Split (city)


Split(s) or The Split may refer to:


Split, Croatia )'' , settlement_type = List of cities and towns in Croatia, City , anthem = ''Marjane, Marjane'' , image_skyline = Split Collage.jpg , imagesize = 267px , imag ...
, the largest coastal city in Croatia *
Split Island, Canada Split Island (Inuit Inuit (; iu, ᐃᓄᐃᑦ 'the people', singular: Inuk, , dual: Inuuk, ) are a group of culturally similar indigenous peoples Indigenous peoples, also referred to as First people, Aboriginal people, Native people, or ...
, an island in the Hudson Bay *
Split Island, Falkland Islands Split Island is one of the Falkland Islands The Falkland Islands (; es, Islas Malvinas, ) is an archipelago An archipelago ( ), sometimes called an island group or island chain, is a chain, cluster or collection of islands, or somet ...
Split Island, Fiji Split(s) or The Split may refer to: Places * Split, Croatia, the largest coastal city in Croatia * Split Island, Canada, an island in the Hudson Bay * Split Island, Falkland Islands * Split Island, Fiji, better known as Hạfliua Arts, entertain ...
, better known as Hạfliua

Arts, entertainment, and media


* ''Split'' (1989 film), a science fiction film * ''Split'' (2016 American film), a psychological horror thriller film * ''Split'' (2016 Canadian film), also known as ''Écartée'', a Canadian drama film directed by Lawrence Côté-Collins * ''Split'' (2016 South Korean film), a sports drama film * '' Split: A Divided America'', a 2008 documentary on American politics * ''The Split'' (1959 film) or ''The Manster'', a U.S.-Japanese horror film * ''The Split'' (film), a 1968 heist film


Split (poker) In poker it is sometimes necessary to split, or divide the pot (poker), pot among two or more players rather than awarding it all to a single player. This can happen because of ties, and also by playing intentional split-pot poker variants (the mo ...
, the division of winnings in the card game *
Split (blackjack) Blackjack, formerly also Black Jack and Vingt-Un, is the American member of a global family of banking games known as Twenty-One (card game), Twenty-One, whose relatives include the British game of Pontoon (card game), Pontoon and the European ...
, a possible player decision in the card game



* ''Split'' (The Groundhogs album), 1971 * ''Split'' (Lush album), 1994 * ''Split'' (Peter Pan Speedrock and Zeke EP), 2005 * ''Split'' (Patricia Barber album), 1989 * ''
The Split CD ''The Split CD'' (also known as ''Split 10"'' on vinyl) is a 1998 split EP featuring tracks from Queens of the Stone Age and Beaver (band), Beaver. It is currently out of print and rare. The songs "The Bronze" and "These Aren't the Droids You're ...
'', a 1998 EP by Queens of the Stone Age and Beaver


* "Split" (KMFDM song), 1991 * "Split" (Tesla Boy song), from album ''The Universe Made of Darkness'' * "
Split/Whole Time "Split/Whole Time" is a song by American rapper Lil Yachty. It was released on May 26, 2020, as the second single from his fourth studio album ''Lil Boat 3''. It peaked at number seven on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart. Composition The track ...
", a song from the Lil Yachty album ''Lil Boat 3''

Other uses in music

* ''Split'' (composition), a 2015 orchestral composition by Andrew Norman *
Split album A split album (or split) is a music album An album is a collection of audio recordings issued as a collection on compact disc (CD), Phonograph record, vinyl, audio tape, or another medium. Albums of recorded sound were developed in the earl ...
, an album by two or more artists


* ''Split'' (TV series), an Israeli TV series * ''The Split'' (TV series), a British TV series * "Split" (Coupling episode), an episode of the TV series ''Coupling''

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* ''Split'' (novel), a 2010 novel by Swati Avasthi *Split (sculpture), ''Split'' (sculpture), a 2003 outdoor sculpture by Roxy Paine in Seattle, Washington, US *Split Dynasty, an alien species of the ''X'' game series

Naval vessels

* Yugoslav destroyer Split, Yugoslav destroyer ''Split'', decommissioned in 1980 * Yugoslav frigate Split, Yugoslav frigate ''Split'', ''Koni''-class

Science and computing

* Split (graph theory) * Split (mathematics), a property of an exact sequence * Split (phylogenetics), a bipartition of a set of taxa in phylogenetics * split (Unix), a Unix software utility (command) for dividing input into multiple files

Sport and dance

* Split (bowling) * Split (gymnastics), a body position

Other uses

* Split (bottle size), a wine bottle size * Australian Labor Party split of 1955, or the Split

See also

* Banana split, a dessert * Split system, a type of air conditioning system consisting of both indoor and outdoor units * Division (disambiguation) * Split (divorce) * Phonemic split, an evolutionary change of a language in which one phoneme evolves into two discrete phonemes * Segment (disambiguation) * Separation (disambiguation) * Split screen (disambiguation) * Splitter (disambiguation) * Stock split, a corporation dividing or consolidating its shares * Split decision, combat sports term when a fight is scored non-unanimously for one fighter by all judges * Split jump, a type of jump in figure skating * Split leap or jumping, a class of dance leaps * {{disambiguation, geo