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is a surname or a given name which originated from Old English. Its derivation is uncertain; it could come from "blac", a nickname for someone who had dark hair or skin, or from "blaac", a nickname for someone with pale hair or skin.[1] Another theory is that it is a corruption of "Ap Lake", meaning "Son of Lake".[2] Blake
was the name of one of the 14 Tribes of Galway
Tribes of Galway
in Ireland. These Blakes were descendants of Richard Caddell, alias Blake, who was involved in the Norman invasion of Ireland
in 1169. As such a long present foreign name it became known as de Bláca in Irish.[3] The origins of the name Blake
are also considered to be Old Norse, first appearing in Yorkshire, England, possibly derived from the word Blaker, referring to a village and a former municipality of Akershus county, Norway
(east of Oslo). The Blake
surname is first recorded in the latter half of the 12th century, making it one of the earliest on record. Later interesting examples of the name in records taken from the Dictionary of National Biography include the famous Admiral Robert Blake, 1599–1657, who destroyed the Spanish Fleet at Santa Cruz, and died on the way home, and Francis Blake, who earlier in 1635 had embarked from London on the ship George bound for Virginia. He is believed to have been the first of the many Blakes to colonize New England. The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Walter le Blake. This was dated 1167, in the "Pipe Rolls" of the county of Devonshire, and during the reign of King Henry II, known as "The Builder of Churches", 1154–1189. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation, and in most cases, but not necessarily this one, surnames in every country have continued to "develop", often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling. Blake
often refers to the British poet, painter and printmaker William Blake
(1757–1827) or to the contemporary figurative artist Blake.


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People with the given name[edit]

Blake Aldridge (born 1982), British diver Blake Andrews (born 1968), American photographer Blake Annen (born 1991), American football player Blake Austin
Blake Austin
(born 1991), Australian Rugby League player Blake Bortles
Blake Bortles
(born 1992), American football quarterback Blake Clark
Blake Clark
(born 1946), American actor and comedian Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin
(born 1989), American professional basketball player Blake Edwards
Blake Edwards
(1922–2010), American film director, screenwriter, and producer Blake Farenthold
Blake Farenthold
(born 1961), American politician Blake Foster (born 1985), American actor and martial artist Blake Gailen (born 1985), American baseball player Blake Harrison
Blake Harrison
(born 1985), British actor best known for his role in the TV series The Inbetweeners Blake Alphonso Higgs (1915-1986), Bahamian Calypso singer also known as Blind Blake Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis
(born 1981), American singer and American Idol contestant Blake Lively
Blake Lively
(born 1987), American actress Blake Mills
Blake Mills
(born 1986), American singer and songwriter Blake Morrison
Blake Morrison
(born 1950), British poet and author Blake Richardson (born 1984), drummer for the American band Between the Buried and Me Blake Richardson (born 1999), British singer, musician and songwriter in the band New Hope Club Blake Ritson
Blake Ritson
(born 1978), English actor and director Blake
Robinson (born 1982), British musician Blake Shelton
Blake Shelton
(born 1976), American country music singer Blake Wheeler
Blake Wheeler
(born 1986), American professional hockey player

People with the surname[edit] A[edit]

Amanda Blake, American actress (Miss Kitty on television's Gunsmoke) Andrew Blake
(scientist), British scientist and Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh Andrew Blake
(director), American adult film director Anthony Richard Blake (1786–1849), Irish lawyer, administrator and 'backstairs Viceroy of Ireland


Blind Blake, American blues and ragtime musician Bud Blake, American cartoonist


Casey Blake, American baseball player Catherine Blake
(other), several people Charles E. Blake, Pentecostal Bishop Clive Blake, bass guitarist for the Anti-Nowhere League


Darcy Blake, Welsh footballer David Blake
(other), several people including

Dave Blake, Canadian politician

Dennis Blake, Jamaican track and field athlete Derek Blake, British biomedical researcher Dominique Blake (born 1987), Jamaican sprinter Donovan Blake, Jamaican-American cricketer


Edward Blake, Canadian politician Edward Reed Blake, American politician Edwin Blake
Edwin Blake
(1830–1914), New Zealand politician Ernest Edward Blake
Edward Blake
(1845–1920), British colonial official Eubie Blake, American jazz pianist and composer Eugene Carson Blake, American Protestant leader


Sir Francis Blake, 1st Baronet, of Twizell Castle Sir Francis Blake, 2nd Baronet, of Twizell Castle, High Sheriff of Northumberland (1784), Sir Francis Blake, 3rd Baronet, of Twizell Castle, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed 1820–1826 and 1827–1834 Sir Francis Blake, 1st Baronet, of Tillmouth Park, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed 1916–1922 Francisco Blake Mora
Francisco Blake Mora
(1966–2011), Mexican politician


Geoffrey Blake
(other), several people George Blake
(other), several people Gerald Blake (1928 – 1991), British television director Gillian Blake (born 1949), British actress Gladys Blake
Gladys Blake
(1910 – 1983), American character actress Gordon Blake
Gordon Blake
(1910 – 1997), USAF general


Hamish Blake, Australian comedian Harris Blake, American politician Henry Arthur Blake, British colonial administrator Homer C. Blake, American naval officer Howard Blake, British composer


James Blake
(other), several people

Ronald James Blake aka James Blake, civil engineer

Jason Blake
(other), several people Jeff Blake (born 1970), retired American football quarterback Jeremy Blake
Jeremy Blake
(1971–2007), American video artist and painter Joaquín Blake y Joyes
Joaquín Blake y Joyes
(1759–1827), Spanish general John Blake
(other), several people including:

John Blake, Jr. (born 1947), American jazz violinist

Jon Blake
(other), several people Joseph Blake
(governor), governor of South Carolina Joseph Blake, 3rd Baron Wallscourt (1797–1849), Irish nobleman and socialist Joseph Henry Blake
(chess player), English chess player Julia Blake (born 1936), Australia-based British-born actress


Karen Blake, Boston disk jockey Karl Blake (born 1956), English musician Katharine Blake (singer)
Katharine Blake (singer)
(born 1970), British singer Ken Blake, pseudonym of English novelist Robert Holdstock Keith Blake
(born 1950), Jamaican roots reggae singer a.k.a. Prince Alla Korban Blake British author and artist


Lillie Devereux Blake
Lillie Devereux Blake
(1835–1913), American suffragist


Madge Blake (1899–1969), American actress Mark Blake (footballer, born 1967) (born 1967), English footballer Marty Blake (1927–2013), American basketball executive Matthew Blake, English rugby league player Mervyn Blake (1907–2003), Canadian actor Michael Blake
(other), several people


Nathan Blake, Welshman and UK football player Nicholas Blake
(other), several people Noel Blake, Jamaican and UK football player Norman Blake
(other), several people Nzinga Blake, American/Sierra Leonean actress and writer


Peter Blake
(other), several people


Quentin Blake, English cartoonist, illustrator and children's author


Ran Blake
Ran Blake
(born 1935), American pianist Randy Blake (born 1986), American kickboxer Rob Blake
Rob Blake
(born 1969), Canadian ice hockey player Robbie Blake (born 1976), English footballer Robert Blake
(other), several people Rockwell Blake (born 1951), American operatic tenor Rodney Blake
Rodney Blake
(born 1983), Australian rugby union footballer Ronald James Blake (born 1934), civil engineer


Sarah Blake, American writer Sophie Blake, British television presenter Steve Blake, American basketball player Sophia Jex-Blake, British physician and feminist


Tchad Blake, record producer Thomas Blake
(other), several people Thomas Blake
Glover, Scottish merchant Toe Blake, Canadian ice hockey player and coach Tim Blake, English musician, best known for his work with Gong and Hawkwind


Sir Valentine Blake, 1st Baronet (1560–1635), Irish merchant and Mayor of Galway Vivian Blake (died 2010), Jamaican drug dealer


Walter Blake, 6th Baronet of Menlough Whitney Blake (1926–2002), American actress Wilfred Theodore Blake (1894–1968), pioneer aviator, travel writer and traveller William Blake
William Blake
(other), several people Winston Blake (1940–2016), Jamaican sound system operator, producer and promoter


Yohan Blake, Jamaican sprinter

As mononym[edit]

(sculptor), contemporary figurative artist "Blake", pen name used by Ronald Adam (actor)[non sequitur]

Fictional entities[edit] See Blake
(other)#Art, entertainment, and media See also[edit]

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