Closed may refer to:


* Closure (mathematics), a set, along with operations, for which applying those operations on members always results in a member of the set * Closed set, a set which contains all its limit points *
Closed interval In mathematics Mathematics (from Ancient Greek, Greek: ) includes the study of such topics as quantity (number theory), mathematical structure, structure (algebra), space (geometry), and calculus, change (mathematical analysis, analysis). I ...
, an interval which includes its endpoints * Closed line segment, a line segment which includes its endpoints * Closed manifold, a compact manifold which has no boundary

Other uses

* Closed (poker), a betting round where no player will have the right to raise * ''Closed'' (album), a 2010 album by Bomb Factory * Closed GmbH, a German fashion brand * Closed class, in linguistics, a class of words or other entities which rarely changes

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