Tudhaliya is the name of several Hittite kings:

  • Tudhaliya (also Tudhaliya I) is a hypothetic pre-Empire king of the Hittites. He would have reigned in the late 17th century BC (short chronology). Forlanini (1993) conjectures that this king corresponds to the great-grandfather of Hattusili I.
  • Tudhaliya I (also Tudhaliya II), ruled c. 1430 to 1400 BC
  • Tudhaliya II (also Tudhaliya III), ruled c. in the 1380s BC
  • Tudhaliya III (also "Tudhaliya the child") may have briefly ruled around 1358 BC.
  • Tudhaliya IV ruled around 1237 BC.
  • Tudhaliya, Neo-Hittite king of Carchemish, fl. c. 1100 BC

Some biblical scholars suggested that Tidal, king of Nations, who is mentioned in the Book of Genesis 14 as having joined Chedorlaomer in attacking rebels in Canaan is based on one of the Tudhaliyas.[1]

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  • Massimo Forlanini, Atti. del II Congresso Internazionale di Hittitologia, Pavia (1993)

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Hittite king
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