Wilhelm Teuffel


Wilhelm Siegmund Teuffel (; September 27, 1820March 8, 1878), German , was born at in the . In 1849 he was appointed extraordinary, in 1857 ordinary professor in the , which post he held till his death.


Teuffel's most important work was his ''Geschichte der römischen Litteratur'' (1870); revisions by , and carried this to a 6th–7th edition (1913–1920). An English translation of the 5th edition by was published in 1891–1892, as ''Teuffel's History of Roman Literature''. The described Teuffel's history as "written in an unattractive style" but "indispensable to the student" especially for its "bibliographical information", and Warr's translation is described in the 1996 ' as "still useful on details". After the death of , the editor of the well-known ', Teuffel, at first assisted by , undertook the completion of the work, to which he also contributed numerous articles. He was also the author of *"Prolegomena zur Chronologie der horazischen Geschichte" (in ''Zeitschrift für die Altertumswissenschaft'', 1842) *''Charakteristik des Horaz'' (Leipzig, 1842) *''Horaz, eine litterar-historische Übersicht'' (Tübingen, 1843), and of editions of *' of (1856) *' of (1866). His ''Studien und Charakteristiken'' (1871; 2nd ed., 1889) contain valuable contributions to the history of Greek and Roman literature.



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