The Info List - Y. Frank Freeman


Y. Frank Freeman, Jr. or Young Frank Freeman, Jr. (14 December 1890 – 6 February 1969) was an American film executive and President of Paramount Pictures. Freeman was a South Carolinian and the youngest of five boys. In addition to his work with Paramount, he also worked in the fields of banking, higher education, and athletics.


A man who believed in education and also a "Tech" man himself who graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology where he studied Engineering and received a degree in 1910, he endowed half of his net-worth, upon death, to Georgia Tech. The generous endowment, under the provision of his estate, was to fund the expansion of the university's Engineering department. In addition to the donation, a selected portion of his personal archive, inclusive of American film memorabilia, photographs and an Oscar were gifted to the university.

Patron of the Arts

He was a connoisseur and art collector with fine taste for Modernist architecture as well as an Engineer and visionary who admired the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Though it was said, "his wife didn't entirely share the same affections for his avant-garde architectural tastes" and preferred a more European baroque aesthetic which was reflective of one of their numerous homes, a twenty-six room mansion in Beverley Hills, California.

Lifetime Honors and Distinctions

Y. Frank Freeman, Jr. was awarded three Oscars in his lifetime. The last was in 1954 as the first individual to be honored with the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.