Single-family detached

Examples of single-family detached house types include: * Bungalow * Central-passage house (North America) * Chattel house (Caribbean) * Cottage (various) * Courtyard house (various) * Konak (Asia) * Log house (various) * Housebarn (various) * Split level home (various) * Upper Lusatian house (Europe)

Single-family attached (small multi-family)

* Duplex, semi-detached, double-decker, or two-family * Triplex, triple-decker or three-family * Quadplex, quadruple, or four-family * Townhouse or terraced house

Large multi-family (apartments/flats/condos)

* Garden or walk-up apartments: 1–5 stories, 50–400 units, no elevators * Mid-rise apartments/condos: 5–9 stories, 30–110 units, with elevators * High-rise apartments/condos: 9+ stories, 100+ units, professionally managed * Special-purpose group housing **Retirement home **Nursing home **Dormitory **Prison


Commercial buildings, generally, are buildings used by businesses to sell their products to consumers.


Office buildings are generally categorized by ''size'' and by ''quality'' (''e.g.'', "a low-rise Class A building") *Office buildings by size **Low-rise (less than 7 stories) ** Mid-rise (7–25 stories) **High-rise (more than 25 stories), including skyscrapers (over 40 stories) *Office buildings by quality ** Trophy or 5-star building: A landmark property designed by a recognized architect ** Class A or 4-star building: Rents in the top 30-40% of the local market; well-located; above-average upkeep and management; usually older than a trophy/5-star building ** Class B or 3-star building: Rents between Class A and Class C; fair-to-good locations; average upkeep and management ** Class C or 2-star building: Rents in the bottom 10-20% of the local market; less-desirable locations; below-average upkeep and management **1-star building: Does not meet the needs of typical tenants; may be obsolete and/or in need of significant renovation


Retail buildings are categorized by their configuration and size *Non-freestanding (also known as shopping malls) **Super-regional shopping center: enclosed space; 800,000+ sqft; 5+ anchor stores with other tenants that sell a very large variety of goods **Regional shopping center: enclosed space; 400,000–800,000 sqft; 1–5 anchor stores with other tenants that sell a large variety of goods **Community shopping center: open space; 125,000–400,000 sqft; provides general merchandise and commodities (''e.g.'', supermarket, discount department store) **Neighborhood shopping center: open space; 3,000–125,000 sqft; provides commodities to nearby neighborhoods (''e.g.'' drug store) **Strip or convenience shopping center: open space; less than 30,000 sqft; located along suburban transportation arteries on shallow land parcels; a strip may be configured in a straight line, or have an "L" or "U" shape **Lifestyle center: "Main Street" concept with pedestrian circulation in core and vehicular circulation along perimeter; upscale national chain specialty stores, dining or entertainment (''e.g.'' The Grove, Los Angeles, CA; Americana at Brand, Glendale, CA) *Freestanding: any stand-alone retail structure that is not part of a complex **Big box: freestanding category-dominant retailer; 50,000+ sqft (''e.g.'' The Home Depot, Target, Walmart) **Power center: among the largest types of retail properties; 3+ big box anchor stores; multiple large buildings with parking lot in front and loading in back; smaller retailers usually clustered in a community shopping center configuration **Retail outlet: manufacturers' outlet stores; 50,000–400,000 sqft **Pop-up retail: a retail location designed to only be in a location temporarily (''e.g.,'' a retail store that only opens during a holiday season)


*Full service hotels *Travelers' hotels **Motel **Choultry **Caravanserai *Extended stay hotels *Boutique hotels *Casino *Resort


*Self-storage *Car washes *Theme or amusement parks *Bowling alleys *Marinas *Theaters *Funeral homes


Industrial buildings are primarily used for the production and storage/distribution of goods, among other uses.


*Light manufacturing *Heavy manufacturing


*Warehouses ** Bulk warehouse **Cold/cool/refrigerator/freezer storage **High-cube (an industrial building with a large amount of vertical clearance, a.k.a. "high bay") **Warehouse store or retail warehouse *Distribution/fulfillment centers **Container terminals ** Truck terminals

Flex space

*Office building *Laboratory *Data center *Call center *Showroom


*Composting facility *Desalination plant *Waste transfer centre *Power generation **Power plant **Thermal power plant **Fossil-fuel power station **Nuclear power plant **Geothermal power **Biomass power plant **Renewable energy power station *Power distribution **Substation building **converter hall **Rotary converter plant *transmitter building **Dams **Pump house


*Abattoir *Barn *Chicken coop or chickenhouse *Cow-shed *Farmhouse *Granary, Hórreo *Greenhouse *Hayloft *Pigpen or sty *Root cellar *Shed *Silo *Slaughterhouse *Stable *Storm cellar *Well house *Crib *Windmill *Workshop


*Educational **Archive **College **Elementary schools **Secondary School **School **University **Nursery school *Civic **Arena **Library **Mudhif: a traditional reed house made by the Madan people of Iraq **Museum **Observatory **Community hall *Religious **Church ***Basilica ***Cathedral ****Duomo ***Chapel ***Oratory ***Martyrium **Imambargah **Monastery **Mithraeum **Shrine **Synagogue **Temple **Pagoda **Gurdwara **Hindu temple **Mosque *Government **City hall **Consulate **Courthouse **Embassy **Fire station **Meeting house **Moot hall **Parliament house **Police station **Post office **Assembly *Military **Arsenal **Barracks **Bunker **Blockhouse **Citadel **Missile launch facility *Transport **Airport terminal **Bus station **Metro (subway, underground) station **Taxi station **Railway station (or, primarily in US, Railroad station) ***Signal box **Lighthouse **Shipyard **Space port **Hovercraft **Ferry terminal **Cruise terminal **Boathouse **Parking garage **Hangar *Other **Aul **Bathhouse **Film studio **Folly **Gym

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