Bordeaux Métropole is the métropole, an intercommunal structure, centred on the city of Bordeaux. It is located in the Gironde department, in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, central France. It was created in January 2015, replacing the previous Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux.[1] Its population was 774,929 in 2014, of which 250,776 in Bordeaux proper.[2]

Bordeaux Métropole encompasses only the center of the metropolitan area of Bordeaux (see infobox at Bordeaux article for the metropolitan area). Communes further away from the center of the metropolitan area have formed their own intercommunal structures, such as:


The Urban Community of Bordeaux (French: Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux), also known by its French initials CUB, was created in 1966 by the law of 31 December on urban communities which instituted the urban communities of Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon and Strasbourg.

On January 1, 2015, the Métropole replaced the Urban Community in accordance with a law of January 2014.[1][3][4]


The 28 communes of Bordeaux Métropole are:[1]


The Metropolitan Council consists of 101 members, one of them being the president, currently Alain Juppé, the mayor of Bordeaux.

Presidents of Metropolitan Bordeaux

Name Dates du mandat Parti Notes
Jacques Chaban-Delmas Jacques Chaban-Delmas 1967 1977
Mayor of Bordeaux / Deputy of Gironde
Michel Sainte-Marie Michel Sainte-Marie 1977 1983
Deputy of Gironde / Mayor of Mérignac
Jacques Chaban-Delmas Jacques Chaban-Delmas 1983 1995
Mayor of Bordeaux / Deputy of Gironde
Alain Juppé Alain Juppé 1995 2004
Prime minister from 1995 to 1997 / Mayor of Bordeaux
Alain Rousset Alain Rousset 2004 2007
Mayor of Pessac / President of Aquitaine Regional Council / Resigned because of overlapping mandates
Vincent Feltesse Vincent Feltesse 2007 2014
Mayor of Blanquefort in 2012 / Deputy of Gironde
Alain Juppé Alain Juppé 2014


Prime minister from 1995 to 1997 / Mayor of Bordeaux, premier president of Bordeaux Métropole


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