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The Counterfeit Constable is a 1964 French comedy film directed by Robert Dhéry
Robert Dhéry
and Pierre Tchernia
Pierre Tchernia
and starring Ronald Fraser, Diana Dors and Arthur Mullard.[1] Its French title is Allez France!. A French rugby supporter in England for a match at Twickenham is knocked out and loses two teeth. He goes to the dentist and during waiting he wears a uniform of another patient, a police officer. He saves by chance Diana Dors, a nextdoor movie star. He is congratulated by his chiefs who take him for true police officer. Many misunderstandings follow after. He becomes lost in London. Not speaking a word of English, he needs to return home to France urgently as he is due to be married.


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Main cast[edit]

Robert Dhéry
Robert Dhéry
- Henri Martineau Colette Brosset
Colette Brosset
- Lady Yvette Brisburn 'Vévette' Diana Dors
Diana Dors
- Herself Ronald Fraser - Sergent Timothy Reagan Henri Génès - Gros Max Jean Lefebvre - Le supporter saoul avec le coq Jean Carmet
Jean Carmet
- Le porte drapeau Bernard Cribbins
Bernard Cribbins
- Bob, l'agent 202 Jean Richard – Un français dans le bus Raymond Bussières
Raymond Bussières
– Un français dans le bus Pierre Tornade – Un français dans le bus Richard Vernon
Richard Vernon
- Lord Brisburn Catherine Sola – Nicole Percy Herbert - L'agent Baxter Amy Dalby - Mrs. Throttle Robert Rollis - Le supporter avec le bonnet tricolore Colin Blakely
Colin Blakely
- L'aveugle Colin Gordon
Colin Gordon
- Le dentiste W. Martin Georgina Cookson
Georgina Cookson
- L'assistante du dentiste Robert Burnier - Le supporter tarbais Robert Destain - Le supporter cinéaste Pierre Doris – Un français dans le bus Mark Lester
Mark Lester
- Gérald Arthur Mullard
Arthur Mullard
- Le malfaiteur Godfrey Quigley - Inspecteur Savory Margaret Whiting - La femme de l'agent 202

Review[edit] Although it is a French film, it nevertheless carries all the hallmarks and shows the type of humour found in an Ealing comedy. This is probably because nearly half the cast were composed of British actors and the film was mostly set in London. References[edit]

^ http://ftvdb.bfi.org.uk/sift/title/130985

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