tree wrap


A tree wrap or tree wrapping is a wrap of garden tree
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s, roses, and other delicate plants to protect them from frost damage (e.g. frost cracks or complete death). In the past it was made of straw (straw wrap) . Now there are commercial tree wrap materials, such as crepe paper or burlap tapes. Tree wrapping is also used to prevent saplings from sunscald and drying of the bark. A disadvantage of tape wrapping is dampness under the wrapping during rainy seasons.''Urban & Community Forestry. A Guide for the Interior Western United States'', 1990,
p. 150



Further reading

*Frost and the Prevention of Frost Damage, by Floyd Dillon Young, 1929 (free at Google Books) **Describes, in part, various kinds of wraps and covers Horticulture Cryobiology