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Yakiv Yukhymovych Lyzohub (Ukrainian: Яків Юхимович Лизогуб; Russian: Яков Ефимович Лизогуб, Yakov Yefimovich Lizogub) was a military and political figure of the Cossack Hetmanate
Cossack Hetmanate
and a member of a well known Cossacks
family of Lyzohub. He was born in a family of Chernihiv Colonel Yukhym Yakovych Lyzohub and Lyubov Petrivna Doroshenko. Yakiv Lyzohub was a grandson of Hetman Petro Doroshenko. He graduated from the Kiev-Mohyla Academy that in the 19th century was transformed into the Kiev Theological Academy
Kiev Theological Academy
on the order of the Russian Holy Synod. In 1713-28 Lyzohub was a Bunchuk General. In 1723-24 he along with Colonel Danylo Apostol
Danylo Apostol
and Yesavul General Vasyl Zhurakovsky was imprisoned by Peter the Great in the Peter and Paul Fortress as a members of Pavlo Polubotok's party. After the release Lyzohub was forced to live for sometime in Saint Petersburg. During the hetman rule of Danylo Apostol, in 1728 he was promoted to the rank of Quartermaster General. After the death of Danylo Apostol in 1734, Lyzohub was placed as an Appointed Hetman in the Governing Council of the Hetman Office which was controlled by Russian residents in Ukraine Prince Alexei Shakhovskiy at first and later - Prince Ivan Baryatinskiy, Alexander Rumyantsev
Alexander Rumyantsev
and others. Lyzohub at that time commanded corps of Ukrainian Cossacks, performed functions as hetman and participated in number of military campaigns along with the Russian field marshal Burkhard Christoph von Münnich
Burkhard Christoph von Münnich
(War of the Polish Succession and raid of Crimean Khanate
Crimean Khanate
in 1736-37). After couple of "palace coup d'etat", Lyzohub vouched for reinstating the institute of Hetman of Ukrainian Cossacks. Lyzohub had three brothers Andriy and Semen. External links[edit]

Governing Council of the Hetman Office

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Predessor Ivan Lomykovsky

Quartermaster General 1728–1749

Successor Semen Kochubey

Predessor Ivan Samoylovych

Chernihiv Regiment 1687–1698

Successor Yukhym Lyzohub

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