Power Station or The Power Station may refer to: * Power station, a facility for the generation of electricity


* The Power Station (band), a 1980s supergroup ** ''The Power Station'' (album), a 1985 album by The Power Station * Power Station (Taiwanese band), a Taiwanese rock duo * Kraftwerk (German for ''power station''), a German musical group * ''The Power Station Years: The Unreleased Recordings'', a 1998 compilation by Jon Bon Jovi * Power Station (recording studio), a recording studio in New York City * Powerstation, a 2019 album by British band BBMak

Other uses

* Power Station of Art, a contemporary art museum in Shanghai * The Power Station (art space), a gallery in Dallas, Texas * The Power Station (TV channel), a British television channel * Power station (UTA), a light rail station in Utah

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