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The Beck Group is a company that provides architecture, construction,
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, and
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and consulting, as well as finance and technology services. The company is based in
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and also has offices in
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. The Beck Group serves a diverse range of industries, including corporate, healthcare, entertainment, religious, and education. They also provide services based on the use of their software product, DESTINI.


The Beck Group was founded in 1912 by Henry C. Beck in Houston, Texas as a general contractor and moved its headquarters to Dallas in 1924, a requirement for building the city's Cotton Exchange Building. The majority of their work throughout their history has been commercial, but realized they needed to expand beyond that. In the 1990s, the construction company began adding other services, such as design and real estate development. It also acquired a UK-developed software product (
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) and began to develop a proprietary software, DESTINI, which would provide immediate costs for buildings as they were modeled in the schematic design phase. In 1999, under the leadership of then-Chief executive officer, CEO (present executive chairman) Henry C. Beck III, the company merged with Urban Architecture, a regional design firm. In 2013, Fred Perpall took over from Beck III as the fifth CEO of the design-build firm. The company is headquartered in the Arts District, Dallas, Texas, Arts District of Downtown Dallas at the former Southwestern Life Insurance Building, designed by George Dahl, but announced a plan to relocate to Thanksgiving Tower in 2019.


* AT&T Pinnacle Park – Dallas, Texas (Integrated: Architecture, Construction, Development) * One Atlantic Center – Atlanta, Georgia (Construction) * Baylor University Sciences Building – Waco, Texas (Integrated: Construction, Development Management) * Baylor University – Baylor East Village * Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative - Waco, Texas (Construction) * Crescent Pavilion - Dallas, Texas (Construction) * Dallas Arboretum * Disney Corporate Headquarters – Burbank, California (Construction) * Duke University Basketball Practice Facility – Durham, North Carolina (Integrated: Architecture, Construction, Programming) * The Domain (Austin), The Domain – Austin, Texas (Construction) * Fellowship Church - Grapevine, Texas (construction of both the original main facility and the bookstore expansion; in addition, Beck also renovated the facility now hosting its Downtown Dallas campus) * Fidelity Investments Regional Center – Westlake, Texas (Construction) * Firewheel Town Center – Garland, Texas (Integrated: Architect of Record, Construction) *Wells Fargo Plaza (Phoenix), First National Bank Plaza - Phoenix, Arizona (Construction) * Fountain Place – Dallas, Texas (Construction) * Gateway Church (Texas), Gateway Church - Southlake main campus (Architect), North Fort Worth site (Architect), and Grand Prairie site (Architect and Construction) *Meridian Bank Tower (Phoenix), Guarantee Bank Tower - Phoenix, Arizona (Construction) * Hunt Corporate Headquarters – Dallas, Texas (Architecture) * Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art – Los Angeles, California (Construction) * Mary Kay Headquarters – Dallas, Texas (Construction) *Phoenix Financial Center - Phoenix, Arizona (Construction) * Nasher Sculpture Center, The Nasher Sculpture Center – Dallas, Texas (Integrated: Associate Architect of Record, Construction) * Piano Pavilion at the Kimbell Museum of Art in Fort Worth. * RadioShack Headquarters – Fort Worth, Texas (Construction) * Southlake Town Square – Southlake, Texas (Integrated: Architect of Record, Construction) * Shake Shack - Dallas, Texas (Integrated: Architect of Record, Construction) * Texas Motor Speedway – Fort Worth, Texas (Construction) * USAA Southeast Regional Office – Tampa, Florida (Construction) *Chase Tower (Phoenix), Valley Center - Phoenix, Arizona (Construction) * Victory Lofts – Tampa, Florida (Integrated: Architecture, Construction, Development, Media) * Victory Park, Dallas, Texas, Victory Plaza at Victory Park – Dallas, Texas (Construction)


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