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Thomas Antonio Conti (born 22 November 1941) is a Scottish actor, theatre director and novelist of Italian Scots descent. He won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play in 1979 for his performance in Whose Life Is It Anyway? He was nominated for an Academy Award
Academy Award
for Best Actor for the 1983 film, Reuben, Reuben.


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Early life[edit] Conti was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, the son of hairdressers Mary (née McGoldrick) and Alfonso Conti.[1] He was brought up Roman Catholic, but he considers himself anti-religious.[2] Conti's father was Italian and his mother was Scottish, of Irish ancestry.[3][4] Conti was educated at Hamilton Park, an independent Catholic boys' school [5] and at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, both in Glasgow. Career[edit] Conti is a theatre, film and television actor. He began working with the Dundee Repertory in 1959. He appeared on Broadway in Whose Life Is It Anyway? in 1979, and in London he played the lead in Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell at the Garrick Theatre. Besides taking the leading role in the TV versions of Frederic Raphael's The Glittering Prizes and Alan Ayckbourn's The Norman Conquests, Conti appeared in the "Princess and the Pea" episode of the family television series Faerie Tale Theatre, guest-starred on Friends and Cosby, and played opposite Nigel Hawthorne in a long-running series of Vauxhall Astra
Vauxhall Astra
car advertisements in the United Kingdom during the mid-1990s. Conti has appeared in such films as Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence; Reuben, Reuben; American Dreamer; Shirley Valentine; Miracles; Saving Grace; Dangerous Parking
Dangerous Parking
and Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase. Conti's novel The Doctor, about a former secret operations pilot for intelligence services, was published in 2004.[6] He appeared in the hit BBC
sitcom Miranda alongside Miranda Hart
Miranda Hart
and Patricia Hodge, as Miranda's father, in the 2010 seasonal episode "The Perfect Christmas". Personal life[edit] Conti has been married to Scottish actress Kara Wilson since 1967 and their daughter Nina is an actress and a ventriloquist. According to Nina, her parents have an open marriage.[7] Conti is a prominent resident of Hampstead
in northwest London, having lived in the area for several decades. Conti was part of a campaign against the opening of a Tesco
supermarket in nearby Belsize Park.[8] Conti put his Hampstead
house up for sale in 2015 for £17.5 million after his long-running opposition to the building plans of his neighbour, the footballer Thierry Henry.[9] Conti had also opposed development plans for Hampstead's Grove Lodge, the 18th-century Grade II listed former home of novelist John Galsworthy.[10] Conti participated in a genetic-mapping project conducted by the company ScotlandsDNA (now called BritainsDNA). In 2012 Conti and the company announced that Conti shares a genetic marker with Napoléon Bonaparte.[11] Conti has said that he "burst out laughing" when told he was directly related to Napoléon on his father's side.[11] Politics[edit] Conti considered running as the Conservative candidate in the 2008 London mayoral election, but did not, and in the following election in 2012 he supported unsuccessful independent candidate Siobhan Benita.[12] In the run up to the 2015 general election, Conti said in an interview published in several newspapers that he had come to view socialism as a religion with a "vicious, hostile spirit"[13] and that "conservatism was about enabling people to improve their lives."[14] Work[edit]


Paddington 2
Paddington 2
(2017) City Slacker (2012) The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises
(2012) Run for Your Wife (2012) Streetdance 2
Streetdance 2
(2012) Rekindle (2011) The Tempest (2010) A Closed Book (2010) Dangerous Parking
Dangerous Parking
(2007) O Jerusalem (2006) Rabbit Fever (2006) Paid (2006) Derailed (2005) The Enemy (2001) Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Don't Go Breaking My Heart
(1999) Out of Control (1998) Something to Believe In (1998) Sub Down (1997) The Inheritance (1997) Someone Else's America (1995) Caccia Alla Vedova Shirley Valentine
Shirley Valentine
(1989) Two Brothers Running (1988) Roman Holiday (1987) That Summer of White Roses Beyond Therapy
Beyond Therapy
(1987) The Quick and the Dead (1987) Miracles (1986) Heavenly Pursuits
Heavenly Pursuits
(1986) Saving Grace (1985) American Dreamer (1984) Reuben, Reuben
Reuben, Reuben
(1983) Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
(1983) Full Circle (1977) The Duellists
The Duellists
(1977) Galileo (1975) Slade in Flame
Slade in Flame


Andy Pandy
Andy Pandy
(narrator and voices) Donovan (aka DNa) I Was a Rat Deadline Cosby Friends, "The One After Ross Says Rachel", and "The One with Ross's Wedding" The Inheritance The Wright Verdicts The Old Boy Network Voices Within: The Lives of Truddi Chase Fatal Judgement The Dumb Waiter Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story Faerie Tale Theatre
Faerie Tale Theatre
- "Princess and the Pea" The Wall Rosemary's Baby Blade on the Feather The Norman Conquests The Glittering Prizes Sam Barlow at Large Z Cars Adam Smith Thirty-Minute Theatre - Revolutions: Fidel Castro Boy Meets Girl Lark Rise to Candleford Miranda Parents


Whose Life is it Anyway? Savages The Devil's Disciple[15] They're Playing Our Song The Real Thing An Italian Straw Hat (1986) The Ride Down Mt. Morgan Chapter Two Jesus, My Boy (1998–99, 2009 Present Laughter[16] Romantic Comedy Twelve Angry Men (2014)

Stage directing[edit]

The Last of the Red Hot Lovers Present Laughter Otherwise Engaged


National Board of Review
National Board of Review
for Best Actor ( Reuben, Reuben
Reuben, Reuben
and Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence) Academy Award
Academy Award
nomination as Best Actor (Reuben, Reuben) Golden Globe
Golden Globe
nominations for Reuben, Reuben
Reuben, Reuben
and Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story Tony Award
Tony Award
for Best Actor (Whose Life Is It Anyway?) Laurence Olivier Award for Actor of the Year in a New Play ('Whose Life is it Anyway?) Variety Club Award for Best Actor (Whose Life is it Anyway?)


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Tom Conti
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Laurence Olivier Award for Actor of the Year in a New Play

Paul Copley (1976) Michael Bryant (1977) Tom Conti
Tom Conti
(1978) Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen
(1979) Roger Rees
Roger Rees
(1980) Trevor Eve
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(1981) Ian McDiarmid
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(1982) Jack Shepherd (1983) Brian Cox (1984) David Haig (1988)

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National Board of Review
Award for Best Actor

Ray Milland
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(1945) Laurence Olivier
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(1947) Walter Huston
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(1958) Victor Sjöström
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(1959) Robert Mitchum
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(1960) Albert Finney
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(1961) Jason Robards
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(1962) Rex Harrison
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(1963) Anthony Quinn
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(1964) Lee Marvin
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(1965) Paul Scofield
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(1966) Peter Finch
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(1967) Cliff Robertson
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(1968) Peter O'Toole
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(1969) George C. Scott
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(1970) Gene Hackman
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(1971) Peter O'Toole
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(1972) Al Pacino
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(1973) Gene Hackman
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(1974) Jack Nicholson
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(1975) David Carradine
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(1976) John Travolta
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(1977) Jon Voight
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/ Laurence Olivier
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(1978) Peter Sellers
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(1979) Robert De Niro
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(1980) Henry Fonda
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(1981) Ben Kingsley
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(1982) Tom Conti
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(1983) Victor Banerjee
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(1984) William Hurt
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/ Raúl Juliá
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(1985) Paul Newman
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(1986) Michael Douglas
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(1987) Gene Hackman
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(1988) Morgan Freeman
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(1989) Robert De Niro
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(1990) Warren Beatty
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(1991) Jack Lemmon
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(1998) Russell Crowe
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(1999) Javier Bardem
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(2000) Billy Bob Thornton
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(2001) Campbell Scott
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(2002) Sean Penn
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(2003) Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx
(2004) Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman
(2005) Forest Whitaker
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(2006) George Clooney
George Clooney
(2007) Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
(2008) George Clooney
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/ Oscar Isaac
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(2014) Matt Damon
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(2015) Casey Affleck
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(2016) Tom Hanks
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for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play

José Ferrer
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/ Fredric March
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(1947) Henry Fonda
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/ Paul Kelly / Basil Rathbone
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(1948) Rex Harrison
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(1949) Sidney Blackmer
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(1950) Claude Rains
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(1951) José Ferrer
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(1952) Tom Ewell
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(1954) Alfred Lunt
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(1956) Fredric March
Fredric March
(1957) Ralph Bellamy
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(1958) Jason Robards, Jr. (1959) Melvyn Douglas
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(1960) Zero Mostel
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(1961) Paul Scofield
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(1962) Arthur Hill (1963) Alec Guinness
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Tom Conti
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(1984) Derek Jacobi
Derek Jacobi
(1985) Judd Hirsch
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