Villages of Saskatchewan


A village is a type of incorporated List of communities in Saskatchewan#Urban municipality, urban municipality in the Provinces and territories of Canada, Canadian province of Saskatchewan. A village is created from an organized Hamlet (place), hamlet by the Minister of Municipal Affairs by ministerial order via section 51 of ''The Municipalities Act'' if the community has: *been an organized hamlet for three or more years; *a population of 100 or more; *50 or more dwellings or businesses; and *a taxable assessment base that meets a prescribed minimum. Saskatchewan has 250 villages that had a cumulative population of 41,514 and an average population of 166 in the Canada 2016 Census, 2016 Census. Saskatchewan's largest village is Caronport, Saskatchewan, Caronport with a population of 994, while Ernfold, Keeler, Saskatchewan, Keeler, Krydor, Saskatchewan, Krydor, Valparaiso, Saskatchewan, Valparaiso and Waldron, Saskatchewan, Waldron are the province's smallest villages with populations of 15 each. A village council may request the Minister of Municipal Affairs to change its status to a town if the village has a population of 500 or more.


Restructured villages

The following is a list of former villages in Saskatchewan that have been restructured into another municipality, such as a List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan, rural municipality, resort village or city.

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