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Iraqi Civil War (2014–present)

* Sinjarmassacre * December 2014 Sinjaroffensive * November 2015 Sinjaroffensive * Battle of Mosul (2016)

Syrian Civil War

* 2015 Al-Hawl offensive * Manbij offensive

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A SinjarResistance Units fighter carries the militia's flag

The SINJAR RESISTANCE UNITS (Kurdish : _YEKîNEYêN BERXWEDANA ŞENGALê_‎; _YBŞ_), formerly called KING PEACOCK (Arabic : Malik Al-Tawus ‎‎), is a non-political Yazidimilitia formed in Iraqin 2007 to protect the Yazidicommunity in Iraqin the wake of attacks by Iraqi insurgents . It is the second largest Yazidimilitia, after the Protection Force of Sinjar(HPŞ). However, it is much more active than the HPŞ in fighting against the Islamic State of Iraqand the Levant (ISIL).

Together with its newly founded all-women offshoot, the Êzidxan Women\'s Units (YJÊ), and the formerly Peshmerga-aligned HPŞ, in October 2015 it founded the all- Yazidijoint commando umbrella structure SinjarAlliance . YBŞ and YJÊ consider themselves under the umbrella of the Kurdistan Communities Union(KCK) and are operating in concert with People\'s Defence Forces (HPG) of the Kurdistan Workers\' Party (PKK). Shammarmilitias have also supported YBS.


The SinjarResistance Units took part in the August 2014 Northern Iraqoffensive , killing at least 22 Islamic State fighters and destroying five armoured vehicles in the vicinity of the Sinjar Mountains .

Hundreds of Yazidisreceived training from People\'s Protection Units (YPG) instructors at the Serimli military base in Qamishli, Syria, before being sent back to the Mount Sinjarfrontlines. These forces were re-branded as the " SinjarResistance Units".

Its commander Sheikh Khairy Khedrwas killed in action during the October 2014 clashes in Sinjar.

There have been increased tensions between the YBS and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). KRG forces largely fled Mount Sinjarwhen the Islamic State first attacked , leaving many Yazidisresentful and distrustful.

In October 2015, the YBŞ participated in the foundation of the SinjarAlliance as an all- Yazidijoint commando umbrella structure. Besides their all-women offshoot, the Êzidxan Women's Units(YJÊ), the formerly Peshmerga-aligned Protection Force of Sinjar(HPŞ) and other independent Yazidiunits committed to the united Yazidifront.

Under the joint command of the SinjarAlliance, the SinjarResistance Units took part in the November 2015 Sinjaroffensive .


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