Trollhunters is an American computer-animated fantasy television series created for Netflix by Guillermo del Toro and produced by DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You Productions.[2] It follows the story of James Lake Jr., a teenage boy who stumbles across a secret realm inhabited by magical creatures. Soon, he and his friends are charged with protecting our world from the dangerous monsters that lurk in the shadows of his small suburban town.

The first two episodes of the series premiered on October 8, 2016, at the New York Comic Con.[1][3] It was released worldwide on Netflix on December 23, 2016.[4] The second season premiered on December 15, 2017, with a third and final season set to premiere in 2018. [5][6]

Since its release, Trollhunters has been widely praised as an ambitious and boundary-pushing animated series, with Filmink's Travis Johnson calling it "...the best children’s animation to come along since Avatar: The Last Airbender." [7] The series was nominated for nine Daytime Emmy Awards in 2017, winning more than any other animated or live-action television program that year.[8] In its first two seasons, it has also received or been nominated for several Annie Awards, Kidscreen Awards, and a Saturn Award. The show has also spawned several original children's books and has been adapted into a comic book by Marc Guggenheim and Richard Hamilton, released by Dark Horse.[9]

Anton Yelchin continued to be part of the series in the second season, as he had recorded enough dialogue before his death.[10]


Part 1

Beneath the fictional town of Arcadia lives a secret civilization of trolls, which humans are oblivious to. The trolls' common enemy are the Gumm-Gumms, evil trolls from the Darklands. The trolls' chosen warrior, known as the "Trollhunter", is supposed to protect them from the Gumm-Gumms along with other dark miscreants from the Darklands.

Fifteen-year-old James "Jim" Lake Jr and his friend Toby find a mystical amulet which grants him the Trollhunter mantle. He is shortly approached by his new troll mentors, Blinky and AARRRGGHH!!!. Despite his initial reluctance to lead a double life, he eventually accepts his role after discovering that attempting to disgard the amulet will cause it to return to him on its own. During his visits to Heartstone Trollmarket, the presence of the first human Trollhunter stirs resentment, but he quickly gains their acceptance. Throughout his training and missions, he befriends a gnome (which Toby dubs "Gnome Chompsky") and discovers that goblins and Changelings (human-morphing trolls that replace humans to spy) are gathering for the completion of the KillAhead Bridge, a portal through which the Gumm-Gumms from the Darklands will arrive and invade. The project is being lead by Bular, Gumm-Gumm leader Gunmar's son, and the Changeling replacing Jim's high school teacher, Mr. Strickler.

While discovering more mysteries, Jim is forced to reveal the truth about his life to Claire Nuñez when she becomes a target of the goblins. Jim and his allies launch a surprise attack on Bular and his henchmen, destroying the bridge and preventing the portal from being opened – Jim is forced to battle Bular. They fight and Jim succeeds in slaying him. He returns to Trollmarket, where the citizens celebrate Bular's defeat.

Shortly afterward, Claire proposes a quest into the Darklands to rescue her baby brother Enrique, who has been replaced by a Changeling who they dub NotEnrique. Blinky informs them that the only way out of the Darklands is to kill Gunmar – and the only way to destroy him is with the three Triumbric Stones. Meanwhile, their enemy Strickler has freed ancient troll assassin Angor Rot from his bonds – using Angor's ring, he forces him under his control. Jim and the gang hunt for the Stones. During one particular confrontation with Angor Rot, Jim indirectly causes his ring to break. Angor Rot goes on a rampage, attempting to kill Strickler and Jim – in the process, Strickler and Jim's mother are both injured. Trollmarket's leader, Vendel, informs Jim that the only way to cure it is to break the binding spell that ties his mother's and Strickler's fates together – however, his mother's memories of the troll world, including the fact that her son is the Trollhunter, are erased. Meanwhile, Strickler coaches Jim on cutting Angor Rot's removable stone-like eye, which they acquired, into a Triumbric-like stone to help him defeat Angor. Strickler also reveals to Jim that he had the last Triumbric Stone all along; he gives it to Jim for saving him before leaving town.

Angor Rot begins to invade Trollmarket after acquiring a key from Toby and Claire. Jim and his allies defeat him, but not before AAARRRGGHH!!! takes a hit from his poison dagger and turns to stone. The group is in mourning. Believing that he is responsible for the death of AAARRRGGHH!!! and the ongoing endangerment of his friends, Jim sets off to the Darklands alone, not wanting to lose any more of them.

Part 2

After spending two weeks in the Darklands, Jim manages to rescue Enrique but ends up trapped in the Darklands. He is eventually rescued by his friends along with former antagonist Nomura. AARRRGGHH!! is revived with a potion, and is welcomed back by his friends. Unbeknownst to Jim and the gang, Gunmar has also escaped the Darklands, along with a few soldiers and Dictatious, Blinky's brother whom he'd thought was dead. The Gumm-Gumms hide out in one of the secret bases belonging to the Janus Order, an organization dedicated to Gunmar's return. Blinky finds out Dictatious is alive and is supporting Gunmar, much to his dismay. Meanwhile, the fact that Gunmar is out from his eternal prison means that Jim has committed treason under Troll law, by endangering all of Trollkind with his decision to enter the Darklands in the first place. Gunmar battles and enslaves Draal using a mind-control ability from his sword. Jim learns that the amulet he carries is imbued with Merlin's spirit, who helps him realize that his calling as the Trollhunter was not a mistake after all. Meanwhile, Queen Usurna, who leads the Troll Tribunal, kills Vendel in secret; however, she is unaware that Vendel secretly recorded it using a magical troll artifact. It is revealed that Usurna is working for Gunmar; she schemes with Gunmar's counsel to bring about his glorious return. Gunmar invades Trollmarket, using his power to convert as many of its inhabitants into his soldiers as he can. He drains energy from the Heartstone, regaining his strength. Jim and his cohorts retreat from Trollmarket to above-ground Arcadia with as many Trolls as they can save, using Claire's shadow staff (obtained from Angor Rot) to teleport everyone. But because of the dark magic nature of the staff, summoning that much power to teleport everyone causes Claire to connect with the source of the dark magic – she comes under the spell of the sorceress, the Pale Lady (Morgana), who originally imbued Angor Rot with his magic. Claire portals directly to her, having retrieved Angor Rot's skull. Gunmar takes over Trollmarket and enslaves all of the remaining trolls, with Usurna and Dictatious at his side. Meanwhile, as Jim comes home, he is surprised to find Strickler and Nomura there, where they propose to help him defeat Gunmar.


  • Anton Yelchin (seasons 1–2) as James "Jim" Lake Jr. / Trollhunter,[1][2] the first human Trollhunter and a reluctant hero dealing with the pressures of leading a double life. He has a talent for cooking and eventually sword-fighting, and cares deeply for his mother and friends.
  • Charlie Saxton as Tobias "Toby" Domzalski,[11] Jim's best friend and confidant. Dorky and excitable, he fully embraces the secret world of trolls and aids Jim in his quests. His weapon of choice is a warhammer.
  • Jonathan Hyde as Walter Strickler,[11] Jim's history teacher who is actually a Changeling. When Jim discovers the truth, he loses all respect for him and the two become bitter enemies. However, he remains affable toward Jim and has redeeming qualities.
  • Kelsey Grammer as Blinky,[2] Jim's six-eyed troll mentor. A wise and scholarly troll with a heart of gold, he serves as the brains of the Trollhunters and eventually becomes a sort of father figure to Jim.
  • Fred Tatasciore as AAARRRGGHH!!!,[11] a burly troll and close companion of Blinky who forms a deep bond with Toby. He was kidnapped by the Gumm-Gumms as a child, which stunted his vocabulary. Tormented by the atrocities they committed, he deserted Gunmar to live a life of peace. However, he will still fight to protect those he cares about.
  • Lexi Medrano as Claire Nuñez,[11] Jim's girlfriend. She is a feisty, kind, jolly, sarcastic, curious, and intelligent tomboy who enjoys books and is a talented martial artist and gymnast. She obtains the Shadowstaff, a staff capable of creating portals activated by the user's emotions.
  • Victor Raider-Wexler as Vendel, the leader of Trollmarket. An ancient and wizened troll, Vendel is at first suspicious of Jim and often comes across as a pessimist, but shows a softer side and eventual faith in Jim.
  • Ron Perlman as Bular,[2] the son of Gunmar. A brutish and powerful troll warrior, he's obsessed with freeing his father from the Darklands. He holds a special disdain for Changelings, whom he considers "impure", putting him at odds with Strickler and other Changelings who seek to free Gunmar.
  • Amy Landecker as Barbara Lake,[11] Jim's protective and overworked mother. Her husband left the family when Jim was five years old. Her doctor job means she's often away from home, which lets Jim pursue his Trollhunter duties.
  • Steven Yeun as Steve Palchuk,[1] a narcissistic bully who frequently harasses Jim. Suspicious of Jim's unusual behavior, he eventually discovers the truth and teams up with Eli Pepperjack to help Jim in Season 2.
  • Matthew Waterson as Draal, the son of previous Trollhunter Kanjigar. He is originally jealous and suspicious of Jim but later befriends him – acting as Jim's fighting tutor. During a battle in the museum, Draal sacrifices his lower right arm while removing the Trollhunter amulet from the Killahead Bridge to close the portal, and later obtains a mechanical prosthetic. Draal explains that his father kept a distance from him as he grew up, and he had hoped to become the next Trollhunter that he might earn his father's approval.
  • Lauren Tom as Nomura, the Changeling museum curator and a colleague of Strickler. Originally an antagonist, she was pulled into the Darklands and imprisoned by Gunmar for her failures. When Jim is captured in the Darklands, the two form a connection and escape together.
  • Jimmie Wood as NotEnrique, the Changeling swapped with Claire's baby brother Enrique. While troublesome and self-serving, he isn't actively malicious and even helps the Trollhunters from time to time (usually after being bribed). He forms a rocky but brotherly connection with Claire.
  • Clancy Brown as Gunmar, the iron-fisted leader of the Gumm-Gumms who reside in the Darklands. He is powerful and ruthless, and will readily dispose of loyal minions and allies who can no longer serve him. He has no qualms about enslaving or killing his fellow trolls to accomplish his goals.
  • Tom Hiddleston (series premiere) and James Purefoy as Kanjigar the Courageous, Draal's father and the noble Trollhunter prior to Jim. His ghost tutors Jim, often worrying about Jim's team fighting style, believing that the Trollhunter must work alone to avoid endangering those he cares about – this leads to Jim's guilt and decision to venture into the Darklands alone.
  • Ike Amadi as Angor Rot, an ancient troll warlock-assassin who hunts down Trollhunters and takes their souls. In medieval times, Angor made a deal with Morgana, surrendering his own soul in return for his mystical powers.
  • Rodrigo Blaas as Gnome Chompsky, a Gnome adopted by Toby. He started out as a "rogue Gnome" causing trouble, but after he was finally defeated by Jim he became friendly when he was given a dollhouse to live in and a plastic doll to be his companion. He later helped locate Enrique in the Darklands and also helped rescue Jim from the Darklands.
  • Mark Hamill as Dictatious, Blinky's brother. Presumed dead, he helps Gunmar in his quest to conquer the surface lands. He is blinded by Blinky during a struggle in the Darklands.
  • Anjelica Huston as Queen Usurna, the queen of the Krubera (AAARRRGGHH!!!'s race who live in the Deep Caverns), and a member of the Tribunal (a council of troll leaders). She initially seems to be a kind queen concerned for AAARRRGGHH!!!'s well-being. As a Tribunal member, she is strict and judgmental, and leads the Tribunal to act against Jim and his friends. Late in Season 2, she reveals herself to be a traitor who works for Gunmar and helps him take over Trollmarket.
  • Cole Sand as Eli Pepperjack, a nerdy classmate of Jim who believes in the paranormal. In Season 2, he teams up with Steve Palchuk to investigate the strange creatures they both have seen and to help Jim.
  • Lena Headey as Morgana / The Pale Lady, an ancient and seemingly malevolent entity and the patron of Angor Rot.
  • Tom Kenny as Otto Scaarbach, a "Changeling Polymorph" who can change into the form of anyone. He is the "Grand Commandant" of the Janus Order, a secret society of Changelings who assist the Gumm-Gumms.
  • David Bradley as Merlin, the wizard who created the Trollhunter's amulet.


Initially, del Toro envisioned the idea as a live-action television series; however this was deemed impractical due to budgetary concerns, and as a result he instead turned the idea into a book. DreamWorks then planned to turn the book into an animated feature film, but eventually decided to instead turn it into a series.[12]

Del Toro modeled the show's sensibilities after shows he grew up with such as Johnny Quest, identifying them as "really earnest and emotionally beautiful".[13] To this end, he sought to make the main character of Jim "in that '70s mold," and "really a very good boy" with del Toro noting that this was a constant struggle for him to express to both writers and actors.[14] Eventually he came across Anton Yelchin, who embodied those qualities although by del Toro's estimate it still took him a few sessions to fully understand the character.[14]

When creating the show's narrative, del Toro noted that he wanted a "bittersweet journey" for the main character dealing with issues that most such "power fantasies" failed to address, telling indiewire "I wanted to say, 'Look, you can be in high school and you can have your problems. Then you get all these powers and then you have a different set of problems. There is not such a thing as a final, great outcome.'"[13]

The show serves as one of Yelchin's final projects as he died shortly after recording most of his character's dialogue.[15] Producer del Toro refused to replace his recordings,[16] which del Toro noted was a challenge for the show's recording engineers.[14] Of his decision del Toro stated that the actor "was proud of what he did, and we were so proud of how he did it." Del Toro added that his experience as a father and Yelchin's young age were also factors that led to the decision.[12]


Season Episodes Originally released
1 26 December 23, 2016 (2016-12-23)
2 13 December 15, 2017 (2017-12-15)


Critical response

Trollhunters has received positive reviews from critics. The review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 94% approval rating with an average rating of 7.81/10 based on 16 reviews for the first season. The website's consensus reads, "Trollhunters manages to capture del Toro's enthusiasm for telling monster stories, in a youthful and more colorful fashion that may well earn him a new generation of fans."[17] On Metacritic, the season has a normalized score of 69 out of 100 based on 7 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[18]

In 2017, it received six Daytime Emmys, more than any other television program, animated or live action, that year.[19]

On January 30, 2017, Trollhunters writers Kevin and Dan Hageman stated that the series is the most successful Netflix original show to date that is targeted at a younger audience.[20]

The second season of Trollhunters was nominated for six 2018 Annie Awards, tied for the most nominations of any television program in 2018. [21] It has also been nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards, including Best Children’s Animated Series.


Year Award Category Nominee(s) Result Ref.
2017 Annie Awards Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Mike Chaffe for character Blinky in "Becoming, Part 1" Won [22]
Outstanding Achievement, Character Design in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres and Jules Rigolle, "Win, Lose or Draal" Won
Outstanding Achievement, Music in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production Alexandre Desplat and Tim Davies, "Becoming, Part 1" Nominated
Outstanding Achievement, Storyboarding in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production Hyunjoo Song, "Win, Lose or Draal" Won
Saturn Awards Best Animated Series or Film on Television Trollhunters Nominated [23]
Behind the Voice Actors Awards Best Male Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series Anton Yelchin, for Jim Lake Jr. Won [24]
Best Female Lead Vocal Performance in a Television Series Lexi Medrano, for Claire Nuñez Nominated
Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Supporting Role Laraine Newman, for Miss Janeth Nominated
Best Female Vocal Performance in a Television Series in a Guest Role Anjelica Huston, for Queen Usurna Nominated
Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Individual Achievement in Character Animation Mike Chaffe, "Becoming, Part 1" Won [25][26]
Outstanding Individual Achievement in Character Design Victor Maldonado, "Win, Lose Or Draal" Won
Outstanding Special Class Animated Program Guillermo del Toro, Rodrigo Blaas, Marc Guggenheim, Chad Hammes, Christina Steinberg, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Lawrence Jonas Nominated
Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program Kelsey Grammer, for Blinky Won
Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special Mary Hidalgo, Ania O'Hare, CSA Won
Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program Marc Guggenheim Won
Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program Rodrigo Blaas, Guillermo del Toro Won
Outstanding Main Title and Graphic Design Rodrigo Blaas, Andy Erekson, Jonathan Catalan, Dai Weier, John Laus, David M.V. Jones Nominated
Outstanding Sound Mixing – Animation Matthew Thomas Hall and Carlos Sanches, CAS Nominated
2018 Annie Awards Outstanding Achievement, Character Animation in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Bruno Chiou, Yi-Fan Cho, Kevin Jong, Chun-Jung Chu, "Homecoming" Won [27]
Outstanding Achievement, Character Design in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Jules Rigolle, Alfredo Torres, Linda Chen, Rustam Hasanov, Alfonso Blaas, "Escape from the Darklands" Nominated
Outstanding Achievement, Directing in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Andrew Schmidt, "Unbecoming" Nominated
Outstanding Achievement, Storyboarding in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production David Woo, "Hero with a Thousand Faces" Nominated
Outstanding Achievement, Storyboarding in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production Hyunjoo Song, "In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King" Nominated
Outstanding Achievement, Writing in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production A.C. Bradley, Kevin Hageman, Dan Hageman, Aaron Waltke, Chad Quandt, "Escape from the Darklands" Nominated
Kidscreen Awards Best New Series, Kids Category Trollhunters Won [28]
Best Writing Trollhunters Won
Best Animation Trollhunters Won
Golden Reel Award Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing, Animation Short Form Matthew Hall, Jason Oliver, Goeun Lee, MPSE, James Miller, Carlos Sanches, Aran Tanchum, Vincent Guisetti Nominated [29]
Daytime Emmy Awards Outstanding Children's Animated Series Guillermo del Toro, Marc Guggenheim, Chad Hammes, Rodrigo Blaas, Christina Steinberg, Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Lawrence Jonas Pending [30]
Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Aaron Waltke, Chad Quandt, AC Bradley Pending
Outstanding Sound Editing - Animation Matt Hall, Goeun Lee, James Miller, James Oliver, Aran Tanchum, Stacey Michaels, Vincent Guilsetti, Alex Ulrich Pending
Outstanding Main Title and Graphic Design Rodrigo Blaas, Andy Erekson, Jonathan Catalan, Dai Weier, David M.V. Jones, John Laus Pending

Tales of Arcadia

On November 6, 2017, show creator Guillermo del Toro announced that Trollhunters will be expanded into a trilogy of animated series known as Tales of Arcadia.[31] The trilogy will be continued by a sci-fi animated series known as 3 Below, which will center on two royal aliens and their bodyguard who escape from their home planet and crash-land on Earth in Arcadia, where Trollhunters also takes place. There, the aliens adjust to human culture and try to fix their spaceship to return and take back their home planet, which is being taken over by an evil dictator. 3 Below will premiere on Netflix in 2018. The trilogy will then be concluded with the animated series Wizards, which will premiere on Netflix in 2019.[31]


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