Place this template at the beginning of article sections that need expansion, after that section's title. You can use this template in the Main/Article or Wikipedia namespaces.

As of August 2016, this template only uses the "article message box" (Ambox) style; this will be fixed in the future.

Recommended use is with a talk page link explaining what is needed and especially any justification for your judgement.

Note: {{sect-stub}} is a shortcut used for consistency with other cleanup templates.

{{Expand section
 | 1           = (or with= or for=)
 | section     = (section number)
 | small       = no (default is "yes")
 | talksection = (link with NO brackets, "[[]]"; displays only if small=no)
 | date        = Month YYYY
 | period      = <!--no--> (included after the input for "1=" from above by default - use this only in instances where terminal punctuation should be placed before a reference)

or inline short form

{{Expand section | 1 = (or with= or for=) | section = (section number) | small = no (default is "yes") | talksection= (or talk= or discuss=) | date= }}


This template may be used without parameters, and a BOT will add the date when necessary.

The current month and year can be used in the |date= parameter. This will add the page to a sub-category sorted by date used (see the Categorisation section of this page for more information:
{{Expand section|date=November 2020}}
{{Expand section|{{subst:DATE}}}}
results in:

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