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The Tanglewood Boys was an Italian-American
recruitment gang or "farm team" for the American Mafia, specifically the Lucchese crime family.[1] The gang frequently operated from the Tanglewood Shopping Center in Yonkers, New York.[2]


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History[edit] Crimes committed[edit] In the 1990s, the gang began to rise in the public eye as a "farm team" led by Anthony Santorelli
Anthony Santorelli
for the Lucchese crime family.[3] Many members of the gang were sons of made men, who grew up north of New York City.[1] The gang was involved in murders, assaults, armed robbery, arsons, and bookmaking operations in Westchester, the Bronx and the Upper West Side
Upper West Side
of Manhattan.[4] On March 6, 1992, two members, Darin Mazzarella and Joseph Petrucelli got into a racial argument and shot Kasiem Merchant, a 16-year-old to death in New Rochelle.[5] Joseph Petrucelli received a life sentence for the murder.[5] On February 4, 1994, the Tanglewood Boys murdered Louis Balancio, a 21-year-old Mercy College student outside the Strike Zone Bar.[4] The same day, an FBI agent observed Anthony Santorelli
Anthony Santorelli
dumping something into a garbage can, which turned out to be clothes covered in blood.[6] A DNA check was conducted on the clothes and the blood belonged to Louis Balancio.[6] Anthony DiSimone, the son of Lucchese family capo Salvatore DiSimone went into hiding after the murder of Balancio.[4] In 1994, Joseph Lubrano
Joseph Lubrano
was wrongfully sent to prison for beating a black police officer and was released four years later.[7] During the trial, it was alleged that Lubrano was a member of the Tanglewood Boys.[7] In May 1995, Alfred Santorelli and Darin Mazzarelli had a sit-down with brothers Joseph and Adam Consentino over bookmaking operations in the Bronx.[8] The sit-down took place in a Pelham Parkway bar that was owned by Bonanno crime family
Bonanno crime family
soldier Vincent Basciano.[8] After drinking, Santorelli and Mazzarelli began hitting the brothers with bottles and shot at them as they escaped.[5] In June 1995, Darin Mazzarelli and John Petrucelli got into an argument with Gene Gallo in Loreto Park. Gallo left and got his friend Michael "Mike" Zanfardino, a hitman who worked for Genovese crime family capo Barney Bellomo's crew in Pelham Bay.[8] Zanfardino pulled out a gun and shot Mazzarelli and pointed the gun at Santorelli before leaving the scene.[8] Petrucelli and others came back that night and stabbed Paul Cicero, Gallo's cousin to death.[8] In December 1996, Darin Mazzarella was charged with the 1994 murder of Louis Balancio and Anthony Santorelli
Anthony Santorelli
was charged with throwing the bloody clothes into the dumpster.[9] Downfall[edit] After his imprisonment, Darin Mazzarella agreed to become a government witness in 1997.[10] He provided information that is credited with leading to significant disruption of the Tanglewood Boys and the Lucchese family.[4] Mazzarella gave information for investigators and prosecutors on the Lubrano assault; he admitted participating in the assault with Alfred Santorelli, the son of Anthony Santorelli, and asserted that Lubrano was not a Tanglewood member.[7] In 1999, Anthony DiSimone turned himself in to the police and was sentenced in 2000 to 25 years to life for the murder of Louis Balancio.[11] In October 2002, Darin Mazzarella testified against John Petrucelli, in the murder trial of Paul Cicero.[10] Petrucelli had murdered Cicero in retaliation for Mazzarella being shot early by Cicero's cousin Gene Gallo, a Genovese crime family
Genovese crime family
associate.[10] In February 2003, John Petrucelli was sentenced to life in prison for the 1995 murder of Paul Cicero.[12] In popular culture[edit] In 2005 and 2006, a fictionalized version of The Tanglewood Boys was featured on CSI: NY, in episode 1.13 "Tanglewood"[13] and in episode 2.20 "Run Silent, Run Deep".[14] Notes[edit]

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John Petrucelli v. United States of America (December 15, 2009)

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