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Suleiman (Arabic language, Arabic: سُلِيمَان ''sulaymān''; or
/ref>) is the Arabic name of the Biblical king and Islam, Islamic prophet Solomon (name), Solomon meaning "man of peace", derived from the Hebrew name Shlomo. The name is also spelt as Sulaiman (disambiguation), Sulaiman, Suleman (disambiguation), Suleman, Soliman (disambiguation), Soliman, Sulayman, Sulyman, Suleyman, Sulaman, Süleyman, Sulejman, Sleiman, Suliman, Solomon, Soleman, Solyman, Souleymane. The name Suleiman is a diminutive of the name Salman (name), Salman (سَلْمان ''salmān''), which both name stems from the male noun-name Salaam (name), Salaam.


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Given name

;Historical *Suleyman Shah (died 1127), according to Ottoman tradition, father of Ertugrul *Suleiman-Shah (died 1161), Sultan of the Great Seljuq Empire *Suleiman ibn Qutulmish (died 1086), founder of the Sultanate of Rum *Süleyman Pasha (son of Orhan) (died 1357), Ottoman prince and commander *Süleyman Çelebi (1377–1411), claimant to the Ottoman throne during the Ottoman Interregnum, interregnum *Suleiman the Magnificent (1494–1566), also known as Suleiman I *Suleiman I of Persia (died 1694) *Suleiman II of Persia (died 1750) *Sulayman ibn al-Hakam (Suleiman II of Córdoba), (died 1016) *Suleiman II (Rûm) (died 1204), Seljuk Sultan of Rûm between 1196 and 1204 *Suleiman II of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman II (1642–1691), Ottoman Sultan 1687–1691 *Suleiman bin Abdullah Al Sheikh (1785–1818), Wahhabi scholar *Hadım Suleiman Pasha (governor of Rumelia), military commander under the reign of Mehmed II ;Contemporary *Suleiman al-Abbas, Syrian politician *Suleiman Arabiyat (1938–2013), Jordanian academic and politician *Suleiman Braimoh (born 1989), Nigerian-American basketball player in the Israel Basketball Premier League *Suleiman Hafez (born 1941), Jordanian economist and politician *Suleiman Frangieh (1910–1992), President of Lebanon 1970 to 1976 *Suleiman Frangieh Jr. (born 1965), Lebanese politician and MP, leader of the Marada Movement *Suleiman Khan, Ilkhan of Persia (ruled 1339–1344) *Suleiman Mousa (1919–2008), Jordanian author and historian *Suleiman Pasha (disambiguation), multiple people *Suleiman ibn Qutulmish (floruit, fl. 1077–1086), Seljuq Sultan of Rum *Sulieman Benn (born 1981), West Indian cricketer *Süleyman Demirel, former President of Turkey.


*Sleiman (rapper) (born 1982), Danish rapper of Lebanese origin *Slimane (singer) (born 1989), full name Slimane Nebchi, French singer of Algerian descent


*Abdullah Suleiman (born 1994), Malaysian footballer *Abdulrahman Suleiman (born 1984), Qatari middle-distance runner *Abu Bakar Suleiman (born 1944), Malaysian physician, academic administrator, business executive and former civil servant *Abubakar Umar Suleiman (born 1962), 11th Emir of Bade *Adamu Suleiman (born 1929), Nigerian policeman and former Inspector General *Ahmed Suleiman (born 1992), Nigerian footballer *Al-Sayed Suleiman *Ali Suliman (born 1977), Palestinian actor *Amna Suleiman (born 1988), teacher and advocate for women's cycling in Gaza *CA Suleiman, writer, game designer, and musician *Camelia Suleiman, American academic *Carmen Suleiman (born 1994) *Dan Suleiman (born 1942) *Easah Suliman (born 1998), English professional footballer *Elia Suleiman (born 1960), filmmaker and actor *Haroun Suleiman (born 1953), Zanzibari politician *Iszlam Monier Suliman (born 1990), Hungarian Sudanese judoka *Jaffar Suleiman, cricketer *Jamal Suliman (born 1959), prominent Syrian-born producer, director, and actor *Khalid Suliman (born 1987), professional basketball player *Khalifah Suleiman (born 1953), Jordanian jurist and politician *Khalil Suleiman (1940s–2002) *Linda Suleiman, American physician *Malina Suliman, Afghan artist *Mari ibn Suleiman, a 12th-century Nestorian Christian author *Martin Suleiman, South Sudanese footballer *Michel Suleiman (born 1948), president of Lebanon and former commander in chief of that country's armed forces *Mim Suleiman, singer, songwriter, composer, performer, workshop facilitator, and campaigner from Zanzibar *Mohamed Suleiman (born 1969), Qatari middle-distance runner *Mohamud Hassan Suleiman, Somali politician *Muhammad Suleiman (1959–2008), Syrian Army general *Omar Suleiman (imam) (born 1986), American Muslim scholar *Omar Suleiman (politician) (1936–2012), vice-president of Egypt *Rashid Seif Suleiman (born 1954), Zanzibar politician *Salamatu Hussaini Suleiman *Saleh Suleiman (1888–1980), Israeli Arab politician *Samaila Suleiman (born 1981), Member of the House of Representatives of Nigeria *Yasir Suleiman, Palestinian academic

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