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Un giorno nella vita ("A Day in Life") is a 1946 Italian war film directed by Alessandro Blasetti. It was entered into the 1946 Cannes Film Festival.[1] American title: "A Day In the Life". This film was screened in 2009 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center's retrospective "Life Lessons" Italian Neorealism and the birth of modern cinema.


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Plot[edit] A group of partisans seek refuge in a cloistered convent. The sisters reluctantly aid the ailing men, but not without terrible consequences. A day in the life offers an image of a big tent Italy, in which the differences that had earlier cleaved society, especially between the church and the political Left, are temporarily tabled for the higher cause of national unity. Cast[edit]

Enzo Biliotti
Enzo Biliotti
- Don Eusebio Elisa Cegani
Elisa Cegani
- Suor Maria Ada Colangeli
Ada Colangeli
- Suor Gaetana Ada Dondini
Ada Dondini
- Madre Superiora Arnoldo Foà
Arnoldo Foà
- Brusan Massimo Girotti
Massimo Girotti
- Luigi Monotti Flavia Grande - Suor Luisa Mariella Lotti
Mariella Lotti
- Suor Bianca Dante Maggio - Carlo Secondo Maronetto - Macchi Marcella Melnati - Suor Pace Luciano Mondolfo - Damiano Santoni Gino Mori - Rino Amedeo Nazzari
Amedeo Nazzari
- Captain De Palma Ave Ninchi
Ave Ninchi
- Suor Celeste Amalia Pellegrini - Suor Scolastica Adam Perkal - German Captain Antonio Pierfederici
Antonio Pierfederici
- Giovanni Rolando Purgatori - American doctor Goliarda Sapienza - Suor Speranza Dina Sassoli
Dina Sassoli
- Suor Teresa


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