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([ʃtaːps.ʃɛf], "Chief of Staff") was an office and paramilitary rank in the Sturmabteilung
(SA), the paramilitary stormtroopers associated with the Nazi movement. The rank is equivalent to the rank of Generaloberst
in the German Army and to General
in the US Army.[1]


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Definition[edit] The position of SA-Stabschef, not yet a rank, was established in 1929 to assist the Oberste SA-Führer
Oberste SA-Führer
(Supreme SA Leader)[2] with the administration of the fast-growing organization. Otto Wagener
Otto Wagener
held the office under Oberste SA-Führer
Oberste SA-Führer
Franz Pfeffer von Salomon
Franz Pfeffer von Salomon
from 1928-1930, and effectively headed the SA from Hitler's assumption of the title Oberste SA-Führer
Oberste SA-Führer
in August until Ernst Röhm
Ernst Röhm
replaced him in January 1931.[3] The actual SA rank
SA rank
of Stabschef
was created by Röhm for himself in 1933 after Hitler became Chancellor. Although Hitler became the supreme commander of the stormtroopers in 1930, the day-to-day running of the organization was left to the Chief of Staff. Further, the men who held the rank of Stabschef
after 1930 were the actual leaders of the SA.[4] Office holders[edit] The rank of Stabschef
was held by three different people between 1931 and 1945 and was, in each case of succession, inherited due to the death of a predecessor. The following Nazi officers held the rank of Stabschef:

Stabschef Took office Left office Time in office Ref


Röhm, ErnstErnst Röhm (1887–1934) executed 5 January 1931 1 July 1934 † 7003127300000000000♠3 years, 177 days [5]


Lutze, ViktorViktor Lutze (1890–1943) died in a car accident 1 July 1934 2 May 1943 † 7003322700000000000♠8 years, 305 days [6]


Schepmann, WilhelmWilhelm Schepmann (1894–1970) 2 May 1943 5 May 1945 7002734000000000000♠2 years, 3 days [7]

Insignia[edit] Early insignia for Stabschef
consisted of an oak leaf patch worn on the collar of the stormtrooper uniform. Photographic evidence shows Ernst Röhm
Ernst Röhm
wearing such an insignia in his early days as the SA Chief of Staff. As Röhm's authority increased, so did his insignia and by mid 1931 photographic evidence shows him wearing wreathed star that was designed after that of a Bolivian General's collar, due to Röhm’s previous military experience as a military adviser in Bolivia. After 1933, the insignia for Stabschef
consisted of a "crossed lances" pattern, wreathed by a half oak leaf circle. After 1934, the insignia was changed to a wreathed tri-foil oak leaf pattern similar to the SS rank insignia of Reichsführer-SS.[8] With the fall of Nazi Germany, the Sturmabteilung
ceased to exist and with it the Stabschef.

Junior Rank Obergruppenführer SA rank Stabschef Senior Rank Oberster SA-Führer


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