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The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand or Open Polytechnic (Māori: Kuratini Tuwhera) is a Government-owned tertiary education institution operating as the specialist national provider of open and distance learning (ODL). The Polytechnic began life as the Technical Correspondence School in 1946, providing resettlement training for returned servicemen and women following World War II. In 1963 it became the Technical Correspondence Institute offering mainly theory training in trades subjects. The institution underwent a major transformation in 1990 when it was renamed The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, going on to become a multi-faceted provider of ODL courses and services. Located in Lower Hutt near New Zealand’s capital city Wellington, The Open Polytechnic now provides tertiary education at a national level for 40,000 students each year. Programmes have a strong vocational emphasis and staircase from certificate to diploma, degree and graduate diploma level. Study is based on learning resources custom-designed for the distance learner, with freephone and email access to lecturer, library and other support services. Along with supporting individual learners, the Polytechnic works with Industry Training Organisations, schools, other education institutions, and a range of public and private sector clients. Qualifications are available in a wide range of subjects including: business; social work; education; construction, trades and engineering; agriculture and horticulture; library and information studies; art and design; mathematics; personal and professional development; communication; pharmacy; psychology and health; quality assurance; environment; real estate; humanities and social sciences; IT and computing; law and legal; work and study skills. References[edit]

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