Syrian Constitution of 1930


The Syrian Constitution of 1930, drafted by a committee under
Ibrahim Hananu Ibrahim Hananu or Ibrahim Hanano (1869–1935) ( ar, إبراهيم هنانو) was an Ottoman Empire, Ottoman municipal official and later a leader of a Hananu Revolt, revolt against the French presence in northern Syria. He was a member of a notab ...
, was promulgated by ''arrêté'' No. 3111 of High Commissioner Ponsot. It was the founding constitution of the
First Syrian Republic The First Syrian Republic, officially the Syrian Republic, '; french: République syrienne was formed in 1930 as a component of the French Mandate of Syria and Lebanon, succeeding the State of Syria. A Franco–Syrian Treaty of Independence (19 ...
under the
French Mandate The Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon (french: Mandat pour la Syrie et le Liban; ar, الانتداب الفرنسي على سوريا ولبنان ') (1923−1946) was a League of Nations mandate founded in the aftermath of the First World War ...
. On 25 March 1943, three ''arrêtés'' (Nos. 144, 146 & 154/FC) restored the constitution after it had been suspended in 1939 and provisionally regulated the organization of the executive and legislative powers, appointing different persons to exercise them pending elections which eventually took place on 10 and 26 July of the same year. After the Syrian Republic's independence, the Constitution of 1930 was revised on the 20 March 1948:
Changes were made to Article 68, which granted the President of the Republic the possibility of being re-elected; to Articles 85 and 86, which regulated the procedure and the date of the elections; to Article 89, which determined the number of Ministers; and to Articles 71 and 115, which indicated the procedure for the election of the President of the Republic.
The constitution was replaced by the
Syrian Constitution of 1950 The current Constitution of the Syria, Syrian Arab Republic was adopted on 26 February 2012, replacing one that had been in force since 13 March 1973. The current constitution delineates the basic function of that state's government. Among other t ...


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