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Spacked Out (Chinese title: 無人駕駛; Mo Yan Ka Sai) is a 2000 Chinese social realist[1] film directed by Lawrence Ah Mon and produced by Johnnie To. It has a Category III rating in Hong Kong.


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Synopsis[edit] The film follows four teenaged girls[2] around Tuen Mun
Tuen Mun
in the New Territories of Hong Kong[3] as the youngest of the group, 13-year-old Cookie, finds out that she may be pregnant, but her boyfriend has left for Mong Kok
Mong Kok
to sell bootlegged VCDs.[4] Awards[edit] The film opened the 2000 Hong Kong
Hong Kong
International Film Festival in its world première.[5] It received a "Films of Merit" award at the 7th Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Film Critics Society Awards in 2000. References[edit]

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Hong Kong
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