Tripura cuisine is the type of food served in Tripura (situated in northeast India). The Tripuris are essentially nonvegetarians and hence the main courses are mainly prepared using meat, but with the addition of vegetables. Traditional Tripuri cuisine is known as Mui Borok. Tripuri food has a key ingredient called Berma, which is a small, oil-pasted and dry fermented fish. Flavor wise, Berma is more on the sour side. The foods are sometimes considered to be healthy as they are usually prepared without oil. Tripuri food such as bangui rice and fish stews, muya (Bamboo shoot), local fishes, vegetables, herbs, batema (this jelly-like food is prepared by making a paste of starchy root of edible Dumb Cane with sodium powder and water to remove it's raphide, however, it is boiled again after making a bun of it with water containing sodium powder. Since lack of sodium powder may result to itchiness of throat, it is made into pieces and preferred with fresh pasted garlic, and Mosdeng), wahan moso (prepared by adding boiled pork, onion, salt, pasted ginger and chillies) and roasted meat are extremely popular within and outside the state.

Traditional food

The Tripuris are in general non-vegetarian, although some followers of Vaishnavism tend toward vegetarianism.

The major food items among Tripuris are:

  • Chakhwi
  • Mwkhwi
  • Muitru

Tripuri rice

Rice is called Mai in Kokborok. The different varieties of rice used are

  • Maisa
  • Mami
  • Guriya

Mui Borok

The Tripuri people call their traditional cuisine Mui Borok.


  • Chakhwi (contains pasted rice and sodium powder)
  • Chakhwtwi kwthwng
  • Chakhwtwi kumun
  • Chatang
  • Champrai


Auandru, Bwtwi, Hontali, Gudok, Khalok, Uhmai, Pehng, Napehng, Ik, Yokhpra, Sokrang, Maipolok, Yohk, Mur, Sok, Hang, Ser, Irimbak, Mosdeng, Kelua, Mohsotok, Akhata, Aloni, Ruk, Neransi


  • Thentrwi mwkhwi
  • Thaiplo mwkhwi
  • Belphui mwkhwi
  • Dorompai mwkhwi
  • Thaihchumu mwkhwi
  • Thaihtwi mwkhwi
  • Jambi mwkhwi
  • Thaihchuk mwkhwtwi
  • Thaihstem mwkhwtwi
  • Daskuiya mwkhwtwi
  • Yasrem mwkhwi

Food items

The major food items of Tripuris include Wahan (pork), Tohhan (chicken), Puhan (mutton), Kaishing (turtle), Aah (fish), Aahthuk (prawns or shrimps), Khangrai (crabs), Shindai (mussels), Shikamuk (common periwinkle or turritella communis), Totobuck (pila (gastropod)) and Yongla (frog).

Tripuri Vegetables and Seasonings

Vegetables grown in Tripuri households are Thaichumu, Dorompai, Momphol, Khaklu, Chakumura (Pumpkin), Siping, Moso (Chilli), Phantok (Brinjal), Deraso (Okra), Lubiya or Sobai (Bean), Orai, Khokleng, Khama, Thah, Mogwdam (Corn), Maising, Banta, Khundrupui, Milokbanta, Muiching, Haiching (Ginger), Swtwi (Turmeric), Wswndwi, Gunthu, Khumchak, Khumjar, Khumdaga, Khumpui, Khumtwisa, Muitul (Taro), Mukkhi (Taro root) among many others.


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  • Chahmung Borok (The dishes of the Borok people), Narendra Debbarma, KOHM.

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