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The Time and Frequency Standards Laboratory is a part of the National Physical Laboratory in New Delhi
New Delhi
which maintains and calibrates the Indian Standard Time. Features of the Time and Frequency Standards Lab include:

Four caesium and rubidium atomic clocks HF broadcast service operating at 10 MHz under call sign ATA to synchronise the user clock within a millisecond. This service has been discontinued as of today. An innovative time service via telephone line known as Teleclock service was launched on 28 July 2009.[1] After successful commissioning this type of service in Nepal and Saudi Arabia, initiation of similar service in SAARC countries are being planned.[2] INSAT satellite-based standard time and frequency broadcast service which offers IST correct to ±10 microsecond and frequency calibration up to ±10-10. Time and frequency calibrations are made with the help of pico- and nano-seconds time interval, frequency counters, and phase recorders.


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