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Principal may refer to:

Title or rank

Principal (academia) The principal is the chief executive and the Provost (education), chief academic officer of a university or college in certain parts of the Commonwealth of Nations, Commonwealth. Canada Queen's University at Kingston, Queen's University, the co ...
, the chief executive of a university **
Principal (education) A head teacher, head instructor, bureaucrat, headmaster, headmistress, head, chancellor, principal or school director (sometimes another title is used) is the staff member of a school with the greatest responsibility for the management Managem ...
, the office holder/ or boss in any school * Principal (civil service) or principal officer, the senior management level in the UK Civil Service * Principal dancer, the top rank in ballet * Principal (music), the top rank in an orchestra * Principal consultant, a type of senior Grade (consulting), grade in consulting


* Principal (commercial law), the person who authorizes an agent ** Principal (architecture), licensed professional(s) with ownership of the firm * Principal (criminal law), the primary actor in a criminal offense * Principal (Catholic Church), an honorific used in the See of Lisbon


* Principal, Cape Verde, a village * Principal, Ecuador, a parish


* The Principal (TV series), ''The Principal'' (TV series), a 2015 Australian drama series * ''The Principal'', a 1987 action film * Principal (music), the lead musician in a section of an orchestra * Principal photography, the first phase of movie production * "The Principal", a song on the album ''K-12 (album), K-12'' by Melanie Martinez


* Principal (finance) or principal sum, the original amount of a debt or investment on which interest is calculated ** Principal (bond), the face value of a bond * Principal Financial Group, a life insurance company

Other uses

* Principal (computer security), an entity that can be identified and verified * Principal or diapason, one of the Flue pipe#Diapasons, flue pipes on a pipe organ ** Principal or diapason, a corresponding List of pipe organ stops, organ stop on a pipe organ * Victoria Principal (born 1950), American actress

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