Third Person Plural



''Third Person Plural'' is a 1978 film directed by James Ricketson and starring
Bryan Brown Bryan Neathway Brown AM (born 23 June 1947) is an Australian actor. He has performed in over eighty film and television projects since the late 1970s, both in his native Australia and abroad. Notable films include '' Breaker Morant'' (1980), ...
.David Stratton, ''The Avocado Plantation: Boom and Bust in the Australian Film Industry'', Pan MacMillan, 1990 p136 The script was devised by the actors and director in a workshop. Ricketson has since called the film an "experiment":
I just wanted to see whether it would be possible to make a film on that small budget, shoot the whole thing with a hand-held camera, integrate improvised dialogue with scripted dialogue, work with a small core of actors on a character-based piece, which is what I did, and then to approach the editing of the film in an innovative way. Now, I happen not to like the film myself. Having done the film - it was fun to do it - I decided that I didn't like it, and it certainly wasn't the direction that I wanted to go in.Interview with James Ricketson, 22 May 1995
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''Third Person Plural''
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''Third Person Plural''
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