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The Young Medal and Prize is a prize awarded on odd numbered years by the Institute of Physics
Institute of Physics
in the memory of Thomas Young for distinguished research in the field of optics, including physics outside the visible region. [1] Originally established by the Optical Society in 1907 as the Thomas Young Oration 'on an optical subject', the orator was later chosen by the Physical Society after the two societies had merged in 1932 and subsequently converted to a medal and prize after the Physical Society had in turn merged with the Institute of Physics
Institute of Physics
in 1960. Recipients[edit] Source: Institute of Physics

2017 - Kishan Dholakia 2015 - Nikolay I. Zheludev 2013 - Jeremy Baumberg 2011 - Ian A Walmsley 2009 - Leslie Allen and Miles Padgett 2008 - Patrick Gill 2007 - J. Roy Taylor 2005 - Philip Russell 2003 - J Roy Sambles 2001 - Stephen J Pennycook 1999 - Peter Leonard Knight 1997 - Keith Burnett 1995 - John Rarity
John Rarity
and Paul Richard Tapster 1993 - John Christopher Dainty 1991 - Parameswaran Hariharan 1989 - Leonard Mandel 1987 - Rodney Loudon 1985 - John David Lawson 1983 - James Morris Burch 1981 - Nicholas John Phillips 1979 - Claude Cohen-Tannoudji 1977 - Robert Clark Jones 1975 - Daniel Joseph Bradley 1973 - Walter Thompson Welford 1971 - Charles Gorrie Wynne 1969 - Giuliano Toraldo di Francia 1967 - Dennis Gabor 1965 - André Maréchal 1963 - Charles Hard Townes
Charles Hard Townes
and Arthur Leonard Schawlow

Thomas Young Orators[edit]

1962 - Harold Horace Hopkins
Harold Horace Hopkins
(21st oration) 1960 - Robert William Ditchburn 1955 - Walter Stanley Stiles (18th) 1951 - W. David Wright 1945 - Ragnar Granit 1943 - Sir Frederic Bartlett (13th) 1941 - H. Spencer Jones 1939 - Malcolm Neynoe MacLeod, Director General of the Ordnance Survey 1937 - R. J. Lythgoe 1935 - Charles Fabry 1933 - Herbert Eugene Ives 1930 - John H. Parsons 1928 - George Willis Ritchey 1923 - Moritz von Rohr 1914 - Sir James Crichton-Browne 1912? - Charles Sheard 1910 - Robert William Wood 1907 - M. H. E. Tscherning (1st Oration)


^ "Young Medal and Prize". Institute of Physics. Retrieved 7 December 2014. 

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