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US or Us most often refers to: * United States of America, a country in North America * We (pronoun), in its object case form US, U.S., Us, us, or u.s. may also refer to:

Arts and entertainment


* Us (Brother Ali album), ''Us'' (Brother Ali album) or the title song, 2009 * Us (Empress Of album), ''Us'' (Empress Of album), 2018 * Us (Mull Historical Society album), ''Us'' (Mull Historical Society album), 2003 * Us (Peter Gabriel album), ''Us'' (Peter Gabriel album), 1992 * Us (EP), ''Us'' (EP), by Moon Jong-up, 2021 * ''Us'', by Maceo Parker, 1974 * ''Us'', mini-album by Peakboy, 2019


* Us (James Bay song), "Us" (James Bay song), 2018 * Us (Jennifer Lopez song), "Us" (Jennifer Lopez song), 2018 * Us (Regina Spektor song), "Us" (Regina Spektor song), 2004 * "Us", by Azealia Banks from ''Fantasea (mixtape), Fantasea'', 2012 * "Us", by Celine Dion from ''Let's Talk About Love'', 1997 * "Us", by Gucci Mane from ''Delusions of Grandeur (Gucci Mane album), Delusions of Grandeur'', 2019 * "Us", by Spoon from ''Hot Thoughts'', 2017

Other media

* US Festival, two 1980s California music festivals organized by Steve Wozniak * Us (1991 film), ''Us'' (1991 film), a television film * Us (2019 film), ''Us'' (2019 film), a horror film by Jordan Peele * Us (novel), ''Us'' (novel), a 2014 novel by David Nicholls ** Us (British TV series), ''Us'' (British TV series), a BBC One four-part television comedy series based on the 2014 novel (aired in 2020) * US (play), ''US'' (play), a 1966 play by Peter Brook * Us (The Walking Dead), "Us" (''The Walking Dead''), an episode of the television series ''The Walking Dead'' * ''Us Weekly'', an American celebrity magazine


* University of Salzburg, a university in Austria * University of Seville, a university in Spain * Université de Sherbrooke, a university in Canada * University School, a private all-boys day school in Hunting Valley, Ohio, US

Businesses and organizations

* US Airways (IATA designator US) * US Organization, a Black nationalist group in the United States founded in 1965 * United Services Club or ''US Club'', a golf club in Mumbai * United Society, an Anglican charitable organization first founded in 1701 * United Synagogue, the union of British Orthodox synagogues founded in 1870 * Urgences-santé, an ambulance company in Montreal, Canada * Uniwide Sales, a now-defunct retail operator

Other uses

* .us, Internet top-level domain for the United States * Us, Val-d'Oise, France * Ultrasound or ultrasonic * Understudy, in theatre * Union State, a politico-economic union consisting of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus * United States Reports, in legal citations * Upper Silesia * Uranium monosulfide * ''Ut supra'', Latin for "as above"

See also

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