Vasile P��rvan


The male name Vasile is of Greek origin and means "King". Vasile is a male Romanian given name or a surname. It is equivalent to the English language, English name Basil (name), Basil.

As a given name

As a surname

*Cristian Vasile (1908–1985), Romanian tango-romance singer *Nicolae Vasile (born 1995), Romanian professional footballer *Niculina Vasile (born 1958), former Romanian high jumper *Radu Vasile (1942–2013), Romanian politician and Prime Minister *Ștefan Vasile (born 1982), Romanian Olympic canoer


*Pârâul lui Vasile, a river in Romania *Valea lui Vasile River, Valea lui Vasile, a river in Romania * Vasile Aron (Sibiu district)

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* Vasiliu (surname) * Vasilescu (surname) * Vasilievca (disambiguation) * Vasile Alecsandri (disambiguation) * Vasileuți, name of two villages in Moldova and Ukraine {{given name, type=both Romanian masculine given names Surnames Romanian-language surnames