Kgalagadi is one of the Bantu languages spoken in Botswana, along the South African border. It is spoken by about people. In the language, it is known as ''Shekgalagari''.


Kgalagadi (also rendered ''Kgalagari, Kgalagarhi, Kgalagari, Khalagari, Khalakadi, Kxhalaxadi, Qhalaxarzi, Shekgalagadi, Shekgalagari, Kqalaqadi'') is most closely related to Tswana, and until recently was classified as a dialect of Tswana. Dialects include ''Shengologa, Sheshaga, Shebolaongwe, Shelala, Shekhena, Sheritjhauba'' and ''Shekgwatheng.''

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