Special or specials may refer to:


* Specials, Ulster Special Constabulary, the Northern Ireland police force * Specials, Special Constable, an auxiliary, volunteer, or temporary; police worker or police officer


* ''Specials'' (novel), a novel by Scott Westerfeld * ''Specials'', the comic book heroes, see ''Rising Stars'' (comic)

Film and television

* Special (lighting), a stage light that is used for a single, specific purpose * ''Special'' (film), a 2006 scifi dramedy * ''The Specials'' (2000 film), a comedy film about a group of superheroes * ''The Specials'' (2019 film), a film by Olivier Nakache and √Čric Toledano * Television special, television programming that temporarily replaces scheduled programming * ''Special'' (TV series), a 2019 Netflix Original TV series * ''Specials'' (TV series), a 1991 TV series about British Special Constables * ''The Specials'' (TV series), an internet documentary series about 5 friends with learning disabilities * "Special" (Lost), an episode of the television series ''Lost''


* ''The Specials'', a British ska music band from the late 70s/early 80s


* ''Special'' (album), a 1992 album by Vesta Williams * ''The Specials'' (album), British ska band ''The Specials'' first album * ''More Specials'', British ska band ''The Specials'' second album * ''The Specials'' (Shania Twain video), a 2001 DVD release


* "Special" (Garbage song), 1998 * "Special", a 2005 song by Mew from ''And the Glass Handed Kites'' * "Special", a 2000 song by Stephen Lynch from ''A Little Bit Special'' * "Special", a 1992 song by Vesta Williams from ''Special'' * "Special", a 1986 song by Violent Femmes from ''The Blind Leading the Naked'' * "Special", a 2005 song by The Game from ''The Documentary''


* Specials (Unicode block), Unicode codepoints used for special usage * An escape/extension mechanism in the Device independent file format (DVI)

Other uses

* A special price, a form of discounts and allowances * A kit car or one-off home built vehicle * A euphemism for someone with a disability, especially an intellectual disability * Adcox Special, a biplane built in Portland, Oregon in 1929 * The SPECIAL System, the character creation system of the video game ''Fallout''

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