Style is a manner of doing or presenting things and may refer to: * Architectural style, the features that make a building or structure historically identifiable * Design, the process of creating something * Fashion, a prevailing mode of clothing styles * Style (visual arts) * Writing style, the manner in which a writer addresses readers

Film and television

* ''Style'' (2001 film), a Hindi film starring Sharman Joshi, Riya Sen, Sahil Khan and Shilpi Mudgal * ''Style'' (2002 film), a Tamil drama film * ''Style'' (2004 film), a Burmese film * ''Style'' (2006 film), a Telugu film starring Lawrence Raghavendra and Prabhu Deva Sundaram * ''Style'' (2016 film), a Malayalam film * ''Style'' (TV series), a 2009 Korean television series * ''Style'' (DVD), a DVD featuring Girls Aloud * Style Network, a US TV channel now rebranded as Esquire Network * ''Style with Elsa Klensch'', a CNN fashion series from 1980 to 2000


* ''Style'' (book), a 1955 book on good prose by F. L. Lucas * ''Style'' (journal), an academic journal of style, stylistics, and poetics in literature * ''Style'' (magazine), a South African women's magazine published between the 1980s and 2006 * ''Style'', a 1998 fashion book by Elsa Klensch * ''Style: An Anti-Textbook'', a 1974 monograph by Richard A. Lanham * ''Style'', an 1897 book by Sir Walter Raleigh * ''Style: Toward Clarity and Grace'', a 1990 writing guide by Joseph M. Williams


* Style (Swedish band)


* ''Style'' (Cameo album) (1983) * ''Style'' (Luna Sea album) (1996) * ''Style'' (Namie Amuro album) (2003) * ''Styles'' (Shapeshifter EP) * ''Style'', an album by ''Super Junior-D&E''


* "Style (Get Glory in This Hand)", a 2005 single by High and Mighty Color * "Style" (Kana Nishino song) * "Style" (Mis-Teeq song) (2003) * "Style" (Orbital song) (1999) * "Style" (Taylor Swift song) (2015) * "Style", a song by Prince from ''Emancipation'' * "Style", a single by Rania * "Style", a song from the film ''Robin and the 7 Hoods''


* Style (botany), a stalk structure in female flower parts * Style (zoology), a digestive structure in the midgut of many bivalve molluscs

Other uses

* Style (form of address), titles or honorifics, including Chinese courtesy names * Style (sociolinguistics), variation in language use to which social meanings are attributed * Stylistics (field of study), the interpretation of texts from a linguistic perspective * Aeros Style, a Ukrainian paraglider * Automotive styling * Hairstyle, the styling of hair * Neil Strauss or Style, author * Style, the part of a sundial's gnomon which casts the shadow * Style, a traditional design feature of a typeface

People with the name

* A.J. Styles (born 1977), professional wrestler * Charles Style (born 1954), former Royal Navy officer * Ghost Style, rapper and producer based in Hong Kong * Harry Styles (born 1994), English singer, songwriter, and actor * Henry Style (1826–1904), English first-class cricketer * Style of Eye (born 1979), Swedish DJ, record producer, and songwriter * Style Scott (1956–2014), Jamaican reggae drummer * Thomas Style (disambiguation), several * William Style (1603-1679), legal author

See also

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