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Meadows is a medieval English surname. Commonly recorded alternative spellings are Medows, Meddowes and Medewes. The name is topographical in origin, indicating someone who lived near a meadow or grassland, and derives from the pre-7th century word for meadow "maed", or Middle English "mede". Notable people with the surname include:

Abram Henson Meadows (1859–1932), American showman Audrey Meadows
Audrey Meadows
(1922–1996), American actress Austin Meadows (born 1995), American baseball player Bernard Meadows
Bernard Meadows
(1915–2005), British sculptor Brian Meadows (born 1975), American baseball player Charles Medows (1737–1816), British nobleman & naval officer Clarence W. Meadows
Clarence W. Meadows
(1904–1961), American Attorney General Daniel Meadows
Daniel Meadows
(born 1952), British photographer Dennis Meadows
Dennis Meadows
(born 1942), American scientist Dennis Meadows
Dennis Meadows
(politician) (born 1966), Jamaican Senator Donella Meadows (1941–2001), American environmental scientist Earle Meadows
Earle Meadows
(1913–1992), American pole-vaulter Frederick Meadows (active 1908), Canadian athlete Gavin Meadows (born 1977), British swimmer Ian Meadows (born 1983), Australian actor & writer Isabel Meadows
Isabel Meadows
(1846–1939), American native linguist Jason Meadows (born 1971), American musician Jayne Meadows
Jayne Meadows
(1919–2015), American actress James Meadows (disambiguation page), several individuals James Joseph Meadows
James Joseph Meadows
(1835–1914), English missionary John Meadows (disambiguation page), several individuals Johnny Meadows (1880–1974), Australian footballer Joyce Meadows (born 1933), Canadian actress Kenny Meadows
Kenny Meadows
(1790–1874), British illustrator & caricaturist Kristen Meadows (born 1957), American TV actress Louie Meadows (born 1961), American baseball player Mark Meadows (disambiguation page), several individuals Marion Meadows, American jazz musician Matthew Meadows (born 1938), American politician Michael Meadows (born 1987), English racing driver Miles Meadows, Canadian actor & singer Peter S. Meadows, British political scientist Punky Meadows (born 1950), American guitarist Richard J. Meadows
Richard J. Meadows
(1931–1995), American soldier Rob Meadows
Rob Meadows
(born 1976), American internet entrepreneur Roy Meadow
(born 1933), British paediatrician Shane Meadows
Shane Meadows
(born 1972), British film director Sidney Meadows (c.1699–1792), British Member of Parliament Stanley Meadows (born 1931), British actor Stephen Meadows (born 1950), American actor & architect Susannah Meadows, American journalist Tim Meadows
Tim Meadows
(born 1961), American actor & comedian Travis Meadows, American country musician William Meadows (1833–1920), Anglo-American agriculturist & politician

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