The Info List - Subotiv

Subotiv (Ukrainian: Суботів) is a village (selo) in central Ukraine. It is located in the Chyhyryn Raion (district) of the Cherkasy Oblast (province), near Chyhyryn city.

The village is located on the right bank of the Tiasmyn River, a tributary of the Dnieper, 7 km from Chyhyryn, 21 km from Adamivka river port, and 38 km from Fundukliivka railway station. A local auto road 2414 runs through the village.

The village name, Subotiv, according to one legend, took its roots from a live fire from oak firewood (known as "subotka") that was in front of Perun. According to another legend, it came from the name of the place where water from two tributaries combines (known as "subod'").

Subotiv is the birthplace of the Ukrainian Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.


Based on archeological studies, the place was settled as early as Bronze Age. At the place there are also traces of Early Slavic, and Kiev Rus settlements. In the documents the first known reference to the village is dated back to early 17th century.

Famous places

  • Illinska Church, a church built by the order of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in 1653. It is also the place where Khmelnytsky is buried. The church is pictured on one of the paintings by Taras Shevchenko in 1845. The church is also pictured on 5 hryvnia banknote, which is currently in circulation in Ukraine.

Coordinates: 49°05′46″N 32°33′20″E / 49.09611°N 32.55556°E / 49.09611; 32.55556