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The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook
The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook
(renamed The Hairy Bikers
The Hairy Bikers
Ride Again for the third series and The Hairy Bakers for the fourth series) is a BBC television cookery and travel programme, that has so far run for four series and a Christmas
special. It is presented by The Hairy Bikers; Dave Myers and Si King, both of whom are from northern England, as they travel around the world on their motorbikes tasting the local cuisine, and experimenting with making it themselves. They also talk about the culture and the history of the area that they are visiting, with a sense of humour and passion that has been praised by critics and fans.


1 Episodes

1.1 Pilot 1.2 Series 1 (The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook) 1.3 Series 2 (The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook) 1.4 Series 3 ( The Hairy Bikers
The Hairy Bikers
Ride Again) 1.5 Special
( The Hairy Bikers
The Hairy Bikers
Come Home) 1.6 Series 4 (The Hairy Bakers) 1.7 Special

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Episodes[edit] Episodes (except the winter special) bear the on-screen title Si and Dave do [location], with part 1 or part 2 appended where necessary. Pilot[edit]

# Title Plot

01 Portugal The duo ride the length of Portugal, the birthplace of fusion food. Si and Dave set out to bring home the best of Portuguese cookery and culture to the eager crowd at their local boat club on Roa Island. They fish for trout in a flooding river, cook on the deck of a hundred year old port boat, go swimming in the Algarve, and feast on traditional Portuguese fare.

Series 1 (The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook)[edit]

# Title Part Plot

02 Namibia Part One Dave and Si, travel to the Germanic town of Swakopmund, on the Namibian coast. First on the menu is a traditional barbecue, or braai; and to find the right spot among the massive dunes, the boys take to the air in a microlight. Having gorged themselves on crocodile satay and oryx rolls, they explore a Bavarian café and a township shebeen, before being treated to their first taste of a mopane worm. This is followed by local crayfish, taken from the ocean by the pair.

03 Namibia Part Two The pair travel to the north of Namibia. They visit the Himba tribe, one of the last nomadic people to fully preserve their traditional way of life. They encounter ostrich (and a giant fried egg for breakfast), giraffe, and the rare desert elephants of Kaokoland. The boys pitch tent in strange fairy circles, and they roast lamb in an earth pit, and try the local sport of long-distance spitting using springbok droppings.

04 Isle of Man - Si and Dave travel to the Isle of Man
Isle of Man
by boat, cooking crab soufflé and sea bass on the voyage, before visiting the TT Races
TT Races
on the island.

05 Ireland - Travelling aboard an old horse-drawn caravan, the pair go in search of the perfect Irish stew, on the way encountering many other Irish delicacies.

06 Transylvania Part One Traveling around Romania, the bikers go to Bucharest
and visit the local food markets. In Târgu Jiu
Târgu Jiu
they look at the sculptural art of Brâncuși
and then Corvin castle, the birthplace of Dracula. Finally the boys end up with an outdoor mud bath.

07 Transylvania Part Two Visiting Sighişoara, the pair examine Hungarian influences on the food. The pair make dill blinis and spicy Romanian sausages before visiting a very colourful cemetery.

Series 2 (The Hairy Bikers' Cookbook)[edit]

# Title Part Plot

08 Vietnam Part One Visiting Saigon, the pair make shrimp & pork on sugar cane sticks, before going to a restaurant where they serve coconut worms, deep-fried scorpion and goat penis. They travel on, trying the national dish, pho, before reaching Hội An, where Si breaks his foot and has to have it put in a cast.

09 Vietnam Part Two With Si wearing a cast, the duo had to go by train to Hanoi, where they encounter more local dishes such as Cha Ca fish and paddy-field pork.

10 Turkey Part One The pair go to Cappadocia
and visit a museum of human hair, and then go to a baklawa factory. Finally they go to Sanliurfa, where they try cooking Sultan's delight.

11 Turkey Part Two Near to the border with Iraq, the pair try making their own döner kebabs, and then go for a massage in the hammam. Finally they go to the town of Van, home of a legendary lake monster.

12 Mexico Part One The Bikers visit Oaxaca
where they try garlic-fried crickets and various types of chilis. They then cook Mole Negro.

13 Mexico Part Two Si and Dave go to the Chiapas
mountains, where they learn to make a traditional stew. They experiment with making things with local cocoa, and then visit the Maya pyramids of Palenque.

Series 3 ( The Hairy Bikers
The Hairy Bikers
Ride Again)[edit]

# Title Part Plot

14 India Part One Si and Dave travel around Southern India, starting in Chennai, visiting temples and fast food joints, whilst all around discovering more about the local cuisine. At a Maharaja's palace they make cocktails and meet some elephants.

15 India Part Two The Bikers travel to Northern India, taking part in a local Kathakali performance, and Si discovers a piece of family history in an old remnant house of the British Raj.

16 Argentina Part One

17 Argentina Part Two

18 Belgium Part One The pair visit Bruges, where they sample the local beers, before going on to a small village with a game involving birds.

19 Belgium Part Two The duo find a statue of Tintin and then visit a British MEP, and member of UKIP, who talks about his belief in protecting local foods, namely foie gras. The pair then go on to try wild boar. This episode was moved to the end of the series because it featured interviews with MEPs and due to the Local Elections which took place shortly after the broadcast, could not be shown during the pre-election period.

20 Morocco Part One

21 Morocco Part Two

( The Hairy Bikers
The Hairy Bikers
Come Home)[edit]

# Plot

22 Aired in 2007 as a winter special, this one-off programme featured the Bikers looking at their own British (more specifically, northern English) cuisine. They visit Dave's hometown of Barrow-in-Furness
and visit a local pie shop, before being invited to an Oriental cuisine by some of the town's large Thai community. They stop at various other locations including Bury Market
Bury Market
sampling such foods as Black Pudding before tasting the famous Cumberland Sausage
Cumberland Sausage
on top of an old Roman fort in Cumbria, before finally heading east to Si's hometown of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The episode gained a series-high audience of 3.4 million viewers.

Series 4 (The Hairy Bakers)[edit] A fourth series, based in the UK and concentrating on bread, cakes and pastry products began airing on BBC Two
on 18 August 2008. [1]

# Title Plot

23 Bread

24 Cakes The duo attempt to make a Victoria sponge.

25 Pies The pair make Cornish pasties.

26 Celebratory Cakes The duo try to make a wedding cake.


# Plot

27 A 2008 Christmas
special looking at Christmas

The first book that accompanied the series.

Books[edit] A hardback book was released to accompany the first two series. A second one has been released to coincide with the third series' release. DVD release[edit] The first two series have been released onto a Region 2 DVD, although the Portugal episodes are not included. External links[edit]

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