Real may refer to: * Reality, the state of things as they exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be


* Brazilian real (R$) * Central American Republic real * Mexican real * Portuguese real * Spanish real * Spanish colonial real



* ''Real'' (L'Arc-en-Ciel album) (2000) * ''Real'' (Bright album) (2010) * ''Real'' (Belinda Carlisle album) (1993) * ''Real'' (Gorgon City EP) (2013) * ''Real'' (IU EP) (2010) * ''Real'' (Ivy Queen album) (2004) * ''Real'' (Mika Nakashima album) (2013) * ''Real'' (Ednita Nazario album) (2007) * ''Real'' (Jodie Resther album), a 2000 album by Jodie Resther * ''Real'' (Michael Sweet album) (1995) * ''Real'' (The Word Alive album) (2014) * ''Real'', a 2002 album by Israel Houghton recording as Israel & New Breed


* "Real" (Goo Goo Dolls song) (2008) * "Real" (Gorgon City song) (2013) * "Real" (Plumb song) (2004) * "Real" (Vivid song) (2012) * "Real" (James Wesley song) (2010) * "Real", a song by Kendrick Lamar from ''Good Kid, M.A.A.D City'' * "Real", a song by NF from ''Therapy Session'' * "Real", a song by the Verve Pipe from ''Villains'' * "Real", a song by Years & Years from ''Communion''

Other media

* ''Real'' (manga), a manga series by Takehiko Inoue * Real (TV channel), a Hindi entertainment channel * RealNetworks, an Internet media provider * Real, a member of the band F.I.R. * Ahmad Givens or Real, a central figure in the reality television series ''Real Chance of Love'' * ''Real'' (2013 film), a Japanese film * ''Real'' (2017 film), a South Korean film


* Réal, a commune in southern France * Real de Catorce, a village in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí * Real, Quezon, a municipality in the Philippines * Real, Dume e Semelhe, a parish in Braga, Portugal * Ciudad Real, a municipality of province of Ciudad Real in the Castile–La Mancha, Spain * Real, Valencia, a municipality of province of Valencia in the Valencian Community * Real County, Texas, a county in the United States * Real (Ponce), a barrio in Ponce, Puerto Rico



*Real Republicans FC (Accra), Ghana *Real Republicans F.C. (Sierra Leone)

Central and South America

*Club Real Potosí, Bolivia *Municipal Real Mamoré, Bolivia *Associação Esportiva Real, Brazil *Real Noroeste Capixaba Futebol Clube, Brazil *C.D. Real Sociedad, Honduras *Real C.D. España, Honduras *Real Maya, Honduras *Real Club España, Mexico *Real Saltillo Soccer, Mexico *Real Sociedad de Zacatecas, Mexico *Real Estelí F.C., Nicaragua *Real Madriz, Nicaragua *Real Garcilaso, Peru


*Real Sport Clube *Vila Real


*Real Madrid CF, a multi-sports club whose football section is most commonly associated with the title *Real Aranjuez CF *Real Ávila CF *Real Avilés CF *Real Betis *Real Burgos CF *Real Club Celta de Vigo *Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña *Real Club Deportivo Mallorca *Real Club Recreativo de Huelva *Real Jaén CF *Real Murcia CF *Real Oviedo *Real Racing Club de Santander *Real Sociedad *Real Sporting de Gijón *Real Unión *Real Valladolid *Real Zaragoza

United States

*Real Colorado Cougars *Real Colorado Foxes *Real Maryland F.C. *Real Salt Lake, Utah *Real San Jose, California *Real Shore F.C., New Jersey

Other uses

* Real numbers, the set of rational and irrational numbers (and opposed to imaginary numbers) * ''Real'' (galley), the flagship of Don Juan de Austria * Real (hypermarket), a European hypermarket * Real (supermarket), a Paraguayan supermarket chain * The Real, an aspect of human psychic structure * Real (residence), a recreation residence in Xarq Al-Andalus * Real Crisps, a brand of potato crisp manufactured in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom * Real Transportes Aéreos, a former Brazilian airline * Convento de San Felipe el Real, a former convent in Madrid * Republican Alternative Party (Azerbaijan), also known as ReAl Party, a political party in Azerbaijan * Réseau Express de l'Aire urbaine Lyonnaise, the name of the railroads in Lyon's agglomeration * the Revised European-American Lymphoma classification (REAL), for diagnosis * Real, a motorcycle constructed by Manfred Herweh

People with the surname

* Manuel Real (1924–2019), United States judge

See also

* Cambodian riel, currency of Cambodia * Inflation-adjusted amounts * List of parishes of Portugal * REAL ID Act, a U.S. federal law * Real versus nominal value (economics) * Reale, a surname * Really (disambiguation) * Rhéal, given name * Rial (disambiguation) * Riyal (disambiguation) {{disambiguation|geo|surname