''Subdivision'' is a 2009 Australian film directed by Sue Brooks and starring Gary Sweet, Brooke Satchwell, Bruce Spence, Kris McQuade, Ashley Bradnam, Aaron Fa'aoso. It was released on 20 August 2009 throughout Australia.


''Subdivision'' is a comedy/drama which focuses on the change a community goes through when city developers take over. The plot centres around Digger Kelly (Gary Sweet) and his son Jack (Ashley Bradnam), both carpenters who build homes in Hervey Bay. Their world is turned upside down when a southern property developer led by hot young executive Tiffany (Brooke Satchwell) moves into town.


*Ashley Bradnam .... Jack Kelly *Brooke Satchwell .... Tiffany *Gary Sweet .... Digger Kelly *Aaron Fa'aoso .... Solly *Bruce Spence .... Singlet *Denise Roberts .... Faye *Kris McQuade .... Betty Kelly *Steve Bisley .... Harry *James Stewart .... Brett *Kathryn Beck .... Dale Kelly *John Batchelor .... Pete *Petta Robertson .... Sue

Box office

''Subdivision'' grossed $206,350 at the box office in Australia.''Film Victoria - Australian Films at the Australian Box Office''

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