This list of grape varieties includes cultivated
grape A grape is a fruit In botany, a fruit is the seed-bearing structure in flowering plants (also known as angiosperms) formed from the ovary after flowering. Fruits are the means by which angiosperms disseminate seeds. Edible fruits, in ...

s, whether used for
wine Wine is an alcoholic drink typically made from fermented grape juice. Yeast Yeasts are eukaryotic, single-celled microorganisms classified as members of the fungus kingdom. The first yeast originated hundreds of millions of years ag ...
, or eating as a table grape, fresh or dried (
, currant, sultana). The term ''grape variety'' refers to
cultivar '' 'Pink Whirls' A cultivar selected for its intriguing and colourful flowers A cultivarCultivar () has two denominations as explained in ''#Formal definition, Formal definition''. When referring to a taxon, the word does not apply to an indivi ...
s rather than actual botanical varieties according to the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants, because they are propagated by cuttings and may have unstable reproductive properties. However, the term ''variety'' has become so entrenched in viticulture that any change of usage to the term ''cultivar'' is unlikely.

Single species grapes

While some of the grapes in this list are hybrids, they are hybridized within a single species. For those grapes hybridized across species, known as interspecific hybrids, see the section on multispecies hybrid grapes below.

''Vitis vinifera'' (wine)

Red grapes

White grapes

Rose Grapes

''Vitis vinifera'' (table)

Red table grapes

* Black Corinth * Black Monukka * Black Rose (grape), Black Rose * Cardinal (grape), Cardinal * Mazzarrone (grape), Mazzarrone * Red Corinth * Red Globe * Valencia (grape), Valencia * Red Flame (grape), Red Flame * Richard Walden (grape), Richard Walden

White table grapes

* Agh Shani * Calmeria (grape), Calmeria * Centennial (grape), Centennial * Koshu (grape), Koshu * Malingre Précoce * Mazzarrone (grape), Mazzarrone * Moonballs (grape), Moonballs * Perlette (grape), Perlette * Rozaki * Sugraone * Sultana (grape), Sultana / Thompson Seedless * Superior Seedless (Menindee Seedless) * Valvin Muscat (grape), Valvin Muscat * White Corinth

''Vitis labrusca'' (wine and table)

Many commercial varieties commonly called ''labrusca'' are actually complex interspecies hybrids.

Wine grapes

* Campbell Early * Catawba (grape), Catawba * Concord (grape), Concord * Delaware (grape), Delaware * Diamond (grape), Diamond * Fredonia(grape), Fredonia * Isabella (grape), Isabella * Ives (grape), Ives * Niagara (grape), Niagara * Noah (grape), Noah

Red table grapes

* Canadice (grape), Canadice * Christmas Rose (grape), Christmas Rose * Crimson Seedless (grape), Crimson Seedless * Einset * Emperor (grape), Emperor * Flame Seedless * Reliance Seedless (grape), Reliance Seedless * Rouge (grape), Rouge * Ruby Roman * Ruby Seedless (grape), Ruby Seedless * Swenson Red * Tudor Premium Red (grape), Tudor Premium Red * Suffolk Red * Vanessa (grape), Vanessa * Yates (grape), Yates

Purple/Pink table grapes

* Alden (grape), Alden * Autumn Royal (grape), Autumn Royal * Beauty Seedless (grape), Beauty Seedless * Bluebell (grape), Bluebell * Buffalo (grape), Buffalo * Concord (grape), Concord * Coronation (grape), Coronation * Fantasy Seedless (grape), Fantasy Seedless * Glenora (grape), Glenora * Jupiter (grape), Jupiter * Marroo Seedless (grape), Marroo * Mars (grape), Mars * Niabell (grape), Niabell * Ribier (grape), Ribier * Steuben (grape), Steuben * Van Buren (grape), Van Buren


* Cassady (grape), Cassady (green) * Golden Muscat (green) * Himrod (white) * Interlaken (grape), Interlaken (white) * Lakemont (grape), Lakemont (white) * Marquis (grape), Marquis (white) * Neptune (grape), Neptune (white) * Seneca (grape), Seneca (green)

''Vitis riparia'' (wine grape rootstock and hybridization source)

* Riparia Gloire * Riparia Grand Glabre * Riparia Scribner * Riparia Martin * Riparia 89 * Americas (grape), Americas

''Vitis rotundifolia'' (table and wine)

* Big Red (grape) * Black Beauty (grape) * Black Fry * Carlos (grape) * Muscadine, Cowart * Darlene (grape) * Dixie Red * Early Fry * Fry (grape) * Granny Val * Higgins (grape) * Hunt (grape), Hunt * Hunter (grape) * Ison's * Janebell (grape) * Janet (grape) * Jumbo (grape) * Late Fry * Magnolia (grape) * Muscadine * Nesbit (grape) * International variety, Noble * Pam (grape) * Pineapple (grape) * Scarlet (grape) * Scuppernong * Southland (grape), Southland * Sugargate * Supreme (grape) * Summit (grape) * Sweet Jenny * Tara (grape) * Triumph (grape)

''Vitis rupestris''

* Rupestris St. George

''Vitis aestivalis'' (wine)

* Norton (grape), Norton / Cynthiana * Black Spanish (grape), Black Spanish

''Vitis mustangensis'' (table/wine/dyes)

* Vitis mustangensis, Mustang Grape

Multispecies hybrid grapes

Vinifera hybrids (wine)

Hybrid grape varieties (see Hybrid grapes) or "Hybrid (biology), hybrids" is, in fact, the popular term for a subset of what are properly known as ''hybrids'', specifically crossings between one species of the genus vitis and another. The scientific definition of a hybrid grape is any crossing (intra- or inter-specific) of two grape varieties. In keeping with the popular definition, however, the ones listed below are inter-specific hybrids where one parent is a European grape. Most of these are complex mixtures of three or more species and all parents are not always clearly known. * Alexander (grape), Alexander * Agawam (grape), Agawam * Aurore (grape), Aurore * Baco 22A (Baco blanc) * Baco noir (Baco 1) * Blanc du Bois * Brianna (grape), Brianna * Cabernet blanc * Cabernet Cortis * Cayuga White * Chambourcin * Chancellor (grape), Chancellor * Chardonel * Chelois * Corot noir * Couderc noir * De Chaunac * Edelweiss (grape), Edelweiss * Elvira (grape), Elvira * Esprit (grape), Esprit * Flora (grape) * Flot rouge * Frontenac (grape), Frontenac * Goethe (grape), Goethe * Herbert (grape), Herbert * Kay Gray * L'Acadie blanc * L'Ambertille * La Crescent (grape), La Crescent * La Crosse (grape), La Crosse * Léon Millot * Louise Swenson (grape), Louise Swenson * Luci Kuhlmann * Marechal Foch (grape), Marechal Foch * Marechal Joffre * Marquette (grape), Marquette * Massasoit (grape), Massasoit * Melody (grape), Melody * Merzling * Noiret * Onaka (grape), Onaka * Orion (grape), Orion * Phoenix (grape), Phoenix * Plantet * Prairie Star * Ravat blanc / Ravat 6 * Ravat noir / Ravat 262 * Rayon d'Or (grape), Rayon d'Or * Regent (grape), Regent * Rembrandt (grape), Rembrandt * Requa (grape), Requa * Rondo (grape), Rondo * Rosette (grape), Rosette * Rougeon * Royalty (grape), Royalty * Rubired * St. Croix (grape), St. Croix * St. Pepin (grape), St. Pepin * Severny (grape), Severny * Solaris (grape), Solaris * Sovereign Opal * Traminette * Triomphe d'Alsace * Valvin muscat * Vidal blanc * Vignoles (grape), Vignoles / Ravat 51 * Villard blanc * Villard noir * Zarya Severa

Vinifera hybrids (table)

* Boskoop Glory, ''Vitis vinifera'' x ''Vitis labrusca'' * Honey Red * Kyoho grape, Kyoho, ''Vitis vinifera'' x ''Vitis labrusca'' * Pione (grape), Pione, complex hybrid * Thomcord (grape), Thomcord, ''Vitis vinifera'' x ''Vitis labrusca''

Non-vinifera hybrids (table and wine)

* Beta (grape), Beta, ''Vitis labrusca'' X ''Vitis riparia'' * Cascade (grape), Cascade, complex hybrid * Clinton (grape), Clinton, ''Vitis labrusca'' X ''Vitis riparia'' * Bordo (grape), Bordo/Ives noir, probably ''Vitis labrusca'' X ''Vitis aestivalis'' * Jaeger 70, ''Vitis aestivalis'' and ''Vitis rupestris'' * L'Acadie blanc, complex hybrid * Landal noir, complex hybrid * Landot noir, complex hybrid * Minnesota 78, ''Vitis labrusca'' X ''Vitis riparia'' X possibly ''Vitis vinifera'' * Muscat bleu, complex hybrid * Seyval blanc, complex hybrid * Seyval noir, complex hybrid

Non-vinifera hybrids (rootstock)

* SO4 (grape), SO4, ''Vitis berlandieri'' Planch. X ''V. riparia'' Michx. * 5BB, ''Vitis berlandieri'' Planch. X ''V. riparia'' Michx. * 5C (grape), 5C, ''Vitis berlandieri'' Planch. X ''V. riparia'' Michx. * 110R, ''V. berlandieri'' x ''V. rupestris'' * 1616 Couderc, ''Vitis solonis'' x ''V. riparia'' * Harmony (grape), Harmony, ((V. riparia x V. labrusca) x V. vinifera) x Vitis champinii * 8909-05, ''Vitis rupestris'' ‘A. de Serres’ x ''Vitis rotundifolia'' ‘Cowart’ * 3309 C, ''V. riparia'' x ''V. rupestris''

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