Zone or The Zone or In the Zone may refer to:






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Science and technology

  • Brillouin zone, the primitive cell of a lattice in reciprocal space
  • Chronozone, a sequence of rocks deposited within a particular time interval
  • Erogenous zone, an area on the body which may respond sexually to stimulation
  • Spherical zone, the surface area of a spherical segment
  • Thermal zone, or just zone, in heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC)
  • Zone, a short name for DVD region code
  • Zone diet, involving precise proportions by weight of protein, fat and carbohydrate
  • Zone plate, a device used to focus light or other things exhibiting wave character
  • Zone System, a photographic technique for determining optimal film exposure and development


Other uses

  • Time zone
  • The zone, or flow, a mental state attained by a person fully immersed in some activity
  • Zone (vestment), a belt worn by priests and bishops of the Eastern Orthodox Church
  • Zone, a girdle worn by a woman around the waist, or the waist itself. From the ancient Greek but in common literary usage in the nineteenth century, e.g. Richard Westmacott's sculpture A Nymph unclasping her Zone.
  • Zone pricing, based on the location of the buyer
  • Zones (permaculture), a method of planning civil and agricultural placement
  • Zoning, in urban planning, a system of land-use regulation
  • da share z0ne, a satirical social media account

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