) Hann Trier (1915–1999) Wilhelm Trübner
Wilhelm Trübner


Otto Ubbelohde
Otto Ubbelohde
(1867–1922) Günther Uecker
Günther Uecker
(born 1930) Philipp Uffenbach
Philipp Uffenbach
(1566–1636) Fritz von Uhde
Fritz von Uhde
(1848–1911) Fred Uhlman (1901–1985) Lesser Ury
Lesser Ury
(1861–1931) Adolf Uzarski (1885–1970)


Johannes Veit (1790–1854) Philipp Veit
Philipp Veit
(1793–1877) Henry Vianden
Henry Vianden
(1814–1899) Hugo Vogel
Hugo Vogel
(1855-1934) Heinrich Vogeler
Heinrich Vogeler
(1872–1942) Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein
Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein
(1788–1868) Karl Völker (1889–1962) Max Volkhart
Max Volkhart
(1848-1924) Adolph Friedrich Vollmer
Adolph Friedrich Vollmer
(1806–1875) Friedrich Voltz
Friedrich Voltz
(1817–1886) Johann Michael Voltz
Johann Michael Voltz
(1784–1858) Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart
Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart
(1899–1962) Wolf Vostell
Wolf Vostell


Karl Wilhelm Wach
Karl Wilhelm Wach
(1787–1845) Friedrich Wachenhusen
Friedrich Wachenhusen
(1859–1925) Carl Wagner (1796–1867) Johann Salomon Wahl
Johann Salomon Wahl
(1689–1765) Paul Wallat
Paul Wallat
(1879–1964) Horst Walter (1936–2012) Petrus Wandrey
Petrus Wandrey
(1939–2012) Corinne Wasmuht (born 1964) Max Peiffer Watenphul
Max Peiffer Watenphul
(1896 - 1976) August Weber
August Weber
(1817–1873) Felix Weber (born 1965) Hubert Weber (1920–2013) Paul Weber (1823–1916) Theodor Weber (1838–1907) Vincent Weber (1902–1990) Johannes Wechtlin
Johannes Wechtlin
(ca. 1480–?) Max Weinberg (born 1928) Karl Weinmair
Karl Weinmair
(1906–1944) Friedrich Georg Weitsch
Friedrich Georg Weitsch
(1758–1828) Theodor Leopold Weller
Theodor Leopold Weller
(1802–1880) Gottlieb Welté
Gottlieb Welté
(1745–1792) Eberhard Werner
Eberhard Werner
(1924–2002) Fritz Werner (1827–1908) Walter Werneburg (1922–1999) Wilhelm Wessel (1904–1971) Brigitta Westphal (born 1944) Friedrich Bernhard Westphal
Friedrich Bernhard Westphal
(1803-1844) Fritz Wiedemann (1920–1987) Albert Wigand (1890–1978) Christian Wilberg
Christian Wilberg
(1839–1882) Ludwig Wilding (1927–2010) Hermann Wilhelm (1897–1970) Paul Wilhelm (1886−1965) August von Wille
August von Wille
(1828–1887) Michael Willmann
Michael Willmann
(1630–1706) Albert Windisch (1878–1967) Fritz Winter
Fritz Winter
(1905–1976) Harald Winter
Harald Winter
(born 1953) Franz Xaver Winterhalter
Franz Xaver Winterhalter
(1805–1873) Hermann Wislicenus
Hermann Wislicenus
(1825–1899) Adolf Wissel (1894–1973) Johann Michael Wittmer
Johann Michael Wittmer
(1802–1880) Edmund Wodick
Edmund Wodick
(1816-1886) Karla Woisnitza (born 1952) Julie Wolfthorn
Julie Wolfthorn
(1864–1944) Joseph Wolf
Joseph Wolf
(1820–1899) Karl Wolf (1901–1993) Balduin Wolff
Balduin Wolff
(1819–1907) Michael Wolff (born 1946) Michael Wolgemut
Michael Wolgemut
(1434–1519) Gert Heinrich Wollheim (1894–1974) Walter Womacka
Walter Womacka
(1925–2010) Georg Philipp Wörlen (1886–1954) Franz Wulfhagen
Franz Wulfhagen
(ca.1624–1670) Paul Wunderlich
Paul Wunderlich
(1927–2010) Noah Wunsch
Noah Wunsch
(born 1970) Nicholas Wurmser (1298–1367)




Erich Zander (1889–1965) Herbert Zangs
Herbert Zangs
(1924–2003) Johann Eleazar Zeissig
Johann Eleazar Zeissig
(1737–1806) Bartholomäus Zeitblom
Bartholomäus Zeitblom
(c. 1450 – c. 1519) Wolfgang Zelmer (born 1948) Alexander Zick
Alexander Zick
(1845–1907) Januarius Zick
Januarius Zick
(1730–1797) Adolf Ziegler
Adolf Ziegler
(1892–1959) Hans-Peter Zimmer (1936–1992) Adolf Zimmermann
Adolf Zimmermann
(1799–1859) Albert Zimmermann
Albert Zimmermann
(1808–1888) Clemens von Zimmermann
Clemens von Zimmermann
(1788–1869) Emil Zimmermann (1858–1898) Johann Baptist Zimmermann
Johann Baptist Zimmermann
(1680–1758) Max Zimmermann (1811–1878) Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann
Reinhard Sebastian Zimmermann
(1815–1893) Richard Zimmermann
Richard Zimmermann
(1820–1875) Robert Zimmermann (1815–1864) Thomas Zipp (born 1966) Heinrich von Zügel
Heinrich von Zügel
(1850–1941) Anton Zwengauer
Anton Zwengauer
(1810–1884) Anton Georg Zwengauer (1850–1928) Gustav Philipp Zwinger (1779–1819) Oskar Zwintscher
Oskar Zwintscher

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