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Character(s) may refer to:


1 Arts, entertainment, and media

1.1 Literature 1.2 Music 1.3 Types of entities 1.4 Other arts, entertainment, and media

2 Mathematics and science 3 Morality and social science 4 Symbols 5 Other uses 6 See also

Arts, entertainment, and media[edit] Literature[edit]

Character (novel), a 1936 Dutch novel by Ferdinand Bordewijk Characters (Theophrastus), a classical Greek set of character sketches attributed to Theophrastus


Characters (John Abercrombie album), 1977 Character (Dark Tranquillity album), 2005 Character (Julia Kent album), 2013 Characters (Stevie Wonder album), 1987

Types of entities[edit]

Character (arts), an agent within a work of art, including literature, drama, cinema, opera, etc. Character sketch or character, a literary description of a character type Game character (other), various types of characters in a video game or role playing game

Player character, as above but who is controlled or whose actions are directly chosen by a player Non-player character, as above but not player-controlled, frequently acronymed as NPC

Other arts, entertainment, and media[edit]

Character (film), a 1997 Dutch film based on Bordewijk's novel Charaktery, a monthly magazine in Poland The Characters, an improvised sketch comedy show on Netflix

Mathematics and science[edit]

Character (biology), the abstraction of an observable physical or biochemical trait of an organism Character (mathematics), a homomorphism from a group to a field

Character theory, the mathematical theory of spacial kind of characters associated to group representations Dirichlet character, a type of character in number theory Multiplicative character, a homomorphism from a group to the multiplicative subgroup of a field

Morality and social science[edit]

Character education, a US term for values education Character structure, a person's traits Moral character, an evaluation of a particular individual's durable moral qualities


Character (symbol), a sign or symbol

Character (computing), a unit of information roughly corresponding to a grapheme Chinese character, a written language symbol (sinogram) used in Chinese, Japanese, and other languages

Other uses[edit]

Character (income tax), a type of income for tax purposes in the US Sacramental character, a Catholic teaching

See also[edit]

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