Lampione (; scn|Lampiuni, en|Lantern) is a small rocky island located in the Mediterranean Sea, which belongs geographically to the Pelagie Islands and administratively to the ''comune'' of Lampedusa e Linosa, Province of Agrigento, region of Sicily, Italy. It is about long and across, and has an area of and a highest elevation of . The islet is uninhabited, the only building being a lighthouse. According to the legend, the island was a rock which had fallen from the hands of the cyclops Polyphemus. Lampione is part of the Riserva Marina Isole Pelagie, and its vegetation and wildlife are strictly protected. Animal species include the endemic ''Podarcis filfolensis'' ssp. ''laurentimulleri'' (also found on Linosa), which is a subspecies of Maltese wall lizard, numerous migrating birds, and the ''Armadillidium hirtum pelagicum'', a land crustacean. The waters are populated by sharks, including the sandbar shark, groupers, lobsters, and varieties of yellow and pink coral.

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