smooth structure


Smooth may refer to:


* Smooth function, a function that is infinitely differentiable; used in calculus and topology * Smooth manifold, a differentiable manifold for which all the transition maps are smooth functions * Smooth algebraic variety, an algebraic variety with no singular points * Smooth number, a number whose prime factors are all less than a certain value; used in applications of number theory * Smoothsort, a sorting algorithm

Arts and entertainment


* Smooth (singer), Juanita Stokes, American singer, rapper and actress * Smooth (album), ''Smooth'' (album), by Smooth, 1995 * ''Smooth'', an album by Gerald Albright, 1994 * Smooth (Florida Georgia Line song), "Smooth" (Florida Georgia Line song), 2017 * Smooth (iiO song), "Smooth" (iiO song), 2004 * Smooth (Santana song), "Smooth" (Santana song), featuring Rob Thomas, 1999 * "Smooth", a mashup by Neil Cicierega from ''Mouth Moods'', 2017

Other media

* Smooth (magazine), ''Smooth'' (magazine), an American publication for young black men * Smooth Radio (disambiguation), UK radio station networks * smoothfm, an Australian radio network * Foxtel Smooth, a defunct Australian pay-television music channel

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