{{expert needed|1=Etruscan art|2=|date=October 2019 Nenfro is a volcanic rock, gray tuff or banded trachyte (Brocchi) or leucite phonolite lava (Rosenbusch) with a soft but compact structure, typical of the Viterbo region that the Etruscans used in their sculptures of northern LazioCimini Mountains near Rome, Italy]: Giovanni Battista Brocchi (1817); H. Rosenbusch (1888) * The Winged Lion of Vulci, in the Louvre * The Centaur of Vulci, preserved in the Villa Giulia in Rome * The sarcophagus of Laris Pulena MS 3488 of Civita Musarna. * The sarcophagi figured at the galleries and the entrance to the Tarquinia National Museum One of its features is to take a pinkish tint when drying.''Œuvres d'art étrusque découvertes à Castro''.


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