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Ward Crane
Ward Crane
(May 18, 1890 – July 21, 1928) was an American silent film actor popular in comedies and dramas. Out of dozens of films, he is remembered as the handsome heavy to Buster Keaton's hero in Sherlock, Jr.
Sherlock, Jr.
(1924). Crane died at age 38 in Saranac Lake from pneumonia.[1] Selected filmography[edit]

The Dark Star (1919) The Scoffer
The Scoffer
(1920) In the Heart of a Fool
In the Heart of a Fool
(1920) The Frisky Mrs. Johnson
The Frisky Mrs. Johnson
(1920) The Luck of the Irish (1920) Something Different (1920) Heedless Moths
Heedless Moths
(1921) French Heels
French Heels
(1922) No Trespassing (1922) Broadway Rose (1922) The Famous Mrs. Fair (1923) Within the Law (1923) Enemies of Children (1923) The Meanest Man in the World (1923) Gambling Wives (1924) Sherlock, Jr.
Sherlock, Jr.
(1924) Bread (1924) Empty Hands
Empty Hands
(1924) The Phantom of the Opera (1925) How Baxter Butted In (1925) Classified (1925) Borrowed Finery
Borrowed Finery
(1925) The Blind Goddess
The Blind Goddess
(1926) The Flaming Frontier
The Flaming Frontier
(1926) That Model from Paris (1926) Upstage (1926) The Lady in Ermine (1927) The American (1927) (not released) The Rush Hour
The Rush Hour
(1928) Honeymoon Flats
Honeymoon Flats


^ Ward Crane
Ward Crane
bio; allmovie.com

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Ward Crane
Ward Crane
on IMDb Ward Crane
Ward Crane
on right in The Frisky Mrs. Johnson
The Frisky Mrs. Johnson
with Billie Burke, 1920(Univ. of Wash./Sayre collection) Ward Crane
Ward Crane
passport picture, 1920

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