Simple Men is a 1992 American film written and directed by Hal Hartley and starring Robert John Burke, Bill Sage, Karen Sillas, and Martin Donovan. It was the debut film of actress Holly Marie Combs, in a supporting role. It was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.[1][2]


Brothers Bill and Dennis reunite after their anarchist father escapes from the hospital.

Bill is angry after being double-crossed after a robbery by his girlfriend, and he promises to break the heart of the next woman he meets, while Dennis is fresh out of college and somewhat naive about the world. Dennis is set on finding their father, and Bill is broke, so they set off to find him.

Their motorcycle breaks down near a diner in the middle of nowhere, where they meet the beautiful Kate, mysterious Elina, and short-tempered Martin. They decide to stay for a few days and gradually become entangled in local life.



Simple Men features the song "Kool Thing" by the American alternative rock band Sonic Youth.

A portion of dialogue from the film can be heard in the song Paradise off the hip-hop album E&A by Eyedea and Abilities.


Referenced in the end of the song "paradise" by eyedea as well as the entire album E&A by Eyedea and Abilities attached to Rhyme Sayers Entertainment as well as Crush Hill Records (all out of Minnesota)

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